Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Halloween decor out of this JUNK? come on ROSIE!

When I found this junk on Monday at my local thrift shop....... I know it ALL had some SCARY, COOL, potential...
Don't scroll down YET..... UNTIL you read what I NEEDED first.......
I needed a center piece for my Witches dinner...I needed some framed Halloween art for my teeny, TINY foyer......I ALSO needed a really cool serving platter.......
for my "Horror"derve'.

YOU ask?....WHAT the crap & I mean CRAP.......are you making RoSiE!!!!
I made everything I needed for only $4.50 with items I found at my local thrift store!!!
Check it OUT!!!!
I spray painted the cheap plastic GOLD "winners" cup. Then I got this vintage looking, crackled glass dome from a old light fixture. I added some battery operated blinking lights & a fist full of spider webbing & a dollar store spider.

I put the ball upside down in the spray painted cup with the webbing & lights......... AND Viola!
I made
A Crystal ball!!!!
AND I now have a PART of my very important center piece for my Witches dinner!
It's hard to see, BUT the lights give it a really erie look! I think for added effect, I will add a hand...or a skull or a couple of light sticks?

The soooo cool plate is a deep, deep chocolate brown & already aged perfectly & I ADORE the pattern on it!!
The copper stand is the bottom part to a very fancy fondue pot! This pair together with some "gorilla glue" made a perfect "horror"derve serving platter, sure to make even "Pickled Brain spread" taste GOOD!!

I have to find a tiny skull for the little shelf on the bottom.
I will "Martha" it up to help it stand out a bit more.....meaning I will "glitter" the heck out of know? Martha Stewart, is GLITTERING every thing up this Halloween!

These two interesting.... ohhhh so cheesy shadow boxes were a must!
I had 2 precious ( I can't find anymore!) glittered Styrofoam, fist sized, Skull heads, I found at the dollar store.
One black & one white.

I really liked the old world Halloween look. So these would be my Halloween wall art!
I sliced the back of the heads in the back in half, to make it flatter, to fit in the frames.

I took the back off the frames & removed the paper Matting, because it had words I did not want to include. I glued the metal framed words over those words. I did not save the the note things, I tore the music back ground a bit which worked to my advantage, because I kinda liked the music back ground. I "antiqued" the background with a black
stamp pad.

These are the finished products....What do you think??? I love their STYROFOAM gut!!!

I am pondering what else, Halloweenie will go in this teeny, tiny foyer!

BUT these as Well as my "SPOOKY" blocks I made at the last crafty day is just the beginning!


The Johnsons said...

Dad said I can have your framed skeletin heads! I love em! Another thing for the sisters and I to be fighting over instead of attending your funeral (Thats morbid, but hey! It's Halloween!! So its the holiday spirit!)

Diann said...

Love all the awesome thrifty ideas! you sparked a couple of ideas for me!!