Sunday, May 30, 2010

A "tasty" sample of the Tippetts family auction donation for the Griffin family reunion

This year my mom's family(Griffin) is hosting the Yearly family reunion....
We loved the idea we do for my hubby's family reunion(Evans)
every year! They started a auction, so that NO ONE has to pay for the rental or use of a campground or building where we hold the reunion! This has worked out so great! We even have left over money for paper goods & food & stamps & other stuff for the party!

SO we decide to try the same idea for the Griffin reunion!

This is my honey Kevin...he ALWAYS does a carving every year for the Evans reunion...A BIG SELLER & a cheap project! (he looks for & gathers stumps around here & brings them home until they start to talk to him & let's him know what they were "MEANT to be!) so cold hard cash is not really involoved.......just a sweaty job!

This years carving is going to the Griffin reunion!
It is going to be a bear, I will post the finished prject as soon as he gets done

These are recipe card I made to go with a treasure trove of happy little things> These cards will go in a gift box with, a darling apron (shilo made) Strawberry jam (cece made) & some bread (cec ebought) & a darling matching tea towel shilo made.

This is the other gift box we all donated to! IT"S MY FAVE!!
The cards (made by me) The apron & towel (Shilo
made) & a bottle of homemade Barbecue sauce AND "Jack Daniels" Barbecue glaze (made by me) Kevy carved the cutest Pig & Skull for the lids!) I will show you those
when he lets me get a picture of them!

The next one is a DARLING!!! Cupcake apron & tea towel(shilo) & MORE recipe cards(me)
AND Teisha is making some HOMEMADE cupcakes to add to the package!

The last one is A CHOCOLATE box! Shilo made the darling 1/2 apron & the tea towel & I did the recipe cards & TEISHA is doing the HOMEMADE CHOCOLATES! Like cherry chocolates & pecan turtles & some other yummy chocolates!

SERIOUSLY a lot of work went into these! I hope they sell pretty good & the donation the Tippetts make is helpful! We had a good time making them!

50 Isn't so NIFTY! the joint pain & hot flashes of a ROSE

It had to happen I guess....I mean if your going to be grateful about turning 50....the best I can say is YEAH At least I still have my own teeth.....(some of them) and thank goodness my arthritis is only in my ankle & my hearing is still some what sharp...oh yeah & I'm saving money because I am back to getting full on happy meals!!!
M darling children throw me a Big b-day mourn the passing of my youth!! It was really quite sweet...since no one really got as down & dirty as I was to them, when they turned 50!!!
My sweet little daughter Teisha made me a cake .....a Chocolate PEPSI cake no less...BUT SADLY it took a nose dive before she could get it to me.....SOOOO Star & her friend Taylor made this yummy Pepsi cake for me the night before! It was Delicious & best of all it had extreme all know I LOVE a little cake with my frosting!

This darling quilt was made for me by my other sweet daughter Shilo @ toadlycrafty
She JUST had to advertise that I was 50! Oh well what ever it takes to SCORE one of her darling quilts! check out her blog & see what she has been sewing & crafting!
My Honey Kevin...said to me as I was cuddled up in this super cozy quilt..."oh Rosie, Maybe you shouldn't use this quilt...isn't it kind of "Wall art" quilt......You don't want to stain it or wear it out"
OK first of all......What a FUNNY thing for a guy to say & 2nd of all....I could NOT give up how cozy AND loved I felt with it wrapped around me.
Thanks to all my babies...Shilo & Cory & Levi & Lyndsy * Teisha & Johnny & Starlee for allowing me to be your mommy! AND my Kevy whom I adore & is still my most favorite person on earth...AND my LOVIES...Shaylee, Gunner, Gavin, Taya, Bella, Arbor, Kialea, Pasilee & Phinn. For giving me so much Joy & unconditional love!!
I am VERY Lucky WIFE, MOMMY & NANA! I'm ok tuning 50!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ok I'm almost done for today....BUT 1st you gotta see this.....

SUPER CUTE, DARLING necklace!......
My friend & floral assistant Nichole gave it to me for my Birthday!

I am soooo in love with this necklace!!!
It has everything in it I love....It was like the jeweler said... "hey let's make a necklace for ROSIE!
"Rosie likes flowers & sparkly, blingy....the colors pink & blue & oh yeah.... ladybugs & she is in heaven wearing them ALL at once"

It came with matching green rose (like the ones on the left hand side) earrings!

This necklace could be worn WITH anything!
I could perk up any outfit & make it look even better!

I'm thinking this thing could even make my ol` flannel night gown look GOOD!!!
I hope so.....cuse...... I'm wearing it to bed!

WHAT do you get when you MIX THIS mess & a clumsy ol` lady?....

May 24th 2010!!
It snowed...LAME!!!....
I mean I am NOW lame!
ON my way out to the car on my way to work....& this is what I found!
I had noticed it was snowing...kinda hard to miss!
I put on my boots to make sure my ankle stayed warm BEFORE I went outside...( I have a "bionic" ankle! I broke it about 6 yrs ago & it has titanium rods & bolts in it to help keep me up-right) so cold & steel don't not make for a warm OR cozy ankle!

AFTER cursing the snow & reaching in the car to get my snow scarper....I had one foot on the cement & the other on the grass.......What does wet dirt make? .........MUD!
So my legs went out from under me & WHOOP!...... my butt hit the mud & snow & because my stupid yet EXPENSIVE ankle REFUSED to bend AT ALL & go down with the flow....
I got a mad crazy twisted ankle!!!!
I even rolled in the mud & snow trying to get up! (this is the part Kevin & Starlee have begged me to reenact so they can film it for AFV! to that I say...Plutch!....the sound of my tongue going out to them!)

SO there you go.....My ankle was not that great looking BEFORE...NOW It looks & Feels like HELL!!!!! I went in the house crying ...called Starlee to help me get my wet socks & muddy skirt off & get me something for the pain...after a while I called Kevy at work saying I needed a hug....( he came home soon after to check up on me & GAVE me a hug!)

This is a couple of days AFTER I fell....Wouldn't you know it...It came at a VERY BAD time!
I had like 10 gillion Mums to put out for Memorial day week-end...!

THE TOPPER to this story......I turned 50 the following Wednesday! Kevin said he was going to get me a "medical alert bracelet" case I fell & couldn't get up!!! the turd thinks he's funny!!

So woo is me!

EKKK! I'm BAAACK!! I got SO many things to tell you!! Charm swap & recipe card swaps FIRST!!

I AM so excited to be back in business!! I have had NO camera & I felt I could not take advantage of this blog without no pictures! SOOOOO I did not post anything! I Missed it!
MY Kevy got me a new camera for Moms day & I could not figure out how to download my pictures to this post.....UGH!!!

Did you miss me? I have so many thing to show you all!! I will start with my crafts I have done:

I have been busy doing all the recipe cards for the swaps on 2peas I had signed up for....I had a vision for these cards...I really wanted in on all the fun those ladies had in designing the cards. BUT I REALLLLLLY wanted the recipes! SO I signed up for some .....I signed up for more & then a few more....until I realized I am going to get almost 150 more recipes back, by the time I get done!!!

The 1st one is for the picnic swap.....
so cute!

The 2nd one is the "State Recipe card swap Shilo" is hosting.....I got Kansas & did a RIB rub....after reading about Kansas...I found out they are kinda known for their Pork ribs & fancy BBQ I made up some of their KC rib rub & my own PEPSI BBQ sauce & I had some KICK A ribs!! This next ones are for the CUPCAKE recipe swap.

The Utah state swap.

The Cinco de mio recipe swap......I did my ISLAND style tres` leches cake...YUMMMO!

The Pasta recipe swap....Spinach stuffed shells!

My 2 grilled recipe swaps...MY AWESOME SHEEH GOOD KABOBS!

& my grill chicken pizza

Stuffed Mushrooms bites.... for the Party food swap.

WHAT do you think? DID I do good?

I still have..... let see....... the state recipe swap.....MISSISSIPPI(doing Mini pecan pies) & VERMONT(creme brulee` W/Maple Carmel sauce)

Also the "Copycat" recipe swap left to do! THEN I will help Scooter pie do some of hers!

THESE are my SUPER cute charms "junk food" Shilo & I hosted on 2peas!

OH MY goodness SOOOO CUTE! Everyone!...I mean every "pea' came through for a super cute & well made charm!

I REALLY want to wear them on a bracelet...BUT sadly I lose too many!
I think it has something to do with the fact I "talk " with my hands!!!

SOOO... I just used a idea that one of our 2peas friend had & used them as purse charms!
I could not decide which one I love the I put them ALL ON my purse!!

Anyway.......I'll be back.......

Saturday, May 15, 2010

HOLY COW! Let me dust off my blog...shake off the cobwebs! AND BRAG!!!

This little guy is my newest love!
He is my son Levi & his wife Lyndsy's newest baby!
His name is Phinn Arthur Tippetts

He is perfect in EVERY way & he holds my heart in his tiny new hands!
I am amazed how he fills my heart with so much love! I am Truly at awe at the thought that Little Phinn (pronounced Finn) just this Monday left our Heavenly Father's presence to be with us.! You could feel the special spirit this child has, so fresh from His Father's loving embrace into our lives.
I was humbled to think Heavenly Father trusted these two awesome parents to bring Phinn up in this tough world, & help him become a strong & wonderful young man! Phinn welcome to the world! I love you soooo much! Nana Rosie