Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fame is fickle!!!

So I did not get my 5 minutes of fame!

Maybe if my name was Rosie JONAS or Rosie Gosslin.... nooooo NO,
Rosie Jolie-Pitt.....
OH NO I know....... Rosie JACKSON!......
Oh snap, no she didtin` ?

My work DID have Fox 13 & Big Budda there on Friday the 3rd of July, BUT......

Ok after telling me my really cool part on how to make a FRESH FLOWER arrangment in a hollow watermelon shell has been scratched! .... FOR a lame A part on how to WRAP A tortilla around some cold meat strips!! COME-ON!!! I'm much cuter then the Don Julo reps! RUDE!!!

ALTHOUGH that WAS me holding the end of the Balloon cover behind the bugle player & the Vets, doing the 21 gun salute! OHH I'm sorry, did you blink during that part?

For the segiment on Watermelons during the show, Josh (our store director) thought it would look great if Kevy would carve some watermelons for it.

SOOO good ol' Kevy carved 4.. well 3 really GREAT ones & one lame one (OK rude!)
He run out of time & he only had like 6 hours to do all back off!

He did a really cool Lady liberty one.. awesome & a cute turtle one, The shell lifted of & the fruit was served when the turtle was up a bit. CUTE! And the Fav?...... was a great.... so cool ....Roses & leaves & a gecko carved in 3D! The roses was so cool!!! (Big Budda, LOVED that one!)
Sorry these are a bit hard to see. My friend Danni (AKA Pretty produce manager) took them with her Cell phone...and we all know how great those are! ( dang cell phone camra's!)

The not so great one, was really pretty good, just not up to Kevy's standards! He ran out of time, after spending sooooo much time on all the other 3 really awesome ones. But he just quickly carved "Happy Independance Day from Maceys!" on top of a really long watermelon! Like I said after seeing the other ones, this seemed a little ....... less flashy!

The news crew, did flash on them a bit, BUT guess which one they showed the MOST???

you guessed it!..... They lame one... or the less impressive one!!
(Happy independance day from MACEYS!)

I did GET to meet Big budda & have my picture taken with him!! He was really nice! So my day wasent a complete loss!

SOOOO if any one is seeking my autogragh I will gladly give it you... for 10 BUCKS!!!
(yes I am A tinsy bit bitter!)

Sincerly yours, Rosie Tippetts-Jonas-Gosslin-Jolie-Pitt- Jackson


marilyn said...
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marilyn said...

Rosie you crack me up. I love the liberty watermelon. Kevin is so talented with the knife. Your blog is so fun to read. Thanks for sharing.