Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Honey's B-day! The greatest day EVER!!

So today is My honey's B-day, Kevin is.......54 years young! And he still looks great!

THINGS Kevin Likes ALOT:

Homemade cinnamon rolls
His Canoe
Cartoons ( old fashioned Bugs bunny kinda guy, but will still watch sponge bob in a pinch!)
Building stuff
Fresh home-grown peas
Funny movies
Cuddling & coonoodling (w/ just ME!!)
The rain & lighting
Wood craving (He's AWESOME!)
Cooking ( he's awesome!)
Raisin Cookies

Things/People Kevin LOVES:
His "Lovies"....his Babies & Grand babies
His mOmMy & (the rest of his family too!)
Fried Fish
His Picky-up truck
The church
Country Music
Things Kevin doesn't care for:
Chocolate (but will eat it because he knows it is vital to MY existence!)
.... NEVER serve him Chocolate covered Parsnips! Ha-ha!!)
Arguing...(I have literally argued w/AIR for 32 years!, Kevy DISAPPEARS!
...funny thing is....I have NEVER won a argument that whole time!!)
So Happy Day Old man!! You are soooooo Loved!

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