Friday, July 24, 2009

just sittin around....on my porch!! enjoying the "sun, shade & lemonade!"

Hey thanks a "melon" for checkin out my porch!!
Ha-ha get it?...Melon...
cuz I did

watermelons on my porch!!!
Ok.... SORRY!
Anywhoo. I had to take down my July porch...

I have to admit, I was bored..I'm not gonna lie to ya! I did not feel the "fireworks" for my 4th july theme anymore....get it....4th july firewor....
anyway.....Here's my attempt at clinging to the watermelon 1980's faze AND still
allow me to be.
....deliciously.....seed spittingly.... happy!!!

Around my door, I threaded a 2 inch wide strip of red/white gingham to kinda frame the watermelon red in....
I kept the fun red star up (I have 5! COUNT-em 5 stars in my house (assorted sizes & colors)! Oh wait 6, counting my kid, Star!
I just added a heavy duty magnet to the metal ladybug & tacked on the metal star...

I did sort out a bit of my
watermelon suff...(tear) AND
kept only what I LOVED!

I painted the sign.....just OK for me DOG!

but it does the trick...just don't look at too close, when you come visit!!

Notice the picnic baskets?.
I added more to get some height (and cuz I LOVE THEM)!

The watermelon "blanket" on the back of the chair? IS & always will be a table cloth.
A REALLY, REALLY cute table cloth, that is not only in quilt form, but had been stitched!!
I found it at DI!.......Thank you crazy lady (or your crazy hubby) who gave it to DI!....
I LOVE IT!!!! I also use it as a table cloth too.

The cute pillows are close out find from the coolest place that has the coolest Floral manager.....

It was Macey's in Pleasant Grove & oh wait..... I'M THE Floral manager there!!

I hid them in the back room until I COULD buy them! Don't worry I had 20 of them in & only kept back 3 for me! This ADORABLE ladybug pillow was also a thrift store find!! SO cute..It bugs me that know cuz a ladyBUG is a ... oh never mind! Just Stinking cute! The blocks are kinda hard to see, but it was the FIRST craft project that the
"Sisterhood of the traveling paints" did. We now do a new project once a month!

I like it, even though Star, asked why did I paint them in mustard & ketchup & mayo colors (she's right) but it was not painted in those colors on purpose!

The red table was a table from a sewing factory we found a LONG time ago....
I painted the old wooden, bathroom cabinet that Star did not want in there any more. I took the door off & painted it black, turned it on its side for a long/updown shelf...(check out the top picture for close up) I like the look.... I think it looks kinda like a hutch top... A pa, lum pa... squaty hutch..... But I dig it ALOT!
So happy day to you all & YA all come back now...hear!

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