Friday, March 19, 2010

linkly party @ Rosie's house!

My friends @ the Shabby nest are letting me come over & play!
Check out little ol me #71 Here AND also look @ #38 Erin@lemontree creations! Her Photo blocks ARE SOOO CUTE!! I love the 4 set. They are smaller then the regular ones. so it makes them space saving on a desk. Cute idea!
I have ALWAYS been a fan of Kim @Starshinechic she is #3, her spring decor is Adorable!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

FOOLED YA!!!! Rosie's April fools meal! WITH recipes!

Dinner IS served!!! OR is it?????
Dessert is whats for Dinner....APRIL FOOLS!!!
Did you look at my other April fools meal suggestion, that was in my local paper?
Here@the Deseret news:

Well I have tweaked it AND made it better! I call this my:

"DONUT" know what it is"..... April fools meal 2010!

Recipe for the meat loaf is as follows....BUT you can just use your own if you want!

*2lbs Ground beef
*1/2 green pepper diced (reserve a 1 Tlb.)
*1/2 onion diced
*1/4 cup bread crumbs
*1 small jar of A1 steak sauce
*1/4 c Ketchup
*1 tsp. garlic powder
*1 tsp. Black Pepper
* 2 eggs
Other ingredients: Smooth Mashed potatoes( recipe follows)
canned Beets (non-pickled works best & reserve some of the juice)

Place the meat loaf mixture into a 9x13 cake pan. Bake on 325 oven for about 30 minutes. Depending on your oven. REMEMBER the "meatloaf" is not as thick as a traditional Meat loaf in a loaf pan. SOOOO it does not cook as long AND hot or it will dry your meat loaf too much!
After meat loaf has cooled then use a DONUT cutter or if you do not have one.....then use a round cookie cutter to make the donut. For the center hole, just use a smaller cutter or a water bottle lid. Set aside until you have the Mashed Taters ready

Rosie's Mashed Taters:

8-9 medium Potatoes, peeled, diced & boiled
1 8 oz. pkg. Cream cheese (softened)
1 large clove of garlic (diced finely)
1/2 Cup white Cheddar cheese
1/2 tsp garlic powder
Milk (as needed)
Salt & WHITE pepper (to taste)
1/2 cube Butter/Marg
Beet juice (as needed)

In a mixer add cooked potatoes
And everything BUT the beet juice AND milk.
Mix well, Potatoes will seem dry, add a little milk
If still too dry add a Little more milk. Mix to a Creamy "frosting "like consistency. With a Ice-cream scoop. Scoop out a BIG helping of WHITE "frosting/Ice-cream" in a sundae cup for each member of your family. Set aside, AND WITH the rest of "Taters" add a little beet juice in to the reserved Taters (for the pink "frosting" color) for your Donuts!
"frost" your Meat loaf"donuts". Use the beets & some of the green pepper for sprinkles. Set in a warming oven or microwave to reheat for dinner. Serve the Donuts with the "tater Sundaes" using 1 Pkg of BROWN gravy AND 1 package of PORK, because these 2 together make a pretty "Carmel" color topping & it tastes GREAT! Top with a little cherry tomato on top for a realistic sundae look.
These little nuggets are not what they seem! I mean HOW MUCH meat do you need in this meal....AND where are the Veggies? I mean any self respecting MOTHER would insist on Veggies for a meal...RIGHT?

.....these guys did not turn out as WELL as I wanted...I might have left my post at the stove for a minute AND they might have been a TINIE, tiny bit burned! HOWEVER I stand by this recipe!

The Nuggets are Actually Zucchini Nuggets; YUMMY!
And to really mess with the little tykes minds.....Print out a cool "nugget/french fry box" ON card stock!
I found mine here
AND then I inserted these yummy nuggets into the box! My grandson said after tasting these Nana......what's wrong with your Chicken Nuggets!? Oh sooo funny!
Rosie's Zucchini "what" nuggets:

*3- 4 Zucchini
*1 egg
*Seasoned Bread crumbs
*1 cup flour
*Peanut oil (I love to fry in this kind of oil, because it is LIGHTER & gives the dish a Better crunch!)
*Salt & Pepper to taste
*Sweet & sour sauce (optional)

Peel & cut the Zucchini into Large "nugget" sizes, place in Ice water (this prevent the Veggie from cooking to fast & become mushy in the hot oil!)
Heat oil in a fry pan.
Set flour & salt & pepper in a plate & the Bread crumbs in another plate.
Mix Egg AND 2 Tlbs water together & beat to froth.
Remove the "Zucc."nuggets from the ice water & roll in flour, then place floured nuggets into the egg mixture, remove AND roll the Nuggets into the Bread crumb mixture.
Place in hot oil, cook on one side until golden brown, AND turn & cook other side until golden brown. Serve with Sweet & sour sauce when cooled.


This is just Cake balls AND ICE-cream AND a little strawberry jam & a little grated white chocolate!
Cake ball are well...frankly...CAKE to make!
Just use some chocolate cake UN FROSTED...crumble in a bowl. Heat a can of frosting in the microwave until pourable. Pour over the cake crumbs AND mix by hand until cake is covered. Roll into balls AND set aside until hardened a bit. Melt some chocolate chips and Roll the cake into it until completely covered, set aside to set up.The noodles??? Just good old fashioned ICE-CREAM! I softened it a bit. Place a 3-4 cups(depending on family size) in a plastic gallon sized zip bag. I clipped a hole in the corner. AND on A COLD PLATE( put your serving plate/bowl in the freezer 1st, it helps the Ice-cream from melting too fast!) Squeeze the Ice-cream out, to form "noodles".
The rest is with some strawberry jam & the "meatball/cake balls, sprinkle a little "sheese" (I know I spelled it "sheese"...for when your family says "sheese" your weird mom!) on top in the way of grated white chocolate & ta-da!
A sweet ending to a crazy meal!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

TEASER....Rosie's "FOOLIN with your food"! April fools meal!

Another part of my "seasoned eating's" series.
What season is it you ask? Well ....Hello....
APRIL FOOLS is just around the corner!

I I wanted to get a head jump on it!

SOOOO Im just giving you one little, tasty, morsel of my
April fools meal menu!

I just have one Question.....How many of you like Breakfast for dinner????
WELL ...What about "dinner that looks like breakfast for dinner!!??"
these pictures are just that!
I will posting these recipes and MORE this come back & VISIT!
Meanwhile, check out this little visit to my local newspaper!
I hooked them up with some April fools recipes & Ideas a couple of years ago.
I have updated and tweaked & perfected them since then.
BUT here's a "SWEET" sample of what I will be serving this year!
PLUS A few more!!!
AGAIN, I promise, I will get recipes for you soon!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

AT the Movies With Rosie."Knowies Rosie" movie reveiws......MY newest gig!

I have decided to start posting a new "screen" in my blog....

I want to start reviewing MOVIES!!!

EVERY kind out there...NEW Movies, Oldish movies....TV movies....Classic Movies

ALL things.... MOVIES

I mean you.... ALL know I "loves my TV" RIGHT???


I mean, I think I'm "KNOWIES" enough to "KNOW" what a good movie is!!

AND I want to let you all know IF it worth spending your hard buck on seeing or NOT!

SOOOO I will rate a movie with "reels" If it is good the movie can get up 5 "REEL GOOD".......

BUT... IF it stinks like last weeks trash...
IT CAN get up to 5 "REEL BAD"!

AND I AM......"every" women...meaning....I think, I would watch pretty much what the rest of you would watch!

I like a good comedy & a good BOO-HOO movie every once in a while....a GOOD old fashioned (kinda hard to find now days) LOVE story, still puts me in the mood to snuggle.....
A "reach out out and grab ya" kinda movie....I've been told..... keeps me interesting!
AND I'm not ashamed to admit...I'm OK with SOME Sci-FI movies! (I'm down... with Star trek!)
AND musicals ........JUST OK for me!.....(I hope I don't loose my membership in the
"GIRLY GIRLS" club! for saying that!..... "The phantom" AND "Hairspray" & "Mama Mia" don't fall into that category! LOVED them!)

I also think the Academy(Oscars) does NOT know a single, blessed thing about WHAT IS a really GOOD MOVIE!!

ANY way MY point is...I really think I could speak for a lot of you...AND help out with the
"what Movie shall we see tonight?"dilemma for a few of you!

SO Let's begin....Or should I say....ACTION!!!

I will start with the movie: 2012
I hesitated going to the theatre to see this movie.

...WITH good reason....the year ....Just in case you haven't noticed.....the year 2012 IS JUST not that far off on the calender!!
AND I did not want to be "fore-told" of the great AND terrible day is in our future!

I usually hate end of the world movies....I mean..... DID any of those types of movie's have a good endings??
AND I have always thought...

I would like to be SMACK ....DAB in the middle of all the destruction with my we don't have to be murdered for food, after surviving all the TERRIBLE thing that are supposed to happen!

BUT I was told, I need to get my heart rate up by my doctor....

(you don't think he meant, I should exercise do you?)

ANY way I gave in & rented it...CUZ....I dig a good action flick!......AND sister...this had

AND special effects!.......

AND it fore-told my future....

I am TOOOOOO poor to survive the end of the world AND I also I'M tooooo fat AND tooooo slow... I'm a gonner!

I am pretty sure I will be the 1st one, the "ALIENS" will eat (too fat & juicy!)....or the 1st one, the Earthquake will swallow(too slow).....or the 1st one to drown. ( SCARED of WATER!)

Let's move on....

In this movie, you know from the start, WHO will survive AND while that makes you happy, YOU ALSO know the ending .......AND that will make you sad!

I was EXCITED to take a potty break!......because that meant I could take a breather!!

(hey my heart rate was up!)
This movie did leave me "breathless"...... Because it was fast moving & high in action.
I was not BORED with this movie that's for sure.

I thought, the actors did a great job...but I really was bummed seeing one of my secret crushes,
Oliver Platt was TERRIFIC as a big CREEP! I guess that means's he is just a good actor!

Because I am sure he is not like that in real life!

You will ROOT for John Cusack AND Amanda Pett to their marriage

.....oh yeah and their life to!

I think I first realized that this movie theme could NEVER happen in real life....

and it was a big, fat fake!.....

In the middle of the movie when..........
(spoiler)....the President Of the United States (played awesomely by Danny Clover)
CHOOSE to "GO DOWN WITH THE BOAT" & stay with the people!"
NO way that would really happen in REAL life!

PURE Fiction!.....
I mean our economy is SINKING fast....AND where is Obama?....Standing at the HELM driving the getaway boat!

I'm just saying!


I did not hate this movie......It was entertaining.....IF you ever want to get away from your

NON MOVING, STABLE, ho-hum life for 2 hour....RENT IT!

I give this movie...

2 & 1/2 "reel good"
Mostly on it's special effect merits!

CUT...that's a wrap!
"knowsie Rosie" signing off

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

IF I could be Irish for one day........

I am one of those type of person....who dresses up for EVERY holiday AND for some reason
I LOVE St. Patrick's day!
One of my worst St. Patrick's day for me, was 5 years ago when I was on my way out to my car, to go to work AND fell down
TWO...DOS...DUEX.....`ELUA ....
I BROKE my ankle soooooo bad...
I am NOW "bionic" AND let off alarms in airports & such!
They had to cut off my
"LUCKY" green shamrock socks
& remove my "LUCKY" green St.Patricks day shirt
before they wheeled me into surgery! AND don't get me started on WHERE my "lucky" shamrocks earrings AND Bracelets disappeared to!!

BUT.... YET I still dig the "St. Patricks day" hoopla!
IF I could be IRISH FOR one day.....

I would most likely have a array of
green t-shirt's
that said different things:


"Irish I was Irish!

SPAM"ROCKS"! (with a picture of spam lunch meat product)

"GOT cabbage"

with a picture of a can of corn beef

DO you feel "lucky" punk...well do you? (all in a four leaf clover)


"YOU Pinch.... I PUNCH!"

"NO!.......I am not A leprechaun!" I'm just short!

"BROGUE" is Vogue!
Does this shamrock make me lo0k fat?
Anyway...just some ramblings of a brown Irish...wannna be!
My day shirt is sooooooo boring.....It got me to thinking about what I WOULD want to wear on St.Patty's day if I could find a really cool one!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

HELP!!!! I CaN't decide.....WhIcH charm WoULd you pick!?

I am Hosting a Charm swap on twopeas; Here @

MY very first one.....Its all about Junk food....MY favorite kind of FOOD!
So I have been monkeying around with some possibility's AND CAN NOT decide! which two I like the best!

SOOOO PLEASE vote And tell me which 2 you would Love to see on YOUR charm bracelet!
You know I'm A Pepsi gal....AND I am doing another charm swap...ALL COLA" on there the Pepsi can be used in that swap....
AND the Doritos bag and the Other candy bars ARE ADORABLE!.....the picture just does not do it justice!
AND the TV dinner was what my MOTHER considered "JUNK FOOD" And I was sooooo excited to get one, IT was a real treat!

BUT then again the Hostess cupcake seems to be a front runner.... AND SOOO stinking cute!!
UGH!!! I can't help me out & VOTE for your fav... & let me know.....PLEASE! is some pic's of some lovely "pirate wenches" OR some "lovely Valentine love pirates"!

OK..... so that cutie pie is my daughter, Star,
who soooo graciously offered to come in on Valentines day week-end AND make all the Bout & corsage order's for the High School dances that night........ while I was sluping in Roses & all other kinds of foolishness.... for Val-day! Thanks sooo much to Shilo AND Star who saved my butt! Shilo helped arrange & did a beautiful job! AND Star was there to help AND give me moral support! This is the picture my Friend Andrew painted to help make the "pirate" theme even better!

This is Nichole & follow "pedal pushers" in the 2nd picture & Kevy & I in the 1st one!

I realize I look sooo lame next to those to cuties....I just used the "to tired" card for my excuse!
But doesn't Nicky & Karina look just cute!?

My eyes were barely open that morning.....LOOK how dark it still is...I came home in the dark also!