Friday, January 29, 2010

I am participating in the linky party over at Craftaholics Anonymous


Check it out!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary.....HAAPPPY ANNIIVERSARYY!

I am hijacking this blog! That's right I sure am to...wish my mom, Rosy Cheeks and dad, her VERY supportive husband a happy 32nd Anniversary! I hope you guys have a fun time this week.....and please don't make me another brother or sister for that matter!

PS Mom, this is what happens when you give your (favorite) daughter your login info so she will fix the photo that mysteriously disappears! Love you!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Rosie's candy bar/goodies Valentine Poster

CHALLENGE! How to make a successful candy bar poster without using the traditional ...... OH SOOOOO ....."been there done that" candy!
You know the one's..... 100 Grand, Snicker, Air Head, Nerds, Sugar Daddy and Almond JOY!
YAWN..... Soooo

This is what I came up with!
Now mind you, I work in a GROCERY strolling down aisle 8 made creating this poster was easy for me!
I created these posters for my work, but have been known to but one together for my sweetie.
Last year I did not create a new one AND holy COW..... I had a few angry & ungrateful AND unsympathetic (they did not care I could only do SO much!) customer's!

Candy bars or items you will need:

Sweet Tarts
Hot Tamales
Dr Pepper (small can)
Orbit gum
Rocky Road
Bit O' Honey
Extra gum
Big Hunk
Cow Tail
Reese's Pieces
Red Hots

MY cutie pie assistant, Nichole......(props to you, Nicky... You rock!) was the one who put this together for me, while I was smooching w/Kevy at the Anniversary Inn in Logan Utah for our anniversary. She started with some pink paper hearts she taped on the poster board. We covered up the words we didn't need with duct tape and then she hot glued them on to a poster board. After hot gluing them I found that I had to reinforce them over the top with some tape!

I meant to tape over the "D" on the "Dove" bar with a "L" but got too excited to leave for my "HONEYMOON" I forgot. I think "DOVE" you I kinda cute, so what ever you think looks good,

I wanted to use some different treats for this poster, Such a EVERY guys Fav!... DR PEPPER & instead of soooo many sweets, I used Gold fish cracker, you could use Swedish fish or gummy fish if you want, MAKE this poster you own!
ALSO have you tried that Bliss bar??? SERIOUSLY friends.... it is BLISS! So smooth AND good. I love it.

How many of you think we could make like a "trillion" dollars for that "candy bar poster biz" if we could create some really cool candy bar names?
I think we need a "LOVE" bar for sure!.... OR a "just Nuts" bar... ok, a......
"SEXY" bar!!! You know you want one!
How about a "Gorgeous" bar?....a "passion" bar...a "cuddle" bar...OH SNAP... how about a....
"Struck it RICH" bar....Or a "lucky" bar...(isn't that a cigarette brand?)...
hey speaking of about a "SMOKIN HOT" bar.
ANY way....what about you guys...Thought of a good name for the perfect "LOVE" candy?"
SPILL IT!......Let me know, pretty please.

Silly gift idea CUPID POOP..for friends or co-workers or the "not sure what they are" folks!

I give this gift to just about EVERY one I like...because its soooo freaking funny!
AND because, I'm weird that way!

Some "cupid poop" ideas would be:
Tiny cinnamon hearts
pink & white & red M&MS
Pink, white & red Jelly beans
Mini gummy hearts
Conversation hearts

Just fill up a small cello bag with your choice of "poop", tie with a ribbon & tag...and VOILA...
a for sure "conversation" starter!!
REMEMBER: LEFT click on image to get the right size to read!
No magnifying glasses needed here!

P.S. when you give this gift....LEAVE my name out of it!!

REVISED 12 days of Valentines + LOVE tags!!!

OK my friends...I had to retype the 12 days of Valentines for my work, so I thought I might as well share the new revised version with you all.

BUT.... I be warned.....I tweaked & changed a couple of things!
1st of all, SOME complained about the 5 Golden rings.......Just cause they were FUNONION rings & not REAL golden rings!
Not really, they wanted another Idea for #5, that wouldn't leave their breath ahhhh....
ahh not so fresh!

So I change the Funonions to 5 peachy rings!!! Hope that makes a few of you a bit happier.

ALSO I put #2 tag on twice, not on purpose...but I just wanted to change one word.
If you don't want to "SMOOCH" on the back row...just use the first #2 tag.
I also changed #7. STRAWBERRIES are somewhere between ....ridiculous & OUTRAGEOUS right now & to buy some would be too pricey.
SOOOO I changed it to 7 cups of cocoa plus a sturdy mug ( hey...I needed it to rhyme with HUG!).
IF I were to gift this, I would send a cute cello bag with 7 single serving packages of Cocoa & included a insulated mug. OR if for your a "Mocha, Lotta, drinka, caffeine" person, a gift card to Starbucks, with one of their cool mugs, would work. JUST pop in a cello bag, tie with a ribbon & tag & deliver.

AS ALWAY....REMEMBER......JUST LEFT click(on the tag page) to get the RIGHT size of picture to view!
SOOOOOO... you don't have to get your magnifying glasses out!
HOPE this helps & gets you lots of hugs & KISSES on Valentines day!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My latest Valentines charms & a couple of other crafts!

BUT first........ look at these two handsome fellows!!
That is my oh so cute grandson Gavin & his Papa working on the cars for the pinewood derby set to race this Friday. The boys & papa have a plan......Papa gets to relive his dreams of winning a pinewood derby AND the boys get to take the credit for the awesome cars PAPA made!!SIDE

NOTE: I just noticed "KOOJOO" laying on the rug in this first picture!! That really ia my "grandpuppy" Zoe...She really is a lovey dovey dog & has no "koojo" in know..."koojo"?...the killer CRAZY dog from the Stephen King novel....NO? Nothing? FUNNY Story Zoe Zoe is 1/2 in love with Papa(Kevy) & my son in law Cory!....

Anyway that's my boys craftin!

I signed up for 3 Valentines charms spots in the swaps @ 2peas. One was the
"Hard" valentines, meaning any textile EXCEPT fabric or paper, the other 1 was 2 spots on the Fiber charms. These first pictures are of my "mini...tiny.....teeny picture frame. It was made out of red "pleather" & a tiny heart button. I stitched around the inside with white thread. And put a back piece on & stitched it closed with clear thread. I left an opening at the top, so you can slide in a TEENY TINY

picture of your Valentine in! CUTE HUH! The other is a felt envelope I showed you before. SAME swap!

This next picture is of my Cupcakes for the "Hard" valentines swap. I just molded a cupcake out of some polymer clay & baked as directed & added a tag (made out of good old fashioned shrinky dink stuff!)...that is super hard to read.....BUT it says:

These next pictures are what the "Sisterhood of the traveling paints" made for our Feb. craft.

The cute Hugs & kisses blocks. Kevy cut them out & Lyndsy cut out the vinyl. I think they turned out soooo cute!
Check out what shilo at "Toadly crafty"
She did the cutest set of picture frames that I just gotta copy!

This last craft is just a little something I threw together! I was forced to "scrape book" my own plain...ugly ......clipboard!! I had been after shilo @ Toadly crafty to do it for me...but she was just toooooooooo busy! So I did it myself.......not bad if I do say so myself!

One side has chalk board paint & the other side has a magnetic board.
THIS cute little craft has been VERY handy at work AND I look just adorable using it when I need a clipboard for my meetings!!!
SO Toady......I don't need your mad scrape book skills.....I got a few of my own!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

These are a few of my favorite blogs!

I truly love these two blogs!!
the gals at
They are so sweet to share so many great ideas & their precious "net space"
with me on Twice remembered "Make your Monday" & funkly junk "Saturday nite Special"!
I thought the least I could do is share their GREAT blogs with you!
So check them out!

Romantic "12 Days of Valentines" ideas for that special someone!

OK my friends I had to put this idea on here!
Because it was a GREAT success for me last year!

As some of you may not know I am a trade.

AND Valentines is MAD....CRAZY......STRESSFUL.....DIFFICULT for me.....

BUT I LOVE (pardon the pun!) Valentines day!

It has been on the FAVORITE top 3 holidays for me PERSONALLY!
"WORKALLY"(I know its not a word!)...NOT SO MUCH!

But since I have had so much to do AND so little time, I really had to find a way to let MY SWEETIE Kevin know I sooooooo love him & am WISHING I could be with him on VAL day! SOOOO I made this 12 days of valentines up for him. IT WAS so fun!...The weeks before Val-day I put everything together AND was soooo glad I did!

A few of the days take fresh things, Like cookies & Strawberries, so I just had the tags & containers ready to fill & go!

I placed the package on the breakfast table OR in his truck & one I even put in his WORK apron for him to find.

I was a little concerned at the beginning as I started this, because by the time I saw Kevy at night, he had forgotten to say something to me about it. So I was worried he thought my 12 days of gifts was lame ORor silly OR WORSE.... he didn't care. BUT....

NO worry....One day I had not had a chance to put the HOMEMADE cookies on the he calls me up at work AND ASKED if I had "forgotten something this morning AND was I mad at him?" I thought for a minute & said...."did I forget to give you a kiss good-bye?"

He said no...he jsut did not see my treat waiting for him that morning !!!


ANYWAY here goes:

ON the 12 day of Valentines...

YOUR true love gives to you....12 LOVE songs

none too mushy or too long!
BUT the kind we like to sing along.
This gift I send to remind you my dear,
that your voice is music to my ear!

ON the 11th day of Valentines....

Your true love gives to you.....
11 blooms a blooming, so fragrant & sweet,
When these flowers you do smell.......
Remember....I think your really SWELL!

On the 10th day of Valentines...

Your true loves gives to you....
10 kisses made of chocolate so sweet,
To tie you over until next time we meet!

On the 9th day of Valentines....

Your true love gives to you......
9 sticks of gum, of course it's sugar free!
TO say: I'm glad you "CHEWS" to stay with me!

ON the 8th day of Valentines.....

Your true loves gives to you.....
8 yummy cookies shaped like a heart,
To remind you...I miss you when we're apart!

On the 7th day of Valentines.....

Your true loves gives to you...
7 Delicious Strawberries so fresh & yummy....
to say, you make me laugh & I think your cute & funny!

On the 6th day of Valentines....

Your true love gives to you.......

6 or pack of your favorite Soda pop.
To say our love hasn't "fizzled" &
when you kiss me, I don't want you to STOP!

On the 5th day of Valentines day....

your true loves gives to you...

5 FUNONION rings..... plus a few more!
My way of saying, It's YOU I adore!

On the 4th day of Valentines....

Your true love gives to you......
4 Candy bars, each a different kind.
Like our children, we were blessed.
As A Daddy, your the BEST!

(NOTE: Alternative treat if you don't have children:

On the 4th day of Valentines...
Your true love gives to you....
4 candy bars, each a different kind, BUT one has Peanut butter!
Hope this helps remind you...YOUR like no OTHER!)

On the 3rd day of Valentines....

Your true loves gives to you....
3 Cupcakes in a row, to let you know....
Your the "icing" on my cake & I love you so!

On the 2nd day of Valentines....

Your true love gives to you....

2 tickets to a movie, for a night of fun we'll go!
What ever we see will be fine with me...
as long as were together sitting on the back row!

ON the first day of Valentines...

Your true loves gives to you.....

Because your my one true love.....
this coupon for dinner, so you don't have to pay.
To tell you that I love you, & wish you
Ok My friends, That's it!
You need to start this on Feb. 2nd!
Some of the items for the day are easy to identify.
BUT I will tell you anyway:
The 12th day is a CD of 12 of your favorite love songs or one with any love songs.
The 11th day is a 11 stem bouquet...(come in my store & I'll hook ya up! I was a bit worried how Kevy would like flowers....HE loved it!)
The 10th day is 10 Chocolate kisses
(Have you tried the Cordial cherries Kisses? O MY GOODNESS!!! LOVE them!)
Th 9th day is 9 sticks of gum...most come with 9 sticks.... weird huh?
The 8th day is 8 heart shaped cookies- I made my own...but most bakery will let you order them.
The 7th day, is 7 Chocolate covered Strawberries.
The 6th day is a 6 pack of soda or something "fizzy"
The 5th day...OK I couldn't think of any thing "RINGYISH"!
it was either the Funoinons or Pineapple!
(YOU be creative on an empty stomach AND a Valentine fried brain!)
The 4th day is 4 DIFFERENT candy bars
The 3rd day is 3 Cupcakes! (I believe that a bit of cake with your frosting is THE only way to eat a cupcake....hhhhagggg cupcakesssss(inset drool!)
Th 2nd day is 2 movie passes or advanced tickets to a certain movie....
TRUST ME when I say....YOU DO NOT want to go see a movie on VALENTINES DAY!!
Is a Gift card to a favorite restaurant!
PLEASE have fun with this idea! I sooo loved doing it! It did not take that much time AND My sweetie felt so special AND I felt great making him happy!
PLEASE share any ideas you might have done in advanced for your Valentine! I need the HELP! I gotta do someting fun..Kevy deserves it!

I will be Posting my Romantic HEART shaped meal. With recipes & Pictures this week.
So look out for that!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cupid Rosie's..... 25 ways that says: I love you!

OK, MY friends, NOT that I'm all that of a LOVE Guru or any thing....BUT I promised I would share some of my "LOVE lessons" from one of my classes I taught in my store.
I do have a little experience in the" how to stay happy in the first 100 years of Marriage" category!
Kevy & I are almost ready to celebrate our
33rd wedding anniversary, this month. We will be going to the Anniversary Inn bed & breakfast in Logan Utah & also in Salt lake City. The first night we will spend it in "Riches Drive in" Check it out here@. It's so COOL!!!! The next night we will go to S.L.C 5th south in the "Lake Powell Room, check that room out here@. Both rooms are so awesome! I can't wait to get my honey ALL to myself for 3 whole days!

I do love Valentines so much. SOOOOO I taught several classes on it in the Little Theatre at my work. One was, 25 ways to say I love you & romantic HEART shape meal. Complete with samples & recipes, all created by LITTLE OL' me! I will share the recipes with you this next week, so YOU can get your menu started!
I also did one on "the 12 days of Valentines" I will also get that to you ASAP, because you have to start that on Feb 2nd!!!

OK.....So to read these pages.....go find a magnifying glass.....NOT REALLY!!!!
Just LEFT click on the page & the page will become a lot easier to read!

These are just suggestions.....If you have some ideas that have worked for you, PLEASE share them with me & all us other hopeless romantics.
Many of these are just common knowledge & just reminders. BUT I can tell you, the minute you STOP working at your marriage or relationship....that's the minute the marriage stops working!
SO take a extra minute a day to once in while to go the extra mile for them.

REMEMBER....LEFT click...right size!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

So "Charming, Fruit charm swap & Valentine felt charm swap

OK so some of you might NOT be surprised that I love Jewelery.....but did you know.....
I love, LOVE, LOVE Charms bracelets! Something about those tiny little thing's just thrill's me to death!!

My daughter Shilo has got me HOOKED on the swap site twopeas here @ I have since participated in several CHARM swaps. The first one was a Halloween one, the next one was a State charm swap, then a Victorian Christmas charm swap. ALL which I loved! This next one is 2 Valentine swaps. One a fiber charm, the other just a bead or other media Valentine. The next one is a is Fruit swap. That's the first pictures you see. It is my Cherry charm. I used 2 SMALL wood beads. Star painted them red for me. I then wired red seed beads through the top & bottom 8-9 times. Added the green seed beads for the stems & 1 leaf. I think they are soooo cute, I am going to make a set of CHERRY earrings for the Hostess & myself !

This one is for the same fruit swap. It is my take on a watermelon. I just used a SMALL washer & wrapped first red wire a touch more then half way around to represent the sweet "meat" of the watermelon, adding 4-5 black beads for seeds on BOTH sides, every so often.. Then the lime green wire to represent the rind, around just a bit less then half way around. Ended with the silver wire to represent the lighter rind. added a jump ring to hang the claw on. SOOO cute huh?
I think I MIGHT have to make a pendent to match this for the Hostess & for me! This next one is for the fiber Valentine charm swap. I just made a small envelope out of paper for the pattern. Cut around the pattern on red felt & whip stitched around the edges with some quilting thread. Added a cute Valentine button & a SMALL piece of hook & eye Velcro. Had my Kevy write me a love note & a lobster hook. So fun!

I just need to order some more Lobster hooks & I'm about ready to ship. So fun! I can't wait to get these back, so I can wear them for Valentines day. Speaking of Valentines day.....I Have the CUTEST 12 days of Valentines day idea for you all. I can't WAIT to get it typed & to you! SO look for that here as well as A ALL hearts Valentine MEAL AND 100 ways to say I love you!
I will have those out with in the next 2 weeks! I promise.

Happy 2010 friends!