Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'm spreading the fun around!

I just had to share my oh SO silly Birthday Survival kit on Transformation Thursday @
"The shabby chic Cottage" with my pal Gina here. So check out her blog where she & other "blogettes"shares some other seriously cool ideas.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Old Lady! Here's a Freaking FUNNY "OLD AGE" survival candy kit for YOU!

Today is one of my dearest, OLDEST, friend's Birthday!
My gal pal Sheri turned 50 today!

SOOOO I had to put together a "old age" kit for her!
I mean she is sooooo sweet, I HAD to make it just as SWEET for her!
I think you all might like my poem & message I made up for her
AND I being the
"silly gifts Queen" will share it with you! PLEASE.......feel free to use it for when your friend has a "milestone" Birthday!
Hint: for a "GUY" I used the BIG HUNK bar AND the "CHUNKY" bar to get in a good dig!
(I wrote: To say you went from "HUNK'y to "CHUNKY" would be so WRONG!" MEOW!)
HINT: I also liked the "black "CROWS" candy
(I wrote: Really...NO ONE think's your "CROWS" feet are that noticeable)

YOUR WELCOME! & Yes, I still have friends!

I did not have time to take a picture of the complete kit! Sorry:(
(party was @ 6:00 tonight, did not get home until 4:00from work....HURRY!!)
BUT I will just tell you what I did.

I started with a handled cardboard box......
Did my take(Ol' school) scrape booking on it!
You know...... a couple of different paper choices ADDED
a couple of sparkly, sticky back letters that said:
"SHERI'S old age kit"
modge podge the heck outta it!...... and TA-DA-DA!

A silly gift for the aged!

Here's the Poem:
(you just need to add the candy bars, most of those can be found at your local food store. The "snaps are old school & I had to hunt for those! Did you know.....I'm not sure if they make OLD FASHIONED lifesaver rolls any more! I had to buy a small bag of individual wrapped ones! UGH! .......Add a bow & this poem & your done!)

When old age creeps upon you & you dread another Birthday.
We thought this reminder would help you every PAINFUL step of the way!
So here's an "OLD AGE" survival kit.
We know it's the Birthday gift that's sure to fit!

CANDY KISSES: To make "KISSING" your youth good-by sweeter!

MINT: To remind you what you "MINT" to get upstairs!?

BUTTERFINGERS: Because that's what will happen to yours! hee-hee!

NUTS: To remind your not going "NUTS"'s just your Hormones!

PAYDAY candy bar: To remind to be frugal now, cause the only "PAYDAY" you'll get now is your Social security CHECKS!

REESE PIECES: To remind you to BE GRATEFUL....At least your not falling COMPLETELY to "PIECES"! YET!

SNAPS & CRUNCH (bar): That's the sound your knees AND back are starting to make when you get up!

LOOK bar: To eat while you "LOOK" for your GLASSES or the REMOTE!

EXTRA GUM: To remind you from now on.....SADDLY you probably have to "GUM" your food!

SNICKERS: To remind you. YOU used to "SNICKER" at the Depends & Fiber commercials & NOW you find them informative!

ROLOS: Don't feel bad.....the "ROLOS" around your middle are perfectly normal for someone your age!

WHATCAMACALLIT: The word you use, when you can't remember your Children or Friends names!

LIFESAVERS: To remind you.... at your never's best to JUST put "911" on sped Dial!
(help I've fallen & can't get up!)

So enjoy this handy little kit we made for you today.
BUT we have one more thing to say......
May the Angel of Death your soul NOT take,

AL LEAST until we eat that BIG OL" Birthday cake!

HA-HA..... Your older then US!
Happy Birthday Friend!

Kinda SMARMY I know...... PLEASE don't hit me....or give me this lame poem
WHEN I turn 50......a LONG time from now!.... A VERY, VERY long time from now!
BUT I think my friend Sheri knows me well enough to know that "SMARMY" is my MIDDLE name! AND She still loves me none the less!
I Love your gut's miss Sheri & wish you a happy day!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

This is what FINALLY gave the "Rosygrinch" the Christmas Spirit!

The family took what we thought would be a quick trip to the Salt lake City Temple square to see the lights. We had most of the crew, Arbor & Teisha & Johnny could not go(they live too far) BUT the rest of us went, including, my sister & her hubby & their 2 boys (shout out to Jessie Bug...Big B-day coming up on Dec 25the, ps, the kids are STILL upset about that!)
The spirit of the Season was so peaceful there.
I loved seeing all the lights & all the different nativity scene's....... BUT CAN I just tell you HOW FREAKING COLD it was!!!? AND CROWDED!!!! If you think going on a SUNDAY night would be smart......guess again! We drove around the blocks for 35 minutes looking for the best & closest place to park & NATA....NO to park......INSANE!

BUT we made it in.....AND not even the protesters could bring us down!!

It is amazing AND I was so glad we went to partake of the Spirit the Temple ground brings to our Christmas holiday....BUT now I don't have to go up there again for another 5 years, RIGHT...Star?

So SOOOOO stroll with the Tippetts clan & enjoy......

As you can see Bell-Bell & Star had a great time, but were sooooo glad to get into the warm truck on the way home!
Merry Christmas friends & may your Holiday be spent with your favorite people & may you know peace & joy & recognize His gentle hand in all your blessings.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

GOT MILK? I just got back from a COOKIE EXCHANGE PARTY!!!

Real fast before I leave to see the Light at the LDS Temple square in Salt lake city.
Went to NOT one BUT 2 cookie exchange parties!!! I'm ether gluten for punishment or really
desperate not to have to cook this season! But check it out AND I will get back to you about details.....can you say YUMMMMMMMY!?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Nana & Papa survived the last sleep over of the year!

I started this post a while ago, BUT I had the SUPER bug hit me FAST.......
IT hit me in the gut! HARD!....kicked my colon!....raked my back & head
over sharp jagged rocks AND made me hate PEPSI or anything resembling food, for the last couple of days......
BUT Hey ....I'm ALIVE!!!
I'm making me & those in my family a t-shirt that says:
My Mom survived the SUPER BUG of 2009 & all I got was this lame shirt & no DINNER!"

SO on AND I know that the last pictures were wonkie cause!
I could not for the life of me figure out HOW to rotate pictures taken from a PHONE!!!
(have any of you seen my CAMERA?)
AND I really have not cared less about it or the fact that you have to look at them with a kinked neck!
BUT I feeling better now, so I'm sorry if you hurt your neck!

I am soooo lucky! First of all I have some very cute & Sweet grand babes AND most of them live close buy! I have my Arbor that lives 4/5 hours away AND I ache to see him at least once a week....but I just don't get that wish too often!

I am lucky, I do get to see the other's at least once if not more a week.

WELLLLLL I begged Papa if I could please have the little people over for one last 2009 sleep over!
He plays the gruff Papa a bit and says "What!?.... you want those rotten, little midgets over ALL night!?" I say yes and he playfully says

"WELL all right then.....
but I want them out 1st thing in the morning...... after they have pancakes and hot chocolate!"....and hang out in church with us....but no longer!"

BUT a fun night was had by ALLLLLL! We ate pizza, & carmel popcorn, watched Polar Express 3 times! Papa made us!!!

AND made these bread bears for the kid's Primary teachers! They formed them & made eyes & snouts & even belly buttons, we watched them rise & then bake. When they cooled we but ribbon on the ears for the girl bear(Taya call's them "grills" SOOOO cute!)
And bow ties for the boy bears. We then made labels that said "Have a berry merry Christmas" that we put on the honey jars. Wrapped them AND they are ready to go!!

I told you we had fun! Check out the finished work below!

Gunny wasn't there, he went home early, so he could go to his own church ward. But the other 3 came to Papa & Nana's ward. WE love showing them off! Bella's "sisters" AKA, the "tinnies" were to little to come to a sleep over, but soon! AND Arbor will get to have a sleep over soon, can't wait!"

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

SOOOOOO CUTE! If I do say so myself! Tippetts family Christmas card 2009

Here it is!
Shilo @
AKA: My daughter did my Christmas card for me.
She did a GREAT Job...Thanks Toad! I only need one little change! Shilo is going to add the words: "Merry Christmas....The best part of Christmas presents is the "presence" of your family around you!"
I usually have my Favorite Daughter in Law Lyndsy @ Bellaboo
Do them for me AND SHE always does a great job........BUT... she is busy carring my grandson & being really sick while doing so. SO I asked told her to take a break & concentrate on growing "little bear"! BUT check out past cards she did for us on her blog spot! The colorful polka dot one she did for us last year was my fave!

Neighborhood/friends/co-workers Gift idea #2

Mele Kalikimaka,- Hawaiian Christmas greetings
Joyeux Moel,- French Christmas greetings
Feliz Natal- Portuguese Christmas greeting

I Have a couple of more Neighborhood Gift Ideas for you:

Remember the Cute cello bags!
#1 A big can of Chicken noodle soup & so crackers or BAG of dry soup mix W/a Box of crackers
#2A bath & body works gift certificate(have you smelled their newest fragrance? Twilight woods? HOLY COW!!! SO yummy!) OR a bag different scents of bubble bath
#3- (MY FAVE!) You can use a cute box of Christmas tissues( I got mine at Target) Or a bag of Chicken soup & cracker kit
#4-A package of hangers(I crocheted some fun colors on the plastic ones)
#5- A 2 liter of pop OR some sunny delight


#6-discount MOVIE passes
#7-A 6-pack of IBC Root-Beer (YUMMY)
#8-Repeat (SORRY) LAYS brand potato chips w/Dip(see my past posts for the DIP mix recipes)
#9-Any cute HANDMADE or purchased Christmas ornament that remind you of our Friend or neighbors
#10-A bell ornament
#11-A Cute scarf & mitten set or a box of hot cocoa mix( see my past posts for a CREAMY Hot-cocoa mix recipe OR a hot Cider spice mix recipe)

That's it for a minute, I have a few more I will have Shilo scan in for me, I will post soon.
I will ALSO post a 12 days of Chritsmas suggestion for you SOON!
Have a great day!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Neighborhood/co-worker/friends EASY Gift Idea's

MERRY Christmas MY friends!!!

I have BEEN knee deep in Poinsettia's at work AND just now dug myself out!

I have a love/HATE relationship with my job sometimes.....Case in POINT.....When YOU thought & were PRESSURED into making a POINSETTIA order..... IN JULY.....innocently thinking....YOU would need 600 Poinsettias for the Christmas Holiday....NOT taking in to consideration that the ECONOMY would BE in the crapper AND YOU just might have to adjust that order..... I mean REALLY...IN July AS I recall.....Christmas seemed REALLY far away...AND my brain was just focused on when my next Passion fruit snow cone would happen AND do my firecracker earrings clash with my Americana acid washed HEADBAND..... OR should I serve PLAIN hot DOGS or spring for those fancy BRATS at the next BBQ?!.....

SOOOO can I or SHOULD I be blamed AND PUNISHED....... REALLY for the fact that MAYBE, JUST maybe.....I over ordered a bit too heavy on the POINSETTIA'S!?

UGH! IF my grave stone would show my disgust for Poinsettias....

It will read something like this......

Here Lies Rosie:
Who ORDERED too many colorful Posies,
a lot of lilies & Hydrangeas & even some daisy's
But with the Poinsettias she caught a BAD case of the LAZY'S
She forgot to pay attention and water the blooms...
So Rosie; your fate in POINSETTIA Heaven forever LOOMS!!!!

OK I'm DONE.....

ANY WHOOO, I just wanted you to know....My thoughts were with you all... I REALLY REALLY wanted to give you all a heads up on the gift giving thing! I made these Gift ideas for a class I did at my work AND thought I should share them with you!

I have been wanting to get these on my blog for a bit now......I just could not figure OUT how to get them on here(you know......all that scanning & computer silliness!!!!) So Shilo to the rescue!!

Lets Start with the 1st page, BUT 1st, I suggest you invest in some cute Cello bags to pop some of the gifts in, ADD a cute tag & tie or staple AND EASY...

PLEASY..... Gift is ready.

#1-Give a Smore kit...Crackers, marshmallows & chocolate. OR a big box of SMORE Poptarts.

#2- A Christmas CD

#3-Eggnog creamies, Or Egg nog or/and Peppermint Ice cream

#4-a SPRAY can or bottle of Christmas scented room spray

#5-A paper dish kit EX: Festive paper plates, Napkins, Cups, Plastic utensils

#6- A loaf of HOMEMADE bread OR Banana Bread or Corn Bread

#7- A big bag of Payday Candy Bars

#8-A cello bag of different seasoning packets EX: Taco mix, Meatloaf mix, Chili mix, Sloppy Joe mix, ect.

next page

#9-Again a Paper dish kit

#10-A cello bag of Grapefruit or a bag of Grapes or grape soda or grape Jelly OR all them!

#11- Cherry Pop-tarts, Or Pepsi cherry Cola (got my vote!)

#12- A can or CANS of "Pringles"brand Potato chips

#13- A carton of Egg nog

#14-A box of Fireplace (extra long stems) matches (Toady @ would SOOO scrapbook this box!)

Next page:

#15-SORRY repeat of the Pringles (my bad!)

#16- A gallon of Chocolate milk or EGG nog, or a box of MILK duds or anything COW related

#17- A big bunch of Bananas or Banana bread or BOTH!

#18-A cute box of Christmas Tissues

#19-a Christmas printed roll of Paper towels.

I have a few more I need to down load AND I will get you those suggestions for MORE Neighborhood gift ideas later this week!!

I know some of them are a bit CHEESY......But I gotta tell you....after trying to think of 100 ideas for my brain was a bit frizzled! soooooo I hope you can at least use one or two of these for your gift giving needs!

Monday, November 30, 2009

It's SO CHARMING!? Rosie's Charm swap....gotta see it to believe it!

OK Shilo got me hooked on these Charm swaps on twopeas. @
I LOOOOOVE the charm swaps, you can sign up to swap just about anything...BUT the bracelet Charms are my faves! This one was for the Vintage Christmas charms. Check out some of these cuties! I love them all! My camera can not even do justice to them all. They are all so cute.

These 3 are the ones Shilo & I did for the swap. The gingerbread cookie cutter one is the one I did & the cute Star one is the one Shilo did. Now some of the swappers wear the charms on a bracelet & some of them like to use them as tiny Christmas ornaments on a mini tree. Both are good ideas, BUT I LOVE to wear mine! So look for mine on my wrist STARTING tomorrow!