Monday, July 27, 2009

PeAnUt BuTteR BaRs.... just like the lunch lady used to make

Ok this recipe is probably the most requested recipe FROM me..... EVER!

As some of you might not have known... I was once a lunch lady(not that there anything wrong with that)....yes I know your shocked!

.....that was before I started my classy...super as a

botanical designer specialist (floral manager)

I do hold a disagree as a Juvenile Nutritional Engineer
(lunch lady).......

Just before my very important job as a Bio-Marine Nutritionist (I made fish food)

BUT...... Before I before I left lunch lady land....
( hey give me a break!.......
The hours were perfect for my kids, when they were out of school, I was out.....when they were done with school for the day, I was done for day...The pay was REALLY, REALLY BAD,
but it worked for me and my little family at the time!)
ANYWHOOOO, as I was saying.... before I left this hairnet wearin, sloppy joe makin dream JOB ...
(to pursue my dream of being a hooty-tooty,high-end lunch lady uniform designer SMILEY SMIRK)......I managed to write this recipe down.....

This is the recipe for Peanut butter fingers...the yummy dessert, that all the kids, would cut off their real finger for to get an extra one......

It is a family favorite...My gunny bear can AND needs to sit down and eat a whole pan of these!

Peanut Butter fingers or bar

*3/4 c butter or marg

*3/4 c Brown sugar
*3/4 c White sugar
*1 c Peanut butter
*2 eggs
*3/4 tsp baking soda
*1 tsp Vanilla
*1 1/2 c Flour
*1 1/2 c quick rolled oats

Preheat oven to 350

Cream the butter. peanut butter AND the brown sugar & white sugar, until smooth.

Add the 2 eggs and mix again.
Add in the flour & baking soda, mix again. Stir in vanilla & oats.

Press into a large, lightly greased cookie sheet. Bake in oven for 12-15 minute, or until light brown around edges. the secret to a moist bar is to NOT OVER BAKE!!! Allow to cool a bit, for extra flavor spread a thin layer of peanut butter on top, before frosting

Chocolate Frosting
*1 lb Powdered sugar
*3/4 cube butter
*1 Tlbs shortening
*3 HEAPING TLBS cocoa powder
*1 tsp vanilla
Mix all together, drizzling milk into until you get to desired thickness & frosting is spreadable.
remember a tip for extra creamy/light frosting is the shortening AND Whipping to the sin out of your frosting!
Yummy! YUMMY Yummy...
May your days be frosting AND bright ....ANd your CoW never run out milk ...and your thighs be forgiving! Good night!


marilyn said...

From one former lunch to another. . .thanks for sharing. I don't remember ever writing that one down. And now, they are no longer served at school because of nut allergies. What's up with that? It's a conspiracy!

nana rosie said...

WHAT??? WHOOOOO are they in cohoots with???? Stinks for our modern lunch dwellers!
Do they still serve homemade bread? Or did they turn their "dough"(tee-hee)over to wonder bread? How about the Spud nuts??? Any hope for those in the fall?
I will post my School lunch spudnut recipe in Oct, just in time for Halloween!

Mimi Sue said...

Thanks for coming over and saying hi. That recipe sounds delish. I worked for a school district in California when my kids were little. It's a perfect job for a mommy. Great hours and days off. Mimi

TRICIA @ The Zoo said...

Hi there.
I just stopped over from TSSC and wanted to say hello. This sounds wonderful. I will definitely need to try it. Thanks for sharing.

P.S. Your blog address name rocks!!! ;)