Monday, November 8, 2010

The Tippetts Family Pumpkin contest 2010!!!

These two were Kevin's entry's for the night. HE cheats by having two tries! The "grinning Idiot" is one he craved in like under an hour! BUT MY fav. is the skeleton Pumpkin head! Does the wooden skeleton body look familiar?
IT is the "frame" from his Easter egg head!! He used it in the Tippetts Family Easter Egg decorating contest 2010! HA-HA! talk about recycle!

Medusa" pumpkin, rightly so won 1st place! He was so excited to win!
Taya's was the darling "too cute to scare" Vampire pumpkin.

Gunner's Cry baby. Super funny & cute! The twin's were fascinated by this pumpkin & kept saying
"Ohhhh Sad baby!" They are so tender hearted!

Shilo's super scary pumpkin is snack center between Mr. Potato head & Kevin's "grinning idiot" Pumpkin.

Notice the darling little pumpkin by Mr. Potato head? That is my Bella Boo's! She created that masterpiece in preschool & they "Lent" it out to us for one showing only! we were so lucky to have her participate in this mere mortal contest, as she is a PROFESSIONAL crafter!
ALSO a little further down in the front again, the small long oval, pumpkin is is Arbor's. HE insists you all know it is NOT just a painted pumpkin! IT is a simple, yet understated, "Picassoish" rendition titled "My nana's dog Zoe eat my shoe". The color pallet was left natural with only the subtle hint of color that reflects Arbors outrage at the "MAN"! Yes he is a genus!

This is Scooter's darling pumpkin! She took 3 of Kevin's home grown pumpkins & made a "scary snowman. Notice how the nose on the pumpkin is the stem! OH MY goodness she gets that from her mother!! VERY Clever! I think it is super cute AND it won 2nd prize!

STARLEE'S, She put a new meaning behind seeing "stars in her eyes"! HA-HA!

This is mine!! OK see those big luscious lips???

Did you know they don't make wax lips anymore!? IF they do I could not find any in the STATE OF UTAH! But I found WAX mustaches!! YES!!! I was pressed for time so I just took my wax mustache AND spray painted it red. Melted the inside & pressed them together & VOILA! Big, RED voluptuous LIPS! Maybe this would be a bit of a stretch for MR,. Potato head, but I am sure MRS. Potato head would have loved the
"lipo gone bad" lips!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

What the heck I been up to!? a couple of charms & ornaments & other stuff!

These cute little things are for my "Fun & Funky" winter art charms! I just had Kevy cut the tips of the plastic water tubes from my work & drill a hole on top to thread a wire through for a clasp. I then made a clay bottom to glue to the snowman buttons in the base. I then added a bit of "Glitter snow" before I sealed the bottom to the tube with that awesome glue! I did not add risky of leaking, besides these are just charms!!

This is my Christmas ornament for the Christmas movie swap. I 'm still thinking I might add a Blingy thingy somewhere....It is between 2 Glass panels. It cute, just not my favorite. I had a hard time deciding what to focus on & since my Gunny bear likes Nutcrackers I went with that. I know it doesn't scream NUTCRACKER MOVIE, but hey, it's what I came up with.
I will also post the FUN Halloween craving contest tomorrow! But I am late in making dinner right now, so see ya all soon!