Monday, July 13, 2009

unTieing the "Apron" strings!

A couple of months ago, my girls & I were talking about the "Super Saturdays our church used to hold. We all said how much we loved doing it. BUT it seems as if the craft ideas were all the same from ward to ward, or else kinda lame.....SOOO we decided to hold our own.... we invited my sister & her daughters in with us & e-mail each other to get ideas & suggestions on what we wanted to do. My girls & I love it! We get to bond with some pretty great people & take home something really cute.
We just need my baby Teisha to come down & complete the happy little craft circle! :( We miss you!)

Ok so here is our monthly craft day, with some of my favorite people! This month we made Aprons & scraped Recipe binders!
I think scrape booking was invented by a frustrated paper salesman or the devil, one or the other or both!
Because it is one craft that both bores me & terrifies me.

This little cute is my niece Amy(below)....or as she was known when she was younger...
AMY Dawn "getouttathere" Sorenson Roberts!
This months craft day was held at her house! bless her heart!

These sexy beasts?.. are Shilo (my oldest baby) & me (next to Amy)
Modeling our aprons I went vintage pear w/brown polka dots, Shilo loves red & went with a cute floral print(I'm the one without make-up.. there was no one there I needed to impress!)

Note to crafter sisters.. I think Pajama bottoms & no make-up should be MANDATORY!
OHHH And NO hair extensions & toenail polish should be allowed(Alisha Ann!)

AND no one can look prettier then the hostess!

The cute Blondie is Lyndsy, she is married to Levi, my son...she fits in perfect with the crazy Tippetts family! I count her in as one of my daughters......she is smiling for the camera...

below is how she really felt & was muttering......
"grrrr, dang sewing... uggg I hate bobbins... what a dumb name.. bobbins, sound likes a hobbit name... you know Bobbins Baggins from the Hillshire....I gotta wear this apron everyday for the next year to make all this madness worth it.....I hate Rosie....shoot did I say that out loud"... AND so on!

Starlee, My baby( Above/side standing w/LynsdayWants everyone to know I in no way threatened her with bodily harm if she did not come to our crafty get together! By dang she was gonna have fun! And if I had to sew her to the chair be it!

Those two hot babes?... (BACK off Brad Pitt... we are both taken! didn't you read my love blog post?)

My Sister, Cece & I.... Oh sure she might be a size 4(after 6 kids!) & have super cool straight hair.... but Hey.... that doesn't compare to my AWESOME curly hair & fantastic "sweet spirit"! Jealous?
This is our attempt at the EVIL scrap booking!
(Shilo & Lyndsy... we heard you snickering at our "old fashioned" scraping... FYI..... they didn't have scraping in the oldin` days! & this is the way "premenopausal..hotflashin`...hormonal....folk do it!)

Thats Shilo standing behind me.. looking to see if it was clear to make a break for it!!
I saw her & lassoed her back with my extra long tie back from my apron!

The cutie in the blue strip shirt is:
Wendy "I produce stunningly beautiful babies" Sorenson
is my other neice, she is married to my handsome nephew Justin

Lyndsy continues....
I'd like to "back stitch" this day.....Hey did I take out something for dinner? I wonder if Levi would just take me out for dinner?...naaa I better just gather up the left over snacks here & pour gravy over them for Levi's dinner!

I decided I don't look good in blue! But hey I have awesome curly hair! ( this was Cec's LAME attempt at making me feel better about being so different/fat from her!)

Next Month craft day is at Alisha's house... we are busy gathering ideas for that day......
I think TP or toaster cozies would be fun or maybe crocheted slippers...ohhh what about hairnet hangers? (a place to hang my hair nets would be great! they are AWAYS getting tangled!......what too hard??


The Johnsons said...

I am in "stiches" (ha, Ha) from your silly post! I love the leftover snacks with gravy on them!

The Umbergers said...

Wow Shilo.. In "stitches"? Really?! Haha I wish I could have been there.. It looks like it was fun and Amy's house looks so cute! I love the aprons! I can't wait to get mine!

Amy Sorenson Roberts said...

oh my heck, I am seriously in stiches also and crying at the same time, you are so funny and clever and I really think you should write a book. you would be a great author. I know another difference between you and my mom, you have black hair and she is blond. haha jk i love you mom.

Tippetts Family said...

Love the post Rosie! This definitely was a very fun day. Can't wait for the next one!!!