Monday, February 15, 2010

My Valentines work display 2010! "matey, you are my greatest treasure!"

I did every thing possible to push those Rose's!
By dang I all but put them in peoples cart!!
I still had too many Rose's left though!

Any way here is my display, I do still need to down load the girl's & I in costume.......
HUH Valentines costume you ask?....

Yes ....we needed a excuse to dress up like LOVE Pirates!
AND this "pirate" theme was all the excuse we needed!
So I will post those pictures later.

My boss is awesome! And he trusts that I will do a great job. SO I get all the say in the Valentines theme for my store! AND after MUCH ado...about nothing... Niki & I came up with this:
"Matey you are my greatest treasure!"
I think it turned better then I thought!
I was a bit worried about it coming together......You know......It always makes sense in my head....getting to look like I thought about...can be a hit or a miss!
This one is a HIT!
So any way stroll & let me know if you have any questions!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Finally! A few pic's from our ROMANTIC Anniversery trip

I can't believe it took me so long to post these...BUT here are a few pictures from our romantic trip to Logan Utah at the "Anniversary Inn.

The first one is in the lobby of the old house the day we arrived.
The other one is the day we left.

I have it turned around, BECAUSE we stayed in "Rich's drive in"
the 2nd night. The bed was in the back of this cool truck. It was VERY cosy! BUT we had to get our BUTTS outta bed to turn the light off! They need a remote for the light by the bed.
BUT it was super fun to stay in!

This is in the first room we stayed in "The la hacienda" VERY NICE! It was a warm cozy room BUT the best part was the cheese cake AND the chip & salsa! AND that AWESOME jetted tub! HOLY cow, & the shower..... A girls dream!

Kevy liked the hammock....AND sooooo did I!!

BUT THE bed.....sorry no pic...any way.. IT was wayyyyyyy to big! I like to snuggle AND in this bed....I lost Kevy! AND it was so high....the top was level with my arm pit! BUT Kevy... offered to give me "goose" up!!! We did not need to eat dinner cuse we GORGED on the chips & salsa! & truthfully there was not a lot of smooching going on, cause of the & salsa!
NOT the most romantic of food's!
Any way! we had a BLAST! I loved being alone with my sweetie! He is so much fun to be around AND we always have such fun together! They years are going sooo swiftly and I want to be with him forever!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Another "I shared" post!

I love my blog buddies....who allow me to barge in on the fun!
That's me #138 at the "shabby chic cottage" Transformation Thursday.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

NOT, that I need it...but here's a fun idea...."LOVE POTION #9" bottle label

OH my gosh!!

CAN I just toot my own horn for a minute?

...I love this song...I LOVE the movie... I LOVE this idea!

I Really wanted to create a FUN Valentines label for my department....

....AND did you know, there was...NOT one....blasted "potion number 9" label any where on the freaking net!!


SO I was forced to make my own....
Not bad if I do say so myself.

I just used my "print artist" to create a label..... added a few details & a cute "poemish"!
Print it out on some label stickers......
And this is what I got!

"sweet potion #9 make this love forever mine!"
I crinkled the label loosely & used my black ink pad to age & high light the crinkles & tapped a bit of red from my red ink pad for color....
I then, slapped on the "Potion" label on some "IBC Cherry Lemon-aid & Root-beer..... tied it with a cheerful bow AND you got yourself a FOR sure fun & CHEAP Valentines gift!
I can't keep these bubbly, guys on my shelf!
GO head say it.....SAY IT....
I can take it........say it........

A girl can change her mind! MY Fruit swap..."SWAP"

I LOVE the swaps you can sign up to participate in on the 2 peas web site....AND the one I was SUPER excited about was the "anything FRUIT swap"
I signed up for 2 fruits charms swap & I did the cherry swaps AND a Watermelon charm....(you can check those on my "charming charms" label)
Any way I had ALSO signed up for a 6 spot in ANYTHING Fruit ...and had decided I would do 6 CHERRY tote bags AND HATED the one I had done......
I could NOT get the love I "swapped" that bad idea for a REALLY CUTE One!
I changed it to 6 Dish cloth Aprons!....
I like...NO LOVE these so much more! AND can in good conscience send these out!
I had to make 2 different style because I went back to the "W" place AND of course they did not have the super cute red ones left, so I settled on these other ones AND They also are super cute!
I also added a bigger cherry charm on the tie part.
It match's the smaller charm I had created for the "CHERRY" swap.
ANY way I hope my fellow" swappers" are happy with this item!
I know Shilo (my lovely model) is jealous!
I had to frisk her hand bag to get one of the apron's out!
SHE tried to clam it for her own!
Check it out!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why would WaCkY Rosie use Shamrocks for VALENTINES?

seems to be the question MY Fav. "Potted" vendor wanted to know......."NOW remember I am a florist by trade AND so when I put in orders for.... Rose's & Gerber's AND tulips & all manner of blooms, I SLIPPED in a order for SHAMROCKS ...This next part is a sample of my phone conversations to my local "plant" vendor....
WHAT is Rosie doing with these AND did she realize it was VALENTINES day WEEK-end?....AND NOT St.Patricks day week-end? "

Ex: "Rosie you want WHAT?.......SHAMROCKS?.....THIS week? ....shamrocks"?....long silence on the other end of the phone)

"This WEEK?.....Shamrocks...? Ok let me get this straight......You WANT.......20 -4 " SHAMROCKS & 10- 6" Shamrocks?..... THIS WEEK????..... THIS FEBRUARY 13th WEEK?
THIS VALENTINES week-end?".......

AND so on & so on! ......BLAH... blah... blah...."I'm a uncreative vendor why would Rosie want Shamrocks?"......
WELL that's Because...they did not have an IDEA on how my brain WORKS!!

AND they did not have these little Tags.....

ADD these little tags on any size shamrocks AND you have an HILARIOUS Valentines gift!
I even but a "hearty" har-har pot cover on it!!!

Don't you think your sweetie need this on his/her desk for a good "GREEN" Valentines Laugh????

I did make a couple of different sayings,
The G rated one that says:
Valentine, I am so "LUCKY" to have you!
And the more popular R-rate version:
Valentine.....Wanna get "LUCKY"?
What do you think? AN I crazy or a "CRAZY" genius? .....
I have already in one day sold 6 small shamrocks & 3 Large ones!

Monday, February 8, 2010

A "SWEEEET" candy & junk food Arrangements in a vase

Another day....... ANOTHER type of BOUQUET! I designed this Bouquet for my up-coming Valentines day display at my work...and MY cutie pie
assistant Nicole recreated them in..... STEREO!!!....

She made like a gillion for the up coming holiday!
I love Nicky! She makes my life AND job so much easier!
Just a quick if any ones wants the poop on how we made these ...Just let me know....

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mcklinky party at Gina's & Lori's house...Do I hear what, what?
check my SWEEET poster ideas here at
AND also "life as Lori blog...Lets get your craft on Thursday" along with my 12 days of Valentines idea.
FUN times will be had by ALL!