Monday, July 27, 2009

PeAnUt BuTteR BaRs.... just like the lunch lady used to make

Ok this recipe is probably the most requested recipe FROM me..... EVER!

As some of you might not have known... I was once a lunch lady(not that there anything wrong with that)....yes I know your shocked!

.....that was before I started my classy...super as a

botanical designer specialist (floral manager)

I do hold a disagree as a Juvenile Nutritional Engineer
(lunch lady).......

Just before my very important job as a Bio-Marine Nutritionist (I made fish food)

BUT...... Before I before I left lunch lady land....
( hey give me a break!.......
The hours were perfect for my kids, when they were out of school, I was out.....when they were done with school for the day, I was done for day...The pay was REALLY, REALLY BAD,
but it worked for me and my little family at the time!)
ANYWHOOOO, as I was saying.... before I left this hairnet wearin, sloppy joe makin dream JOB ...
(to pursue my dream of being a hooty-tooty,high-end lunch lady uniform designer SMILEY SMIRK)......I managed to write this recipe down.....

This is the recipe for Peanut butter fingers...the yummy dessert, that all the kids, would cut off their real finger for to get an extra one......

It is a family favorite...My gunny bear can AND needs to sit down and eat a whole pan of these!

Peanut Butter fingers or bar

*3/4 c butter or marg

*3/4 c Brown sugar
*3/4 c White sugar
*1 c Peanut butter
*2 eggs
*3/4 tsp baking soda
*1 tsp Vanilla
*1 1/2 c Flour
*1 1/2 c quick rolled oats

Preheat oven to 350

Cream the butter. peanut butter AND the brown sugar & white sugar, until smooth.

Add the 2 eggs and mix again.
Add in the flour & baking soda, mix again. Stir in vanilla & oats.

Press into a large, lightly greased cookie sheet. Bake in oven for 12-15 minute, or until light brown around edges. the secret to a moist bar is to NOT OVER BAKE!!! Allow to cool a bit, for extra flavor spread a thin layer of peanut butter on top, before frosting

Chocolate Frosting
*1 lb Powdered sugar
*3/4 cube butter
*1 Tlbs shortening
*3 HEAPING TLBS cocoa powder
*1 tsp vanilla
Mix all together, drizzling milk into until you get to desired thickness & frosting is spreadable.
remember a tip for extra creamy/light frosting is the shortening AND Whipping to the sin out of your frosting!
Yummy! YUMMY Yummy...
May your days be frosting AND bright ....ANd your CoW never run out milk ...and your thighs be forgiving! Good night!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Check it out...

Over on Shabby Nest, they are featuring Frugal Friday and there is no one more frugal then this cheap chick!!! I refreshed & recreated my living room to shabby chic for under $100.00! Check it out #36 on the list!

Friday, July 24, 2009

just sittin around....on my porch!! enjoying the "sun, shade & lemonade!"

Hey thanks a "melon" for checkin out my porch!!
Ha-ha get it?...Melon...
cuz I did

watermelons on my porch!!!
Ok.... SORRY!
Anywhoo. I had to take down my July porch...

I have to admit, I was bored..I'm not gonna lie to ya! I did not feel the "fireworks" for my 4th july theme anymore....get it....4th july firewor....
anyway.....Here's my attempt at clinging to the watermelon 1980's faze AND still
allow me to be.
....deliciously.....seed spittingly.... happy!!!

Around my door, I threaded a 2 inch wide strip of red/white gingham to kinda frame the watermelon red in....
I kept the fun red star up (I have 5! COUNT-em 5 stars in my house (assorted sizes & colors)! Oh wait 6, counting my kid, Star!
I just added a heavy duty magnet to the metal ladybug & tacked on the metal star...

I did sort out a bit of my
watermelon suff...(tear) AND
kept only what I LOVED!

I painted the sign.....just OK for me DOG!

but it does the trick...just don't look at too close, when you come visit!!

Notice the picnic baskets?.
I added more to get some height (and cuz I LOVE THEM)!

The watermelon "blanket" on the back of the chair? IS & always will be a table cloth.
A REALLY, REALLY cute table cloth, that is not only in quilt form, but had been stitched!!
I found it at DI!.......Thank you crazy lady (or your crazy hubby) who gave it to DI!....
I LOVE IT!!!! I also use it as a table cloth too.

The cute pillows are close out find from the coolest place that has the coolest Floral manager.....

It was Macey's in Pleasant Grove & oh wait..... I'M THE Floral manager there!!

I hid them in the back room until I COULD buy them! Don't worry I had 20 of them in & only kept back 3 for me! This ADORABLE ladybug pillow was also a thrift store find!! SO cute..It bugs me that know cuz a ladyBUG is a ... oh never mind! Just Stinking cute! The blocks are kinda hard to see, but it was the FIRST craft project that the
"Sisterhood of the traveling paints" did. We now do a new project once a month!

I like it, even though Star, asked why did I paint them in mustard & ketchup & mayo colors (she's right) but it was not painted in those colors on purpose!

The red table was a table from a sewing factory we found a LONG time ago....
I painted the old wooden, bathroom cabinet that Star did not want in there any more. I took the door off & painted it black, turned it on its side for a long/updown shelf...(check out the top picture for close up) I like the look.... I think it looks kinda like a hutch top... A pa, lum pa... squaty hutch..... But I dig it ALOT!
So happy day to you all & YA all come back now...hear!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

gOtTa HaNd iT 2 yA!

I'm privileged to teach in my church some pretty awesome ladies!
I am the Teaching for our times teacher, which means I get to teach from the church magazine,
It is a calling I truly love!
As much as LOVED teaching the youth....(miss my girls!)
I have found that teaching my peers is much more challenging..... AS WELL as rewarding!

I have it in my head that in order to have a successful lesson.... I MUST give a handout & I almost feel guilty if I don't! I know....Dum huh!?

SO I have a huge file of them I have used over the years. Shilo & I have compiled some into book form, BUT have never had the stuff to finish them!! UGH!!!

I really want my church sisters to take the beautiful talks I teach from into their heart...

AND I truly believe that if I have a nicely set table with pictures & such, that pertain to the lesson.....AND have a hand out they can put on the fridge or mirror or where ever.... they WILL remember the lesson/talk better.

This one is my current one, for this lesson by Elder Richard G Scott.
The lesson is titled "Temple Work"

Sorry it is a little blurry!
It says:
Temple work...
You just might be the "LIFESAVER" for someone else! And the scripture in D&C 127:7
I just copied it on different colored card stock to help save my color in my printer, then stapled it on some gummy lifesavers...(which I had to wrench out of my grand babies hands!!!!)

I will try to remember to add to this post listing as much as I can BECAUSE I really.... really REALLY do want to see your ideas on how you made a lesson more interesting.

My handout are all original... I DO NOT copy anyone else!!!
BUT feel free to use mine found on my blog to add to your lessons!

With all the protests & stupid stuff happening around our scared Temples
( I just wish others would not feel the NEED to pollute our most scared places...
ALL in the name of freedom!!! HAVE A little respect!!!)

I am remained of a talk I read and am ALSO remained to have faith...this to shall pass!

....... the talk by James E Faust in the May 2005 conference:

"....we unavoidably stand in so many unholy places and are subject to so much that is vulgar, profane & destructive to the Spirit of the Lord that I encourage saints all over the world, whenever possible to strive to stand more often in holy places. Our most holy of places are our scared temples....We must strive to being "an example of the believers, in word, in conversation,, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity"(1st Tim 4:12)

MAN.....SORRY sooooo preachy!!!!!! My work here is done!!!

That was deep...I will chill out on my next blog....Tomorrow's blog?

MORE Porch power......Sun, shade & lemonade!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Ok so I am a hop.... skip & a jump away from finishing up my
living room refresh......BUT I could NOT wait to share!!!

I did not repaint from lack of energy AND Money! So I settled for keeping the paint the same color, which I actually really like.

I moved the big round mirror from my bedroom to use in here.
I found those 2 small shelf's (guess where?) & decided to keep the original brown color because I still had splashes of brown in there I wanted to pull in AND I still really liked the color. I was hesitant to place the square window mirror there, so close to the round one, but I thought it worked. I know the rule is hang same like items in 3's...sooo I am ALL about rules...(snicker) I placed a vintage silver small handheld mirror in the back of the tea cup planter in honor of that rule! Oh the cake stand... (who puts cake stands in there LIVING ROOM?) I needed height, so I found this cake stand ( guess where?) and really liked the color... BUT it was a snowman stand....HUH I made that worked when I just turned that snowman to the wall.... did you even NOTICE?

These 2 pictures are what I did w/ my latest DI finds. I love the "bird Bath" idea.. I used the
HEAVY, BIG, plaster candle stick I got... but couldn't make it fit anywhere. While putting on my make-up one morning I looked over on my dressing table & saw this vintage glass light bowl, Kevy found in one of his remodels. He KNOWS I dig stuff like that!. I used it to hold necklaces & a few of my rhinestone jewelry.
It was perfect, it even allowed me to cover the candle screw on the top! I placed a great scented candle in it for fun

This is my window seat.
I covered a body pillow with an other one of my vintage Chenille spread. I did not want to cover the whole window with pillow, because Zoe our grandpuppy loves to sit in the window waiting for "papa" to come home.

These 3 other pictures are above my window seat. I had some awesome vinyl letter that said lead me, guide me, walk beside me. So I had Star attach them there, I LOVE THIS IDEA!

These to picture below are the picture wall and couch BEFORE the refresh.....
AND AFTER the refresh! I used a lot of the same frames, but just spray painted them all the same white. Kevy got took my old shelf & cut off the hearts & put on a more modern piece of bead board. What a little thing! But made such a big impact on the look! I had copies of the big picture of my grandbabies newborn pictures reprinted all in the sepia tones.
I also got some of my children & other misc. one's in the same tones.
I put the pictures on the outside of the frame, after I laminated them.
Notice the one of my twin granddaughters are on one big frame.

I did not use all white tones, I added splashes of black & tan & even cream tones to keep it interesting.

I needed a bigger table, so when I found this mirror at DI, I was so Happy! I did not even charge the color at all. I used it to "Add" on to the table size. I like ALMOST everything about it, EXCEPT it has a PLASTIC frame... oh well for a $1.50 I can't complain!
In that cute glass bowl (which I LOVE!!) are 2 glass door nobs, Kevy got out of Grandpa Evens shed! They are toooo pretty to hide!
All be said I am pretty happy with my living room refresh. I still need to do my love seat cover, I just have not found the material I want to use for it & again money is holding me back a bit.. I have all this work for less then $100.00 so I am pretty happy with it. I like that it is not to fru-fru & busy or cluttered looking, It is a very peaceful room to sit in.
Please let me know what you think about it?
I want to hear from you!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

When life hands you lemons....throw them away AND make Chocolate pudding!

I had a pretty rough day on Thursday, that still lingered on Friday....

One thing that always seems to help is a bowl of chocolate pudding,...HOMEMADE of course!
Sad be said...I was tooo darn lazy to make it for myself, sooo I did not get my pudding & just stayed in my funk all day!
I did however settle for a chocolate cupcake w/EXTREME frosting!
(left over from gunny-bear's b-day) yum..but NOT YUM-O!

So I will share it with you (the recipe..not the cupcake) for when you are having a bad day!
IF and WHEN you make this recipe (and you will!)
it will make you sooooo will think there is a little mini parade going on in your mouth with band and everything! AND you will want to skip & twirl & do the happy little snoopy dance
(gunny bear!) and recite THIS pudding poem.....
so I will also include the poem with this recipe!

Pudding Poem:
by Rosie Tippetts

I have pudding.... you want pudding...
I'm not sharing...
and not caring.....
so stop staring.....
and your swearing.....
NO PUDDING FOR YOU!!!(say firmly!)
(this poem is best recited with a bowl of warm pudding in your hand & around others.... as you stick it under their nose & dance around in a overly happy way .... for added effect recite in mocking tones!)

The recipe:

Mama's Rosie's
"Dang"it I need PUDDING NOW! recipe:

4 cups whole milk (if you need extra cheering up..use 1/2 CREAM!)
1 cups sugar
6 T baking cocoa powder
2 egg YOLKS
6 Tlb flour
3/4 cup nondairy creamer
pinch of salt
2 Tlb Butter
1 Tsp Vanilla

DO NOT turn on stove top yet!
Beat egg yolk in a LARGE sauce pan.
Add milk & whisk until frothy (cool word!)
In a bowl thoroughly blend all the dry ingredients together:
Flour, cocoa, creamer & salt. Add dry ingredients into egg/milk mixture...
whisking as you blend. Turn on stove to medium & continue to whisk until bubbling & becomes thick & smooth. When at the proper thickness, remove from heat & stir in butter until it has melted & blended in with pudding.
ADD vanilla & serve warm.
*For extra "bum padding" serve with a dollop of whip cream! YUM-O!

Rosie tip: if you HATE that pudding rubbery "scum" that you get while pudding cools...stretch a bit of plastic wrap over the top of the pan as pudding cool.

Think of me when you are eating this.....and then bring me over some!!
P.S you gotta see what I do with this recipe for HALLOWEEN!!!
HA-HA!!! or should I cackle...HEE-HEE

Starlee's caught the bug.....

Starlee caught the "CRAFTING" bug!!
Ok.. so she always had it in her!
I mean she IS 1/2 my daughter & the other half is Kevy's who is a very "manly man" crafty kinda guy!
She just has not had be treated for it, like the rest of know with heavy doses of Pompomicillin, or rhinestonefever syrup!
And she has vowed to stay away from any needles, which means she won't sew!
I can honestly say Starlee is not a "craftaholic"....
unlike the rest of us.....she can stop at any time!
But her "funky" bone has never been broken......thank heavens!
ANY WAY...... she made this ADORABLE head band with her own to little hands..
soooo cute huh?
She makes this 'crafty" mom so proud...(tear).....I just might hang it on my fridge!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I WIN!! I finished my apron's!

HA-HA I finished my apron.... Plus I add in a Bonus!!!

WHO RULES now my Craft sisters!?

That would be ME... the apron QUEEN!!
The watermelon one is a real easy pattern my niece Alisha brought to share. I like it cuz it covers ALOT of messy Rosie! I think if it weren't for that "NO BACK " thing, I could totally wear it with a cute white shirt & a pair of Capri's... throw on a sassy pair of white or red flip flops... add a big pair of stylin' earrings & I'm ready for a picnic in the park!

LOOK at my little Bonus project!
these cute little aprons are for my sweet little "TWINES" My little twin granddaughters
Kialia & Paislee ... They( the aprons... not the twinies) are made out of "bar towels". They are(the towels ... not the twines) are smaller then regular kitchen towels.

Papa Kevin claims to be a hard nut to crack.... BUT...
his little granddaughters, Taya & Bella & Kia & Pas... know better!
He sneaks little kisses on those yummy checks ,when he thinks no one is looking.. for fear it will ruin his tough.. no nonsense Papa rep!
He is mush when they are around! NOT to say his fishin buddies, Gunner, Gavy & Arbor have not got their fair of loves from Papa.
These are Nana Rosie's sweet PEAS!
SOOO cute!!! They are almost a year old now..
I LOVE their TINY, PINK GIRLY little guts!!

One last little craft is my "CUPCAKE PINCUSHION".
I made this pin cushion in like 1 hour. I was going to make some for my girls... But I thought they would think it was cheesy!
So I kept the one I made. It is made out of brown fabric, for the "cake" part (I love a good chocolate cupcake!) The bottom is one of those plastic reusable "oven safe" muffin/cupcake liners (found on the dollar wall at Target) The "frosting" is just crocheted white yarn. I crocheted in a circle( the wonkier the better!) & sewed it on the "cake" along with a pom-pom "cherry on top ( I think it is a scooch big, but it was ALL I had), the "Sprinkles" are the pins with round heads. I would fill it a little tighter w/more stuffing & I also would but some weight in the liner & stitch the whole cake part to the liner. It would be easier to move.
DANG..... ain't I CLEVER!

Monday, July 13, 2009

unTieing the "Apron" strings!

A couple of months ago, my girls & I were talking about the "Super Saturdays our church used to hold. We all said how much we loved doing it. BUT it seems as if the craft ideas were all the same from ward to ward, or else kinda lame.....SOOO we decided to hold our own.... we invited my sister & her daughters in with us & e-mail each other to get ideas & suggestions on what we wanted to do. My girls & I love it! We get to bond with some pretty great people & take home something really cute.
We just need my baby Teisha to come down & complete the happy little craft circle! :( We miss you!)

Ok so here is our monthly craft day, with some of my favorite people! This month we made Aprons & scraped Recipe binders!
I think scrape booking was invented by a frustrated paper salesman or the devil, one or the other or both!
Because it is one craft that both bores me & terrifies me.

This little cute is my niece Amy(below)....or as she was known when she was younger...
AMY Dawn "getouttathere" Sorenson Roberts!
This months craft day was held at her house! bless her heart!

These sexy beasts?.. are Shilo (my oldest baby) & me (next to Amy)
Modeling our aprons I went vintage pear w/brown polka dots, Shilo loves red & went with a cute floral print(I'm the one without make-up.. there was no one there I needed to impress!)

Note to crafter sisters.. I think Pajama bottoms & no make-up should be MANDATORY!
OHHH And NO hair extensions & toenail polish should be allowed(Alisha Ann!)

AND no one can look prettier then the hostess!

The cute Blondie is Lyndsy, she is married to Levi, my son...she fits in perfect with the crazy Tippetts family! I count her in as one of my daughters......she is smiling for the camera...

below is how she really felt & was muttering......
"grrrr, dang sewing... uggg I hate bobbins... what a dumb name.. bobbins, sound likes a hobbit name... you know Bobbins Baggins from the Hillshire....I gotta wear this apron everyday for the next year to make all this madness worth it.....I hate Rosie....shoot did I say that out loud"... AND so on!

Starlee, My baby( Above/side standing w/LynsdayWants everyone to know I in no way threatened her with bodily harm if she did not come to our crafty get together! By dang she was gonna have fun! And if I had to sew her to the chair be it!

Those two hot babes?... (BACK off Brad Pitt... we are both taken! didn't you read my love blog post?)

My Sister, Cece & I.... Oh sure she might be a size 4(after 6 kids!) & have super cool straight hair.... but Hey.... that doesn't compare to my AWESOME curly hair & fantastic "sweet spirit"! Jealous?
This is our attempt at the EVIL scrap booking!
(Shilo & Lyndsy... we heard you snickering at our "old fashioned" scraping... FYI..... they didn't have scraping in the oldin` days! & this is the way "premenopausal..hotflashin`...hormonal....folk do it!)

Thats Shilo standing behind me.. looking to see if it was clear to make a break for it!!
I saw her & lassoed her back with my extra long tie back from my apron!

The cutie in the blue strip shirt is:
Wendy "I produce stunningly beautiful babies" Sorenson
is my other neice, she is married to my handsome nephew Justin

Lyndsy continues....
I'd like to "back stitch" this day.....Hey did I take out something for dinner? I wonder if Levi would just take me out for dinner?...naaa I better just gather up the left over snacks here & pour gravy over them for Levi's dinner!

I decided I don't look good in blue! But hey I have awesome curly hair! ( this was Cec's LAME attempt at making me feel better about being so different/fat from her!)

Next Month craft day is at Alisha's house... we are busy gathering ideas for that day......
I think TP or toaster cozies would be fun or maybe crocheted slippers...ohhh what about hairnet hangers? (a place to hang my hair nets would be great! they are AWAYS getting tangled!......what too hard??