Sunday, July 5, 2009

loved you then... love you still...always will!

So on July 3rd 1977 was a pretty great day!!

Kevin & I had been dating for about 5 months & I KNEW I sure loved him... I just wasn't sure how he felt.

So I was the first one to tell him I loved him. He seemed really happy about that & said he felt the same way . NOW mind you I was just 16 years old, but he was sooo different from any one I had ever dated, I was hooked! We had not talked about where we were going after declaring this to one other, we just knew we needed to move forward, but my age was a bit daunting & I still needed to graduate from High School, the following May.

ANY WHOOO.. One day we decided to go to the Mall in Orem. As we were walking we passed by a jewelery store, Keepsake Diamonds. We backed up, because I have ALWAYS been attracted to BLING! Well the next thing I remember is Kevin & I picking out a ring! Wow, we had not even been talking about that yet!

~Kevin in 1978 (our honeymoon to Disney land)
Me (rosycheeks) on that SAME Honeymoon!
Wow look how great my skin looks!
I told him, wow you haven't even asked me yet! He put the ring in his pocket & mumbled something & took my hand & we walked off. This was about the end of June sometime Any way on midnight on July 3rd, Kevin got down on one knee, And said he loved me & he would I please marry him!? I did not have any idea WHEN he would ask me. I was still very surprised even though I knew he had the ring. He later told me he wanted to fast & pray about it and he also was a bit worried about what my parents would say, so that is why he waited to ask me. OH yeah and about my Parents? YHAAA..... they were thrilled! My mommy, told me if I let this guy go, it would be the worst mistake on my life!
(I think to this day if we were to divorce they would choose Kevy over me!)

My original ring lost the diamond around 1994ish I think:(

The antique rose setting was big then & I fell into the "everyone has one I MUST get one too!" trap! BUT I loved it!

We talked about WHEN we should get married, & decided to wait until I graduated from High School... well that didn't happen! Yo-yo Tippetts kids cover you ears/eyes for this next part!

Our engagement picture 1978

NOTE: The photographer liked all our pics so well, he asked to use them in advertisements in exchange for some freebies! Cool huh?

Our bishop got so tired of us coming in repenting, that he told us IF a Temple marriage was in our future, we had 3 months to plan & GET married! SOOO on January 27th 1978, Kevy & I were Married AND Sealed together for eternity in the Provo Temple. Whew... we made it!

These rings (Kinda hard to see sorry!)
are the replacement Kevin gave me for our 30th Wedding anniversary.

The one on the end is the 1st one, it is from the 1930's Filigree era.

Kevy knew I LOVE LOVE that type of jewelery, so he researched a bit & bought this for me, he said he also liked the number 1930 for our 30th anniversary, so sweet.

Even sweeter.... I THOUGHT for about a year I had lost it! (it was loose on my finger!)

So Kevy bought me ANOTHER 1930's ring the next year.... to help me feel better. He ended up finding it & jokingly told me he was going to wrap it up & give it to me for Christmas!
I must say, I look back to those years I kinda miss the newness & excitement of young love.....BUT I wouldn't trade a moment since then with Kevy for NOTHING!

This is us now! 2009...

Kevy is STILL a hottie!

I would rather be with Kevin, then with anyone else in the world! I'm a LUCKY GAL!

SO all you young gal's with a new groom... can I give you a bit of advice?
ALWAYS remember that our hubby's were our sweetheart first & should still be your sweetheart last!
NOT just a husband, or a father or a roommate, or a provider, or friend,

BUT ALWAYS our Love.... first & last!

32 years is just not long enough with Kevy!
I want at least 50 more with him!

I'm grateful I have eternity with him to look forward too.


marilyn said...

32! Good for you! Thanks for your sweet example.

The Johnsons said...

I remember when you lost the diamond, you were devastaed! You and dad offered us kids $100 for who ever could find it. No one ever did, but we sure tried!!