Sunday, July 5, 2009

LOOK WHAT I can do!!!!

This is my first attempt on SEWING (w/a REAL Sewing machine!) a Couch cover.
Notice in my refreshing the cabinet, the picture of my couches?
I was SOOO over the floral print!
Soooo I decided to cover my couch. I had a vintage chenille bedspread for a long time......
It is soooo cute! it is white with white flowers. I loved it. SO I really took a leap of faith cutting it up & sewing it, for fear I would ruin my favorite bedspread! Ok you got to know... And my girls will testify to this.... I DONT sew!
Oh I fake it pretty good! I mean....hand me a glue gun or duct tape or even a stapler or pins I can force anything to stay together!
(except John & Kate or or Brad & Jen.....Sorry!)
But the mighty sewing machine has threatend me for years!
I think it started in home-ec, my teacher used my peices as the "do not do" examples! AND she sent a picture of me holding my sewing attempts around to local fabric stores, with a warning "DO NOT sell to this girl! She will just kill & torture the innocent fabric" (true story!) sooooooo
It took me 3 days to get the courge up to finally sew it AFTER I pinned it all,

So Ha-HA-Ha feast your eyes on this Ms. Jensen!!!( my home-ec teacher) Who sucks now!??? Not me!! The ban at the fabric store has been lifted & I am FREE to stitch & back stitch all I want! Heck I might even ZIG Zag!!

*No fabric has been harmed in the making of this couch cover

I am women HEAR me roar!!

These adoreable tables are the 2 I got for 5 BUCKS!! With a little elbow grease & spray paint, they look very cute!

Draw back to tables.... I can't get the "old smokers" smell out... even AFTER they were sanded & Spray painted, Starlee says they stink like a "old smoking crazy cat lady's house!" huh?
Any suggestions on how to get the smell out?
what do you think w/ a rug or without?

Next stop..... my love seat!
Oh yeah, NOTE: to my friends... DID you know they MAKE couch cover PATTERNS!!!

Thanks for telling me!!


marilyn said...

Rosie, you are so funny! You did great on the couch cover. Maybe you will have courage to try something else. I think you actually are quite incredible. A couch cover is quite the challenge. Did you do it without a pattern? Amazing. I can't do that.
Another subject. . .Karilyn told me about your testimony today. Loved it! You are great!

Tippetts Family said...

Looks so great. I am way impressed!

The Umbergers said...

Wow Ma! That looks awesome! I can't believe you did that! Ha ha I love it!

Amy Sorenson Roberts said...

once again you crack me up! you did awesome on the couch covers, were they really hard? becuase i need my couches covered bad!! about the smoke smell, I heard oxy crystals and vinegar gets the smell out. it might stink like vinegar for a few days until it drys but at least it wont smell like smoke! good luck with that

Amy Sorenson Roberts said...
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Jocelyn said...

I always use fresh lemon juice and salt to clean my cutting board {especially needed after preparing fish.} not only does it clean and sanitize, but it gets the "stick out"} Although I think that's a step you need to do Before you paint. but there you have it for future reference. and the cover looks great!