Sunday, July 19, 2009


Ok so I am a hop.... skip & a jump away from finishing up my
living room refresh......BUT I could NOT wait to share!!!

I did not repaint from lack of energy AND Money! So I settled for keeping the paint the same color, which I actually really like.

I moved the big round mirror from my bedroom to use in here.
I found those 2 small shelf's (guess where?) & decided to keep the original brown color because I still had splashes of brown in there I wanted to pull in AND I still really liked the color. I was hesitant to place the square window mirror there, so close to the round one, but I thought it worked. I know the rule is hang same like items in 3's...sooo I am ALL about rules...(snicker) I placed a vintage silver small handheld mirror in the back of the tea cup planter in honor of that rule! Oh the cake stand... (who puts cake stands in there LIVING ROOM?) I needed height, so I found this cake stand ( guess where?) and really liked the color... BUT it was a snowman stand....HUH I made that worked when I just turned that snowman to the wall.... did you even NOTICE?

These 2 pictures are what I did w/ my latest DI finds. I love the "bird Bath" idea.. I used the
HEAVY, BIG, plaster candle stick I got... but couldn't make it fit anywhere. While putting on my make-up one morning I looked over on my dressing table & saw this vintage glass light bowl, Kevy found in one of his remodels. He KNOWS I dig stuff like that!. I used it to hold necklaces & a few of my rhinestone jewelry.
It was perfect, it even allowed me to cover the candle screw on the top! I placed a great scented candle in it for fun

This is my window seat.
I covered a body pillow with an other one of my vintage Chenille spread. I did not want to cover the whole window with pillow, because Zoe our grandpuppy loves to sit in the window waiting for "papa" to come home.

These 3 other pictures are above my window seat. I had some awesome vinyl letter that said lead me, guide me, walk beside me. So I had Star attach them there, I LOVE THIS IDEA!

These to picture below are the picture wall and couch BEFORE the refresh.....
AND AFTER the refresh! I used a lot of the same frames, but just spray painted them all the same white. Kevy got took my old shelf & cut off the hearts & put on a more modern piece of bead board. What a little thing! But made such a big impact on the look! I had copies of the big picture of my grandbabies newborn pictures reprinted all in the sepia tones.
I also got some of my children & other misc. one's in the same tones.
I put the pictures on the outside of the frame, after I laminated them.
Notice the one of my twin granddaughters are on one big frame.

I did not use all white tones, I added splashes of black & tan & even cream tones to keep it interesting.

I needed a bigger table, so when I found this mirror at DI, I was so Happy! I did not even charge the color at all. I used it to "Add" on to the table size. I like ALMOST everything about it, EXCEPT it has a PLASTIC frame... oh well for a $1.50 I can't complain!
In that cute glass bowl (which I LOVE!!) are 2 glass door nobs, Kevy got out of Grandpa Evens shed! They are toooo pretty to hide!
All be said I am pretty happy with my living room refresh. I still need to do my love seat cover, I just have not found the material I want to use for it & again money is holding me back a bit.. I have all this work for less then $100.00 so I am pretty happy with it. I like that it is not to fru-fru & busy or cluttered looking, It is a very peaceful room to sit in.
Please let me know what you think about it?
I want to hear from you!


Fork Lift Rental said...

love your room! i love those glass knob/handles.


Fork Lift Rental said...

Nice choice on the one frame for Pais & Kai. I feel it represents the one placenta in which they both lived together for 8 months. Very Profound Rosie.


The Johnsons said...

Your living room looks so good! I can't wait to see it after the other couch gets covered!

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Such pretty colors!