Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I WIN!! I finished my apron's!

HA-HA I finished my apron.... Plus I add in a Bonus!!!

WHO RULES now my Craft sisters!?

That would be ME... the apron QUEEN!!
The watermelon one is a real easy pattern my niece Alisha brought to share. I like it cuz it covers ALOT of messy Rosie! I think if it weren't for that "NO BACK " thing, I could totally wear it with a cute white shirt & a pair of Capri's... throw on a sassy pair of white or red flip flops... add a big pair of stylin' earrings & I'm ready for a picnic in the park!

LOOK at my little Bonus project!
these cute little aprons are for my sweet little "TWINES" My little twin granddaughters
Kialia & Paislee ... They( the aprons... not the twinies) are made out of "bar towels". They are(the towels ... not the twines) are smaller then regular kitchen towels.

Papa Kevin claims to be a hard nut to crack.... BUT...
his little granddaughters, Taya & Bella & Kia & Pas... know better!
He sneaks little kisses on those yummy checks ,when he thinks no one is looking.. for fear it will ruin his tough.. no nonsense Papa rep!
He is mush when they are around! NOT to say his fishin buddies, Gunner, Gavy & Arbor have not got their fair of loves from Papa.
These are Nana Rosie's sweet PEAS!
SOOO cute!!! They are almost a year old now..
I LOVE their TINY, PINK GIRLY little guts!!

One last little craft is my "CUPCAKE PINCUSHION".
I made this pin cushion in like 1 hour. I was going to make some for my girls... But I thought they would think it was cheesy!
So I kept the one I made. It is made out of brown fabric, for the "cake" part (I love a good chocolate cupcake!) The bottom is one of those plastic reusable "oven safe" muffin/cupcake liners (found on the dollar wall at Target) The "frosting" is just crocheted white yarn. I crocheted in a circle( the wonkier the better!) & sewed it on the "cake" along with a pom-pom "cherry on top ( I think it is a scooch big, but it was ALL I had), the "Sprinkles" are the pins with round heads. I would fill it a little tighter w/more stuffing & I also would but some weight in the liner & stitch the whole cake part to the liner. It would be easier to move.
DANG..... ain't I CLEVER!

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marilyn said...

You are so clever! Love the pincushion! You did a great job with the aprons. Your twins are adorable!