Friday, August 28, 2009

UPDATE on "BloCkHeAdS' Crafts

SO, my new friend Mimi @Mimi Sues Cottage reminded me the blog spot, where I originally saw the idea for those super cute picture blocks.

AND I just wanted to give this wonderful crafter, her "PROPER'S" meaning:"to established standards or behavior; manners; fitting; suited; RESPECT!" for this fun craft idea.

SO here@ you will find HER idea for this a awesome craft.

So to Grams.....thanks for inspiring AND sharing with us beginners!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

To Rosie ....from RoSiE

I stumbled across
a really cute blog called Retro Rosie, And I felt a little ting of retro envy!
As most of you know I am a "Wanna be Retro" gal! But have not had the
"Paper Salad" to do I mean it!
SO I have just garage saled/thrift stored/had it donated/Pity gifted it for years!

And for some reason....I am content to just pretty much keep it in the kitchen!
I dig the bright reds,oranges, yellows, and turquoise blues of these yester-years.
AND for me, I need all the push I can get, to high tail it into my Kitchen to cook! This is my solution.... if my Kitchen is bright AND cheerful, I will CHEERFULLY go in it!

SO this quick tour is for my new friend Retro Rosie....But the rest of you can come along!
Rosie, notice anything familiar in my Gazebo? I noticed your so super cute yellow metal chandler...
And I thought HEY...ME too!
I found mine at a thrift store for $5:00. AND was soooo excited by it, I could not wait to show Kevy(my honey) He looked at it and said(this is where you talk in a deep voice in your head as you read Kevys part!)..."I have the perfect place for it"...BEFORE I could say "over the Kitchen table"? He said in the GAZEBO! My crest fallen face spoke before I did & then Kevy said..(deep voice)...I really think it would look weird over the table" I being the biggest wuss, did not even speak up for my super cute chandelier!! I am sooooo mad about that..... STILL!
BUT Kevy did have a good point...the colors were a little off AND I HAD insisted it stayed the same....I have seen many off these spray painted all white or same color, while still cute, I was just in love with the bold colors and did NOT want to change a thing! SO in a way...Kevy was right.....It does sooo do much for our gazebo. OUR HAPPY little gazebo!

The rest are just some random picture of my kitchen. My camera is not the best (just Star's cell phone) AND I did try to take pictures AROUND my clutter!

This cute cabinet (Kevy made for me!) is STUFFED FULL of SOME of my Anchor Hocking collection! I firmly believe that if you truly LOVE it, USE IT! I use these dishes all the time! (sorry its kinda dark, it is in a mini pass throw from the kitchen into the family room.)I LOVE Picnic baskets and will use any excuse to buy most famous one is:
"BUT I NEED it!...its a "Different color of RED"!
ps: These are NOT all of my baskets! ppss: They make great display tables & Kitchen christmas tree stand/holders AND even work GREAT to take ON a PICNIC!
Can I just tell you of my DEEP, PURE, Abiding LOVE, for this vintage Metal Pepsi 3 in one Cupcake/Cake/Cookie carrier? I mean if it were legal....I would INSIST Kevy & I marry it!!!

Found it on e-bay one day....had it in my hot little hands 7 days later!!!
It was BY far the most I have paid for a piece of metal....$89.00, but worth every penny!(Tippetts Kids don't get any ideas...this thing is getting buried W/me!)

I know it is Ironic...I live, eat, AND breath Pepsi....
YET, I have Coke chairs....HUH? WHY?
Some have asked..."Rosie, aren't you afraid the Pepsi police will find out....aren't you kinda cheating on your beloved Pepsi somehow?".....Well to them I say......
THEY WERE FREE!!!! & the RIGHT COLOR!( My friend Jackson knew I LOVED the concept and look of these retro chairs & GAVE them to me...kiss-kiss - Thanks, Jackson!)
.....besides, I SIT on the coke, but DRINK the Pepsi!!!

SO My sister"from another mOtHer":)
Retro Rosie....... Here's lookin in the mirror at ya!
I hope you come back often, cause I know I be keepin' track of you!
(that sounded kinda "stockish" Sorry)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

RoSyChEeKs "FALL"miliar Porch!

It's another reason for another season....
OR another reason to change my porch around!
AHHHH FALL.....Not too hot....NOT too cold! JUST right.....for now....I mean....I am in Utah, where mother nature changes her mind as much as....I change my porch!
I was a little bummed to take down my watermelon stuff....But my kids told me it was time.....Hey aren't watermelons KINDA of a Fall harvest? I mean they come OUT IN the fall right? HA!! I could have kept them up for another week!! You dang KIDS!

Notice my cute house numbers on my door? I LOVE IT! my cutie daughter-in-law cut those out for me with her vinyl cutter! I think it adds a lot.
I also like the galvanized container with the STILL green AND silk
(apologetic grimace!)
plants mixed in with some fall leaves AND flowers. For add texture I placed in a BIG (blingy..but can't tell) Mache pumpkin along with some 1 dimensional tin pumpkin set...(One of my Favorite Fall buys)
And of course can't forget my rusty watering a reminder......I don't need to water this
fake ol' vignette
! HUH HA!!
I included some other pictures of inside my door. I have no, Foyer or Foya`

Just a tiny little spot...
BUT for my own selfish decorating bones,
I needed it to say:
"HEY LOOK at me!!..... I am decked out in FESTIVENESS!!"
Also as guest leave my home.... I want them they say to themselves
"hey that Rosie is pretty cool!"....
"I will never be bored with fall/summer/winter/spring AGAIN...... AND I feel happy knowing that ROSIE is on the SEASONAL bandwagon with such vim AND vigor!"......(do people still say that anymore?.... even to themselves?!)

I know I am needy that way!
I keep up both the birdhouse shelf AND the black cabinet, all the time just changing out decor as I feel the need....or as I get somethin' new I think will look swell in/on/around them.
I have a trivertin bowl w/ a light which I just LOVE! I got it from Ohio Wholesale several years ago. I fill it with different things depending on the holiday. It has metal mini pumpkins & acorns in it now. It also stays in place most of the year also.
OK notice those CUTE picture block? On my next blog I will show what else..."the sisterhood of the traveling paints" made....... OR you can go on my baby Shilos website here "toadly crafty"
to see NOW what went down at the CRAFT day with the crafty "sisterhood".
BUT for now let me just say...I used ALL fall pictures with all my family members.
I was really inspired to make these blocks because I LOVE... LOVE... LOVE these pictures:
NOTICE my Arbor baby..(my the stars & sunflowers) as a newborn (he's now almost 2!)..laying in the leaves......soooooo cute!
Also I think the picture of my grandsons Gunner And Gavin(F- letter) (Gavy's lost in the falling leaves by Gunner) Is so cute! And so reminisce of the brothers!
Taya Shay,(A-letter).... my sweet potato is in her Halloween outfit, sitting in the leaves...she looks so tiny! Her tiny little piggy tails were a chore to get in, because she had just started @ age TWO to get enough hair to do that with...ahhh good times!
And I HAD to use those pictures of My Bella boo and YOUTWO(the Twins)(top of 2nd L-letter) Kailea & Paislee
just cuse I LOVE the old world look Lindsey(their mommy) used as she took this picture AND BE sides THEY are Stinking cute. I also had to throw in the picture of Papa (my honey) & I(A-letter) holding ALL our precious grand babies in the fall.
ALL in all.... I really dig my porch AND love hangin out out there.
Ya'all come back now.......hear?!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just call us "bLoCkHeAds!

So the "Sisterhood of the Traveling PAINTS" got together this past week-end for some bonding & munching AND oh yeah, SOME crafting!!

I have to first give props to some of my fave crafty BLOG sisters: these "Not so idle hands" for the very awesome Fabric cork board idea! AND also these "Bizzy Bee creations" for the totally, super, cute washer Jewelry ideas!
I am feelin' so, so SO, bad!.....but I can not for the life of me REMEMBER where the idea for the Picture blocks came from! I have seen many ideas for this....But I fell in love with a BLOG SITE that had the idea to add the letters!
I feel bad I did not tab that site, because it was a great site! SOOOO if anyone can tell me where it was, I would be grateful AND I really want them to get the credit for such a FAB Idea!

*that's My sis: Cece & her board she made for her granddaughter Talia*

So by all means, please know this idea did not come me or mine and I am not trying to take the credit for it!

I love the ideas they shared with us & was so excited to try them out with my daughters, Shilo at @ "Toadly crafty" & Lyndsy Jean @ Pickelhead Photography & the absent crafter.... Teisha"wisha were here" & the "baby" Starlee Rose...

Can't forget my sis! Cec....aka "cec-cec batteries"(? you had to be there!) & my sweetie nieces, Alisha...."I glow.... cuz I'm preger!" and Amy Dawn"cha" wish your mommy was hot like me?" And Wendy "blue-eyes"...... AND CUTIE PIE "princess Oaklee!
OR as we call US "THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PAINTS" like to try out on our craft day...

SO HERE is A BIG.....GAINT....PINK...GLITTERY.....CREATIVE.......THANKS to you "sisters" from another glue gun!!

*Alisha: Miss Hostess with the mostest!

*Shilo & Star secretly wishing their mom WAS Martha Stewart!

The cutie pie is "princess" Oaklee "dokely"
she is modeling her "Washer necklace. We hammered the letters on, Wendy(mommy) glued (using metal glue) Oaklee's birthstone gem to add extra bling! Wendy " blue eyes", did her own take on the letter block, using instead of pictures, she used scrapbook paper & glued those painted letter on!
They were sooooo cute and original!

Here is a few close ups of my blocks. I used had my favorite photo store Maceys @ scan some family picture from years gone past and a few more recent ones all made ito the same size and modge podge them on.

Because I am lazy......pop over to My daughters craft site @
"toadly crafty" and she will explain better how to make these.

HERE a miss-Mash of pictures of every ones crafts in various stages of completion Here is my finished project.

After the blocks, dried I displayed them in one of my favorite saves!

This is a chicken feeder I rescued out of Kevy grandpa pa barn! Don't ya Just LOVE it!!!! Look at my latest porch post at my finished FALL blocks AND where they are displayed......stinking cute if I do say so myself!!!

My vote for next time the crafty "Sisterhood" meets?
I LOVE this: candy/potato chip wrapper purse! Check out the super talented Mylinda Agler for some unusual funky craft ideas! She is awesome!...... AND I think we were crafting buddy's in the preexistence's!

So may all you craft days be easy AND level!
Excited for HALLOWEEN crafts...... so check back soon!

Friday, August 21, 2009

So Sorry.....took a quick trip..

There comes a time in a women's life where she is desperate enough to get away from it all...
Where she, will say...... "Heck ya!" a camping a place so far in the boonies...... no one else in their right mind would ever go AND call it a VACATION!...

I have reached that stage in my life! I went camping in the boonies with Kevy AND liked it! This place is called Rob's Reservoir, a location where if I were to tell you about...I would have to kill you or at least send some knife willing Ninjas to your house to keep you quite! But I can say it was in beautiful southern Utah.....
My family have been going to this place ( NOT THAT great! REALLY) for over 40 years!
We used to go with my parents & meet my sister & her family there for some serious bonding time...our men would go off and get lost at the lake for hours...and come in long enough to let us women make sure they didn't fall in, then spin around and go back out fishing!
Kevy & I snuck off with MOST of our kids & their family to ROB"S for a bit of R&R.......EXCEPT...Star "our baby"...she thought it sounded like too much fun & crapped out!! AND also our sweet daughter-in-law Lyndsay & the "Twinies" Kia & Pai (AGE ONE!)....but Lyndsay had a way better excuse! It was called....... Kia & Pasilee!!!
If anyone know HOW much FUN (NOT) camping is with BABIES...... it's me!!!
We took Shilo for the first time when she was 6 months old & Teisha when she was 2 WEEKS OLD!!!!! SOOOOO DOUMB!!!
We missed them all....but maybe next year!
This is me in our 1997 love shack:
(our 5th wheel trailer)
YOU GOTTA SEE IT! (I will take & post more pictures of this AWESOME place!) We got it for a steal! We paid $3000 cash! It was in pretty good shape (NO GREAT SHAPE!) & everything worked & it was super clean....
We needed that trailer because I was SICK of sleeping in a tent!
I am too MUCH of a delicate princess to keep doing that much longer! (or maybe just TOO old!)
I told Kevy, if he ever wanted to smell the fresh scent of a campground fire in my hair OR taste these Delicious "Smore eatin" lips or eat another FABULOUS Rosie's famous "everything but the kitchen sink" Tin foil meal again....he better me make my stay more comfortable!
HE knows he could not LIVE without my "toasties toes" to keep him warm in that mega sleeping bag all by himself... SO he started looking for a trailer to whisk me away to Paradise..... or ROBS!
So I will post a picture so you can see how easy AND BETTER camping is now! In fact I have to BEG KEVY to go!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ThRiFt StOrE Treasure hunt


I woke up this morning with something nagging at me even in my sleep..
....I could not figure it out for the life of me on what it might be.
So I hurried into work, because I just felt like I was forgetting something AND I must remember it! UGH!! don't you just hate that!!!?

I hurried though all the main things that I needed to do...water plants....sort though dates on flowers...toss out old, fluff the new bouquets(P.S. I'm a floral manager in a Food store)...recheck incoming orders...put out fresh arrived blooms...ect. I still had this thing just telling me .....WHAT?!!! ALL morning long...NOTHING came to me...I was still feeling like I forgot something REALLY important!....So then later in the morning as I was headed out to my car to go run an errand for work...I was going to the thrift store to find fun & unusual vases & containers to arrange in. I thought "gosh I'm glad I remembered to take my groceries out of my trunk".... THEN BAM!......I remembered.....

I'll tell you at the end what it was I forgot....but first you have to read about my COOL thrift store finds......WICKED mean I know! Sorry, but I have to brag!

The 1st one:(sorry about side view of some...I can't figure out how to rotate the pic!)

This is a pretty glass dome I got for $4.00. The pretty ball top has come of, but my honey mentioned why not put one of those small glass draw nobs on instead! GENIUS! now I just gotta buy one!
The side pic is of the pretty Hydrangea silk plant in a pretty metal planter, it stands about 20" high. It looks so cute on the floor next to my couch. I paid $3.00 for the arrangement.

These awesome books, ran me .75 cents for the soft cover of "A season of Joy". It has some really cute paper craft ideas, that I am actually excited to do......It's NOT SCRAPE BOOKING.!..everyone knows scrape booking & I don't care for one's a mutual disrespect we have long had for one another! The Martha Stewart Homemade Christmas put me back a buck! It was published in 1998 (look how young she looks)

She still has some styling ideas! I love the embossed candles she showed how to make.

These cute things are for my Scooter pie...

(AKA Teisha #3 in fam)

She is mad about Sunflowers, The really neat one is a framed dried/pressed sunflower shadow box picture, it is 12'x8 1/2. SOOO CUTE. It will look so cute in her kitchen. The other sunflower item is a serving bowl in bright cobalt blue & the ubber bright yellow sunflower. I think she will love that as well. Each piece was .75 cents each.(sorry again about the side view!)

The next picture is of the neatest frame. It is a black 13 1/2' x 11 1/2' metal frame I just love ! It has built in vintage charm you just can't fake! It has perfect scratches AND nick, that only some serious loving can add. I am not sure what I will put into it, but I really think it craves somethin halloweeny. Any ideas? I really want it to be something amazingly cool, this frame deserves it!

Oh yeah I paid a buck for this frame...maybe I just love the price and not the frame?....NAAA I LOVE this frame so much I would have paid $5.00 for it!!

This is just a larger view of stuff I got, but notice the cute Orange & white polka dot platter and the orange and black ribbon? I am sure my follow "sisters of the traveling paints" and I could use this in some up coming project..I'll share....heck for the .50 cents I paid for each of those rolls, I wont even charge ya-all nothin` ! I know I'm a saint!These silk plants are always something I am looking for. I got the silk and plastic paperwhites(all the rage in silk arrangements! according to floral review mag.)
in a cute embossed tin planter...
ran me $1.00! Killer deal. It looks perfect!

The silk Hydrangea & rose bouquet is STUNNING!
this picture can not do it justice! They are in the antique, warm colors that I love. It has no pot and that is why I got it for just a mere.75 cents!

The pictures are my find of the day!(notice the wider veiw of these picture on the top of the page) I simply love LOVE these and they are exactly what I wanted to finish up my Shabby chic living room!
The 2 pictures are 22"x 18" on a canvas. They have been crackled & the pretty little floral prints are modge podge on the canvas. The colors are muted and soft. SO lovely huh? I paid $5.00 a piece for them. A super great deal!
So I guess that is it..... I hope you got the same warm & tingly feeling as I did when I.....
WHAT? Huh?
OH YEAH ...WHAT I forgot?!!
AS soon as I thought "trunk" I remembered...
MY MILK that I put in my trunk along with the cereal and bread I bought ...SATURDAY!!!
Can I just tell you about the FuNKy SMELL that came out of my trunk when I opened it ?
Can you say PEEEE YEEEW!
So the moral of this story?
WHEN you leave your milk in the trunk of your car in 99 degree weather OVER the WEEK-end ...DON'T be surprised when your family wont believe you when you say you needed BUTTERMILK and accidentally bought MILK!