Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ThRiFtStOrE Treasure hunting pt. 2

I love an excuse to go treasure hunting at our local thrift store!
I had to go the other day to find "VASES"Saddly, I spent more then my store did!
BUT before I get started on my finds. LOOKIE:
This is a picture our Daughter, Scooter (the absent craftier, from the "sisterhood of the traveling paints") & her hubby, Jonny got this picture of my sweetie Kevin & our oldest grandson Gunny Bear AKA Gunner in Kevys beloved Canoe "trusty Rusty" At Rob's Reservoir, for his B-day. She had it copied on canvas!! It is beautiful! It kinda looks like a "Monet" painting up close, but far away it looks like a photo. SO cool it sits in a place of honor, (KEVY adores it!) in the alcove formally known as our TV space (before the BIG bubba big screen TV found it's way to our house!) ANYWHOOOO...

NOW for the treasures: First you will see, 4 AWESOME books, 3 hard cover, 1 soft. Books, especially, crafting books AND decorating books are kinda my thing lately.
So I was really excited when I found all these books in one day! 2 Martha Stewart's, 1 hard cover @ $2.00 & the soft cover @.75 cents. One is Good things, crafts, recipes, & such, the other is all decorating suggestions. The biggest & most expensive is Better homes & gardens, Flea market Decorating @$4:00.
I am a Shabby CHIC, retro gal!!!
OOOOO MY heck......
look at this SO COOL, Napkin folding book!! I was giddy when I found it! It was hard back AND only $1.00!! (jealous much?) Check out the "Shirt NAPKIN" PERFECT for Fathers day!
I LOVE the Water Lily one also, perfect for PIZZA night......Ok maybe not, put cool anyway!
The book suggests you start with a CRISP, napkin, maybe starched AND ironed first....
oh la-de-da! I think I can still use my paper nappies for this too, after all they ARE stiff........ ANY WAY, I am half way to fancy now!

This little brown metal box, is a perfect, remote holder!! It started out as a first aid kit AND now is a "keep the blasted remote where I can find it"kit!
I also found a long silver metal (HARD to see.... in front of Kevys canoe picture, w/the "Family" words on top)
it started out as a tool kit AND has magically turned in to a
both were .75 cents each.

These 4 treasure, are the last of this weeks finds. Can't see it, cause, I'm a florist, not a photographer! is the super cute mini clock I found! Take my word for it when I say it was worth the $1.50 I paid for it.
It runs great & was just the thing for my "LA-de-DA foyer or Foya`.
THE lamp is SOLID wood & SO cute! It had a crack, that someone just gave up on fixin. But for $4.00, I can do it! HAPPILY!
As you can see after sanding AND spray painting it, IT IS wonderful.

These other guys, the white plaster stand & (not sure of material) planter( $1.50 each) are for my Halloween project I REALLY want to do. I found the idea on a super cute blog
from my new friend Amanda @ Imperfectly Beautiful. She did such a cute job on her white pumpkins, SHE insired me to try some! So these two cute plaster planter/stand will hold my finished product!
I will keep you posted!

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The Johnsons said...

So cute! I want the other paper craft book back. we both now I will end with it, so you may as well just give up now! I hope we can get in at least one more garage sale day before the end of the season