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HeaDs WiLl roll! MAd MaMa's Halloween recipe #2 &3 w/a teaser ot the end!

What a Innocent little plate of food!
.........It has no idea of what madness awaits in Rosie's kitchen of DOOM!

HOW does a homegrown meal of tender, young "Goblin Noggins" sound? Topped with fresh, shredded Witches wart! And for all those good little "ghouls" & 'Boos" that clean their plates...
A big slice of "Armofdeaden" cake with a dollop of frosty "Ghoul whip"!
Start with homegrown or store bought Green peppers, enough for all the brave souls in your family to enjoy a their very own "Goblin Noggin".

Let these peppers talk to you....In other words round wide peppers make better "heads".

I used four for my recipe,

1 Lb of ground beef(cooked & drained, 8 Snap peas.

1 small onion (diced), 8 asparagus spears, 1 glove garlic (minced), 2 small cans Tomato sauce, 6 slices of bacon (cooked & drained & diced), 1 cup cooked rice, 1 large tomato diced, 1 cup shredded "witched wart" (*note: shredded witches wart, can be substituted for shredded Parmesan cheese.)

Salt & pepper to taste.

Wash & hollow out green peppers. (*NOTE: Red peppers can be used in replacement of green peppers! This would make the "Goblin Noggins" into "Red Devil Noggins")
set a side prepared peppers.

Brown ground beef with diced onion & minced garlic cook until brown, Add cooked bacon pieces, canned tomato sauce and diced tomatoes. Salt & pepper to taste. Stuff peppers and place in a glass cake pan. Pour 1/2 cup water in pan w/peppers. Bake for 1/2 hour-45 minutes depending on your oven.
Peppers should not be too soft! You need them to hold their shape!
MEANWHILE: lightly boil some salted water in a medium pan, place in the asparagus in pan to boil the until BARELY soft. remove from pan & set aside!

REMOVE the peppers from the oven and sprinkle on the wart/cheese to form the yummy "bangs"! Pop back in the oven until cheese is melted. AND NO MORE!

Remove from oven & carefully(HOT!)slice a thin line on the side of the pepper. Insert the "ear"( the UNCOOKED snap peas) on each side. Let the natural curve of the pepper determine the "NOSE" on the face. Next insert the "Antenna"/asparagus though the top of the cheesy head. FOR the EYBALLS take a knife & poke out a longish slit and poke in a green olive. Crave the mouth just in a thin "smirk" & poke in a long piece of red pimento for his tongue.

There you have it!

Now Rosie's family?.....

gave this recipe....3 thumbs up & one "h*#>" NO!
But come on! cute are these little guys!? Don't ya just wanna EAT their heads off!?

NOW for your 1st "JUST DESSERTS" recipe!

The Yummy, yet surprisingly "EWWW"


(sorry, I did not get pictures for the start to finish product, so bare with me please!) I will be glad to answer any questions for ANY of my recipes!

Start with a CLEAN and PATIENT "ARM! My daughter was the "MOLD MODEL"!

Crisco( grease) the CLEAN arm up GOOD! Have the "MOLD MODEL" stretch her fingers out as WIDE as possible, keeping that pose for as long as possible.

With the thicker tin foil, line the WHOLE arm past the elbow. SEALING sides down as tight around the arm as possible. PUSHING and MOLDING to the arm constantly as you go up & down the foiled arm. Starting at the fingers, continue push & MOLD in between the fingers you go. Seal around the fingers, as CLOSE as possible to the bottom of the foil. Roll & SEAL edges around the fingers and the rest of the arm, as tight as possible. Don't be afraid to add more tin foil for any where on this mold, that will help keep it firm.
When you are secure knowing the mold is pretty tight & good. Have the "mold model" wiggle her fingers & twist her arm VERY slightly! Hold the fingers & have the mold model carefully pull her arm out! That's it!!! for NOW!

Next you want to Pam spray the inside of the mold as best you won't be easy...BUT it needs to be done. I know you won't be able to get some of the hard to reach places...that's why the MOLD MODEL had to grease her arm up!

You will need a CHERRY chip cake mix. Mixed as directed on the package. Carefully have someone hold the foil arm mold at a tilt. POUR the cherry chip cake batter into the mold. Tip to fill the finger tips & then the rest of the arm. Have the person helping you push down between the fingers to help discourage the batter from taking too much space in between the fingers!

When the mold is filled. Seal edges at the top of the arm & bake as directed on the package.

When done remove from oven AND cool.....Set on a decorated serving plate AND UNROLL edges around the arm AND LIFT off foil from around the cake. Cut any uneven edges from fingers to" slim" them out & do the same to the arm if needed. DO NOT cut the the top of the arm!! YOU want a jagged.."Just ripped off" look!

For added effect.... Puree some strawberry jam to smooth, adding red food coloring for a brighter red. Pour over the cake & "Spill" some on the plate & I paid special attention to the top of the arm! Add a spider ring of course & a few bugs & such. This cake is AWSOME with a dollop of "Ghoul Whip"/cool whip!

And the reaction from Rosie's family?.......

THEY loved it!!!! And ate it all & licked the pan! My Gunny bear LOVES to help me finish them up & get them ready to serve!

I had someone ask me HOW I think of these recipes!! NOT why, but HOW!!!
I dream them!...I know it's weird.....AND I can't explain it...but I just have dreams about this stuff!!! If someone wants to interpret those dreams BY all means do it! AND tell me about it!

This guy?

Is your sneak peek at what I "dreamed" up for that HAlloween

"HORROR"derve menu!
This is MY "DeAD HeAd SPrEad!"

Sure to drive your crackers "crackers! Stay tuned!

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