Monday, February 21, 2011

2011 Valentines display at work "TiCkLeD PINK to be your Valentine"

Just a quick peek before I go down to watch "HOUSE"...I will explain the pics in a bit!
This little sweetie is Aaron! He was sweet enough to come in at 6:oo am to hang my "pink puff balls"! WHAT a sweet heart!

Thanks Aaron! I am scared to death of heights!
I made the balls using the gift wrapping tissue. It took me about 1 day to make them AND LIKE 6 days to undo them! I had forgotten to cut them at the ends to get that scallop look & so come of them look weird, but at this point I really did not care!

Larry the sign guy painted the sign for me, I just designed how I wanted it to look & He ran with it. He did it in 2 days! NICE! I hung about 8 yards of Glittery, gauzy light pink fabric from the sign so that it looked like a soft pink hue around the set-up.

YES, that is Nicky, "my gal Friday"
putting tutu's around the produce tables! I really wanted a girly girl look & 20 yard of pink Tulle is a must!

Karina & Devon were in charge of the stair steps.....It was harder then it looked!

One gal said that it looked like a beauty pageant stage......a "Thank you"?

These beautiful topiary cost ME $35 dollars to buy & when I took them down after Valentines because they did not sell (I had them marked at $49....I had the gals take the pink & red hearts hanging from the middle & FORGOT to put the price sticker back on AND my DUMB %*# grocery manger flippingly told the lady who asked the price on them...she could have them for $4...that's FOUR dollars.....I WANTED to KILL him! REALLY $4 dollars....I STILL have nightmares about that! Almost done, putting on product!

Looking so good!

These are candy bar vase arrangement Nicky & I put together! They were a big hit!

This is after set up..Us gal's wore PINK the rest of the week & on Valentines day! LOOOOOVED IT!

SOOOO what do you think? IS it a winner? My boss Josh loved it & said it was one of his Favorites that I have done so far!

asfoodstore or Corp. is HAVING a contest, I entered, but have not heard if I won yet! I will keep you posted!