Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My "swap" Projects....A few charms & a few recipe cards..I must say: DANG I'm GOOD!

As some of you may know, I am so in love with the 2peas swaps! I love the charms swaps. I also want to get into the recipe card swaps! They looked so fun! I just had to get in on the fun!

SO these 1st few are what I came up with for those cards.
The first one is for the Pasta recipe card: I chose to do the Stuffed shells. I am not quite done with it, but you get the jest right? The next one is for "Party food recipe cards" I chose the Stuffed Heavenly Mushrooms. This card is cuter in person! I glitter sprayed it a bit for fun.
MY FAVE!!! This is for the "Campbell's soup recipe cards" I ADORE THIS ONE! The recipe is "Mom T's Hamburger meat pie"
The next on is "Grilling recipe card"It still needs the recipe & title on it, I chose to do "Rosie's "SWISH" these are "GOOD BOBS"
The next one is the "Grilling recipe card swap" I did 2 because I wanted Gunner to have a set of his own. I did the Bar-B -Q Chicken pizza recipe ! I just have one more to create & thatis the "Mexican recipe card swap"AND then I get to make 10 of each of these! Once you have created the page, it's a lot faster to recreate the others!

MY junk food charms,Shilo & I are hosting! I did French fries & Hostess cupcakes & TV dinner!

I LOVE, LOVE the vintage Pepsi label. I wanted to go for a "SIGN" look....so I Poured a clear lacquer into a mold & in bedded the label in it! SO Stinking cute! The Pepsi can is just the clay baked & the mini label I made on my computer glued & sealed around the clay. I finished it with the lacquer to seal it good.
This cute little Flower is for the "in the garden" charm swap! I just put these together in a minute or two, BUT it turned out so cute!

MORE pepsi charms & my 4th of july "Freedom cupcake charm"

All in all I am happy with them all & can not wait to get them sent & sit back & start collecting all the other swapped ones.
Thank's Shilo, for taking pictures for me! My camera is DONE!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Avatar...OR AvaBLAHHHHH! A "KnOwSiE Rosie review....Am I the only one in the world that......

....... thought this movie was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO over rated!!!?
The three hours I spent on watching this movie....I should have spent it doing something less painful....LIKE.....
A Brazilian wax job?...or a lobotomy.....getting my "hardware" removed from my healed broken ankle....a couple of root canals.... all day Dora the Explorer Marathon or even more fun...A MAX & RUBY marathon!
OK.... I might have over exaggerated the horribleness of this movie a bit & i'm....NAAA...I didn't...It sucked!
The special effects were KILLER & the forrest scenes were awesome!
But it still did not make up for the weak & lame storyline....COME on!
I'm just saying what you all wanted to, but didn't dare...(INSERT: smarmy & mocking tones HERE:) "because IT was nominated for an Oscar & ......oh those judges are soooo classy... right!? they ARE sooo smart, they should know a good movie?"
WELL... GUESS WHAT...... the first time in history..... THEY WERE RIGHT!...
NOW I UNDERSTAND WHY it did not win best picture!!!
OK...before you boo me off the stage or the Internet...I DID see it in 3D!
Trust me when I say............
It wasn't any better then!
The best part of this movie?.....the Extra butter I got on my popcorn in the theatre's
AND cuddling up with Kevy for a 3 hour longgggg nap while he watched it on DVD!
THIS movie gets 4 "REEL" bad from me.......
But, if you don't believe me.....WATCH it SUCKERS!
Just don't blame me, when you come out asking more questions then when you went in.......
AND FYI...The actor Sam Worthington AKA: Jake Sully.....has REALLY, really, REALLY BONY knees in real life....he was only playing a paralyzed guy on screen...(he is HOT in "Clash of Titian's"!)
That's a wrap!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I LOVE THESE Bedspreads....BUT willl they go with the look I so DESPERATELY want in my bedroom

OK I LOVE old Hollywood glamour!

I have ALWAYS wanted a bedroom in that style!!!

Have any of you seen Lucy & Desi in their 1956 movie titled "Forever Darling"?

It was only 2 movies those 2 every stared in together.

The other one was one of my ALL TIME Faves

"The long, LONG Trailer"

ANYWAY, I saw the movie "Forever Darling" a few years back & LOVED IT. Good story line...BUT the part I remember is the part where she meets her "angel" in her Bedroom or "boudoir" & where her & Desi are fighting. They show a lot of that bedroom in the movie.

HOLY COW I LOVED everything in that room & always in the back of my head was going to do EVERY thing in my power to get a bedroom like that!

If you get a chance go on line & check out the Bedroom & see what I am talking about!!

Type in Lucy & Desi's movie "Forever darling" & you should get a site that will give you a trailer of it. CUTE MOVIE!

ANYWAY...I love the mirrors in these rooms & LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the mirror chest of drawers & mirror end tables. BUT check out that BED 3 pics down! I want to take my last breath in this BED! LOVE IT!

I what to put all my delicate undies in these drawers!

YHEW!!! SOOOO pretty! I just want people to THINK I own this bed....I could never live up to this much GLAM!! Also I love the chandlers.
These bedspreads are the ones from overstock dot.com. I know Kevy will not be crazy about the silk.....

But I am leaning towards this brown & turquoise

one & the bottom 2 .

I do like the simplicity of the all white one, thought it could be glamed up with fur pillows & colorful head rolls & such.....

I thought the turfed brown head board

set was kinda Orientalish, which I just don't like, buy the colors were lovely....

LOVED the country blue & fluff what DELICIOUSNESS!...BUT don't think it says Hollywood glam as much as the others.

What do you all think?

Monday, April 19, 2010

STrAWbErRy YuM Recipe...I'm only going to post this ONCE...Because just writing it made me gain 10 lbs! So pay attention!

I LOVE this recipe....OK I dream about having....Brad Pitt make this recipe for ME & then spoon feed me some & then roll around in it by myself ........Then have Kevin stare dreamily in my eyes & serve me the left-overs while he wears NOTHIN but his cowboy boots, hat & chaps......

in the candlelight with Frank Sinatra's "the way you look tonight" playing softly in the background........

I WILL then....LICK the crumbs off.........(dirty minds!) the crystal & gold edged serving dish, with zest & STILL WANT MORE!

I think I will go head & share the recipe with you....even though I will probably have to KILL you afterwards!

1 Quart Fresh Strawberries( washed & sliced)

1 Pkg. of Strawberry glaze

1 -10 ct. box of Twinkies

1 can sweet & condensed milk

1 box cream cheese (softened

1&1/2 tub of Extra creamy Cool-whip(red tub)

Fold the clean, sliced strawberries in to the glaze & mix well. Sit aside.

In another bowl, add the softened cream cheese & the Sweetened condensed milk together & whip until smooth. Fold in 1 tub of Cool Whip, mix until blended smooth. Sit aside

Slice the Twinkies lengthwise & lay our half the Twinkies into a 8x8 glass pan.

Pour half the glaze/strawberry mixture over the Twinkies. Spoon half the Cool whip/Cream cheese mixture over the top. Repeat the same steps again starting with the Strawberry glaze mixture & ending with the Cool whip/cream cheese mixture.
Add dollops or swirls of the rest of the Cool Whip for kicks & giggles!

Decorate with a few slices of Strawberries.

SOOOOO do you feel fatter JUST reading the recipe?

THEN what the heck!......YOU might as well EAT it!!

IF & you will.... make this dessert for your friends or family, they will be sooooo grateful.... you could......

have a holiday named after you.....They could name their first Grandchild after you.......Nominate you for Sainthood ...or an Oscar! They will most likely put you in their will.......They will probably turn over any future paychecks to you!......CHANGE ALL their passwords to YOUR name!........Rename their

city after you.........Give you the key to their NEW CAR!.........Give you all their "vacation time" they have earned at work.......never make you charge ANY more dirty diapers!..........forgive you of all your past mistakes.......Send you Thank you notes every week!.......or....... just beg for more!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

AN "EGG"cellent CHOICE! Tippetts Easter egg decorating contest 2010...Which do you think deserves to be the winner!??

That's right...It's another one of the Tippett's family FIERCE competitions!
It's the Tippett's family EASTER egg Decorating contest 2010!
I'm just curious...which egg do you think deserves the BEST OF the best this year? Stroll though the MINDS of the family & pick which one you like the best & I will let you the winners in a couple of day
This egg carton of disaster? IS Teisha's murder scene! She thinks she can "CRACK" this case WIDE open! As each Egg's stares in horror at the the crime, each claiming to be the "GOOD" egg & not involved....
I think Teisha watches to many "law & Orders" BUT I love the story line...it "cracked" me up!

This egg was very cleverly disguised as a MONSTER "EGG BEATER" Extreme ride!
As homage to his fav...extreme truck ....
the "Grave digger"
My Gavy did this truck all by himself! I was so impressed & really excepted this egg to "SMOKE "us all in the contest & leave us in a cloud of egg DUST!!

The pretty Pink BUNNY is my Taya's egg, she thought this egg out way in advance! She knew 2 months ago what she wanted to do! AND I must say...this little pink, fluffy guy just HOPPED right into our hearts!

OK WHO could those two EGG heads be???.....Starlee are you team Jacob? or team the other guy???? Notice the glitter on Edwards face....I didn't get it...not a fan of Twilight, so it had to be explained to me! DUH! mom!

Shilo little penguin.....I think I modeled for that fat little round egg! Really cute!

I told you my Twinies were CLEVER!!! that master piece of yellowness is Paislee's egg boldly titled..."Yellow" it's me, I'm Paislee!"

In her attempt to define her individuality & depth of color & art!!

Or she just really digs yellow!

MY little boy, Levi has a fascination STILL at age 30 with the POTTY!!! His poor little egg missed the potty & He lost an eye...in the war of the potty!
This egg made me LAUGH!!! I thought it was very clever!

The handsome guy is my HANDSOME Kevy's eggs! ! Need I say more....He is GOOD!!!

This pink beauty is my Kia-Kia's egg...I know... A thing of pure innocence & beauty & a deep understanding of the color pink!

SHE is Brilliant! SHE has appropriately titled this beauty...


"PINK" I should win this contest!

Oh my Bell's pink ballerina egg! This egg .....

just Screams grace & poise! And a desire to dance like no other Tutu
wearing egg has every done before!
This is one egg
that should be on "SO you "PINK" you can dance" !?

OH Cory!!! What do you know about Birthin babies?.....This is my son in law Cory's egg, The Octo mom!! FUNNY!!! The twins kept eating her babies by the end of the day!

I think Cory cheated 8 times!....the babies were made of candy & the rules are you have to uses a real egg! I love the big red lips though!

this one is Gunny Bear's sooooo cute Mario & Luigi! .....from the Mario brothers FAME!
I think gunny bears SHOULD know these guys as he "EATS,DRINKS & SLEEPS" the Games!
TOOOO cute gunny!

Last but not least, ME!
That Bo Peep is mine!
Her skirt is hiding an egg & Her sheep is an egg. I did not make her body..it is one of the cheap doll bodies!
I just stabbed it into the soft boiled egg AFTER I had Kevy saw her legs off.....
Ok...... does this sound like something Teisha would "CRACK" open with her crew of "egg"cellent egg heads?...
OK I'll stop....
what do you think?
WHO won...the great.....Tippetts family Easter Egg decorating contest of 2010?
The voting starts.....NOW!

Friday, April 16, 2010

A Mission for all you MeGa decorators......PIMP my Room....Please!!

Did You Think....or HOPE I fell off the face of the EARTH????
NO such luck! I just have been sooo focused on My Charms & Recipe cards for some swaps I am doing....I just can't seem to get my head around all the things I need to do. You know how it is???? PLUS my Camrea has passed on to the great beyond! I miss it!
I am going to turn 50 this year & I don't know......I seem so frazzled & spacy lately AND MOODY....I know I am doing the "Change of Life thing...BUT IS this part of it??? I can't even stand myself!! MY poor Hubby....He is my FAVORITE person in the world & I HATE being mean to him!...& MY poor kids... Ditto for them...I HEART them!
If any one has some suggentions PLEASE, PLEASE LET me know!

MY next BIG project is this ROOM> I have had it the same way for 17 years AND I NEED A CHANGE!!!


Wonder though & let me know what you think.
My room is the perfect size...NOT TO big & NOT too Small.
It is cozy in the winter & cuddly in the summer....I JUST HATE IT!

The bed is over the garage & the sitting area is over the Family room. WE purposely DID NOT put a TV in the bed area....We BOTH felt that the bed should be JUST for us & OUR OWN space. We did not want to invite the world or at least Jay Leno into our bed.
SOOO I had to have one in my room.
There are a FEW THINGS that have to stay....OK a LOT of things that have to stay....
Because of Budget reasons & because I LOVE them!

ONE the BED...I love THE bed & am not apposed to painting it...THE ugly A carpet...NOT in the budget! THE Dressing table...THE 2 lamps on my dressing table... MY granny bags hanging on the shelf...THE TV!!! THE mirror, THE blue blinds( Kevys request) I am kinda fond of the slim blue lamps by my bed & couch but will need matching shades.....THE Ceiling Fan( Kevys other request). MY Family Pictures....MY couch...NOT!!! that's the first thing to go!!
All others can take a HIKE!!

I love the shabby chic look..... You know, fur rugs, PILLOWS, chenille spreads, Quilts, Creams, blue, turquoise, butter yellow, black, a pinch of red, easy on the LACE & Flowers, overstuffed chair & Ottoman....ect

SO there's your assignment... & MINE this summer...to PIMP my room! on a BUDGET!
I really would LOVE some help & WILL BE looking out for some shabby chic finds at yard sales & such, this summer. I will post LOTS of pictures & get your feed back & what you all think of a certain Idea! I NEED HELP PEOPLE!!! SO please don't stay quite on me!

1st THING....
Decide colors...it's got to go with my BLUE color....I was thinking Brown & BLUE & turquoise? WHAT Do you think?
2nd THING: MY couch....What do you all think of a DAYBED????