Monday, June 21, 2010

MY Pepsi is in THE BAG!!! Look at this super cute tote, my daughter made me!

SOOOOO I have never tried to hide my love of ALL things Pepsi... IN fact I have no shame or make NO APOLOGIZES
for having Pepsi be my 3rd biggest love!
1:Family 2:God, 3:PEPSI SOOO check out what my daughter the enabler Shilo @ Toad"ly crafty
made for me with REAL Pepsi labels (donated by me from a few 2 liter bottles)
& darling red & blue polka dots fabric (on my top 10 faves)
& a bit of denim to toughen the bag up! SHE even LINED it for heavens sakes! She also made a darling Pepsi "ROSE"( the name I want my next granddaughter to be called! REALLY!) to add to the bag, don't you think she should make one for my hair!?

The Pepsi charms I made for a "2peas" swap would be PERFECT dangling from this bag!
SOOOOO Bask in this darling bag & be assured I more then "SODA" like this bag & I will "POP" back in with picture of me carrying this bag EVERY where, because this bag it makes "BUBBLE" over with happiness!!
Thanks so much Toady! YOU rule!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I'm over at the Shabby chic cottage for a fun LINKY party!
I'm sharing my Fathers day Candy poster!
Check it out! HERE:

YUMMMY! who's your Sugar Daddy! DAD'S day Candy Poster AND a Candy Corsage

This is my sweetie, Kevin with all our "Lovie's!
This was family picture day & he was trying to "round all" the grand babies up!

This is Kevy with our newest "lovie" out grandson Phinn. Aren't they BOTH handsome!?

Anyway at work I gotta mix it up a little for Fathers day....because it is not a BIG floral sale for me! So anything I can do to score a Sale I totally will!
I loved the idea of a boutonniere for Daddy's....BUT ......again, do Daddies like flowers!!!????
From experience I know they would take but rather LEAVE the flowers.......
Daddies love???. ....
Dr. pepper/Mt dew, Soft TP, The remote, Cuddles that get them somewhere!? A thick steak, Their BBQ, A warm place to put their cold toes, Fire, POWER Tools, Their Garage, Dessert, Campfires, Car shows, silly little kids, AND CANDY!!!

So out of that whole list....I used candy to make some FUN candy Boutonnieres for Daddy to wear on Fathers day!! Here a quick peek to kinda see what I did. I FoRgOt to bring my camera, so my 3 friends took "cell phone" pics for me & sent them to my e-mail! SOOO SWEET.

I ended up using real leaves & some baby breath and/or status for filler. I also used bows to finish them off. I put them in a Plastic Bout box, added a pin & price tag & already sold 3 before I left! YEAH!!!! A easy sale!

This is the poster I made, I know it's a awful picture sorry! BUT never fear...I will write what it says & you can take it from there OK?
PS, I used a piece of paper w/sticky back tape to cover part of the candy. SOOOO the poster will make sense! I realize we have to MAKE as easy as possible for Daddy's!!
This gift may seem a "Cheesy"(cheese & crackers) & even make you "Snicker"(Snickers Candy bar). But we wanted 2 say THANKS for being such a great "roll" (Tootsie roll) model & 4 "Raisin"(Raisinets) us so well! "TWIX"(twix candy bar) U & me ....U R 1 of the "original"(Werthers Orginals) "Mr. Good"guys(Mr. Goodbar)
Thanks for not getting "Tic"ed (tic-tacs) at us & taking it all in "Stride" (stride gum) when we are being a "Dum-dum"(dum-dum suckers) & a "Smartie"(smarties candy) pants OR telling some big "Whoppers"!(whoppers candy).
Thanks for letting us "SKOR" (skor candy bar) some of your hard earned "PAYDAY!(payday candy bar) & 4 "Take"ing (Take 5 candy bar) "EXTRA" (extra gum) time for your"Babies"( sugar babies candy)
"POP"u "ROCK"! (pop rock candy) & U R a "Joy" (almond Joy) 2 B around & we love you to "PEICES"(Reese pieces) & send "MOUNDS"(mounds) of "KISSES"(chocolate Kisses) your "WAY"! (milky way bar)
Happy Fathers day,
YOU will need the following candy:
Sugar Daddy
Cheese & crackers(Corn nuts work just change it to may sound "CORNY")
Tootsie roll
Wethers Orginals
Mr. goodbar
Tic tacs
Stride gum
Dum-dum Suckers
Take 5
Extra gum
Sugar babies
Pop rocks
Almond Joy
Reeses Pieces
Candy Kisses
Milky Way
YOU have fun MAKING this for your Daddy or sweetie!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

MY In the garden Charms AND the 4th of July charms from 2peas swap! + one Mississippi Recipe card for the other swap!

I LOVE them all!!! I am putting my Garden charms on a mini tree by my front door.
BUT I am totally WEARING the 4th of July ones!!! Starting Monday.

Yummmmmy Mini pecan pie tarts! Because Pecan's are a HUGH Mississippi thing! AND MY Kevy LOVES these things! I got the recipe from my friend Gayfawn from the Little theatre gang!
Thanks Gayfawn!

I was "Bear"ly able to part with these Kevin carvings! But it went to a good cause!

These to "crafts were for the Griffin reunion.
We had the 1st annual Griffin Family auction! MY sweetie pie Hubby craved a bear & these to really awesome "lid Pal's" for my homemade Pepsi BBQ sauce AND the Drunken Pig glaze!
I made them a week before the reunion AND Kevin carved the 2 heads the DAY before the reunion! I love them!
The Bear went for a decent price of $90.00. WHICH we were OK with considering it was THE 1st AUCTION ever!
The sauces went for $8.00 a pair.

This is what the bear looked like BEFORE!

the bear was short(4 ft) BUT packed a good punch! He was AWESOME!

This is AFTER! Kevy, you rule!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

MY beautful Mother turns 90 today!

I just had to do some bragging today. My AMAZING Mom turns 90 today & I am so proud of her!
My story is long, so I will just say this....The best thing that ever happened to me was having this women in my life!
My sisters ( 2 biological sisters!) & I were adopted by LaRae & Francis Allen when we were very young. The good Lord in his wisdom & love & tosome how make up for the rough start we had, sent us to these two sweet parents!
My mother is the back bone AND heart of this family. She is kind & firm at the same time. She is loving & strong at the same time. She is one tough cookie! She is ALMOST fully recovered from the full shoulder replacement she had just a few short months ago! She is & was a very talented drummer & a hunter! She loved to camp in the wilderness & just stopped going a few years ago, because it was too hard on her to sleep in a tent! She is a pro at canning & cooking AND don't get me started on her HOMEMADE bread! AHHHH I miss that! She is completely & utterly devoted to my Daddy( He turns 90 in Oct!) They still hold hands(soooo cute) & cuddle! One is never without the other! They have given me many life's lessons & I love them dearly!
Happy Birthday, LaRae Griffin Allen, may you have many more!