Saturday, July 18, 2009

When life hands you lemons....throw them away AND make Chocolate pudding!

I had a pretty rough day on Thursday, that still lingered on Friday....

One thing that always seems to help is a bowl of chocolate pudding,...HOMEMADE of course!
Sad be said...I was tooo darn lazy to make it for myself, sooo I did not get my pudding & just stayed in my funk all day!
I did however settle for a chocolate cupcake w/EXTREME frosting!
(left over from gunny-bear's b-day) yum..but NOT YUM-O!

So I will share it with you (the recipe..not the cupcake) for when you are having a bad day!
IF and WHEN you make this recipe (and you will!)
it will make you sooooo will think there is a little mini parade going on in your mouth with band and everything! AND you will want to skip & twirl & do the happy little snoopy dance
(gunny bear!) and recite THIS pudding poem.....
so I will also include the poem with this recipe!

Pudding Poem:
by Rosie Tippetts

I have pudding.... you want pudding...
I'm not sharing...
and not caring.....
so stop staring.....
and your swearing.....
NO PUDDING FOR YOU!!!(say firmly!)
(this poem is best recited with a bowl of warm pudding in your hand & around others.... as you stick it under their nose & dance around in a overly happy way .... for added effect recite in mocking tones!)

The recipe:

Mama's Rosie's
"Dang"it I need PUDDING NOW! recipe:

4 cups whole milk (if you need extra cheering up..use 1/2 CREAM!)
1 cups sugar
6 T baking cocoa powder
2 egg YOLKS
6 Tlb flour
3/4 cup nondairy creamer
pinch of salt
2 Tlb Butter
1 Tsp Vanilla

DO NOT turn on stove top yet!
Beat egg yolk in a LARGE sauce pan.
Add milk & whisk until frothy (cool word!)
In a bowl thoroughly blend all the dry ingredients together:
Flour, cocoa, creamer & salt. Add dry ingredients into egg/milk mixture...
whisking as you blend. Turn on stove to medium & continue to whisk until bubbling & becomes thick & smooth. When at the proper thickness, remove from heat & stir in butter until it has melted & blended in with pudding.
ADD vanilla & serve warm.
*For extra "bum padding" serve with a dollop of whip cream! YUM-O!

Rosie tip: if you HATE that pudding rubbery "scum" that you get while pudding cools...stretch a bit of plastic wrap over the top of the pan as pudding cool.

Think of me when you are eating this.....and then bring me over some!!
P.S you gotta see what I do with this recipe for HALLOWEEN!!!
HA-HA!!! or should I cackle...HEE-HEE

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