Friday, September 4, 2009

5th wheel TRAVEL TRAILER refresh!

This is my moving home away from home.
Our 1999 Catalina 5th wheel.

Just because I "camp" in this 5th wheel doesn't mean I'm a wimp & should not get my
"camped in the boonies" merit badge fair & square....BUT, by dang, my old bones could just not take another night in a tent, with a
"promise to not go flat...but always would" mattress!

And see'in as I really like hanging out with Kevy AND he loves to camp....This is our solution.

This trailer has a HISTORY!
It was involved in a high speed chase, with some Colombian renegade drug lords & the men in blue through the city of Miami, going at insane speed up to 99 miles per hour!......they had stuffed its rafters with 100% pure uncut cocaine (notice the picture where the roof had been ripped away by the cops!)......Thank heavens they had used a 1998 trailer to make the stuff in!
In off times the owner would rent it out to the famous Madam, Loosy CarMicheal.....where she would hold "floozies" lessons and then transport the graduates to Vegas for the Cheater-pants conventions. IN off... OFF times the trailer was also used to make super HIGH calorie, double stuffed chocolate, Carmel, cherry cupcakes that the dastardly but good cook
"The Dimpled Chef" would whip up AND who would then sell under the radar to unsuspecting & weak Jenny Craig dieters....oh the insane abuse this poor trailer took!!!
We literally had to almost do a "EXORCISM' on it...... it was so wicked!

OK, so I might have embellished the history of this trailer just a bit......OK maybe ALL of it!!
It was REALLY just owned by a old couple who only drove it to church on Sunday.......
OK no It was just previously owned by a family who maybe blew out a tire or something like that...because it did need a few repairs. REALLY that is the right story...boring I I had to jazz it up a bit! The wheel well was banged up AND a few holes were left on the BOTTOM of the wheel well & it did rip out a few wires, but Kevy patched it up great AND you would never know it was involved in a high speed chase!

Ok fine, I'll quit! The hole in the roof? Oh we had, had the trailer for about 3 months AND a big wind knocked a BIG branch of a tree and tore up the roof. Kevy patched that, and he has been "pondering" how to fix the "ugly ceiling" problem for about a year now!
BUT I can't complain because he is so good about fixing up all the other things I deemed more important to fix. He replaced the floor.
The pantry door had a big hole in it, where the bathroom door would bang open & knocked a hole it in. He FIRST put a springy thing outside the door, to keep it from hitting the pantry. He removed the panel from the pantry door AND replaced it with some plaxy glass, then used paper cut-out of a bear, a canoe, a fish, some mountains, trees AND a truck & trailer & other stuff. He laid it out in the design he wanted & spray painted lightly.....moved some around and sprayed again,until he got the design he wanted.
He then rebuilt and recovered the window valances. The others were tooo ratty to use.
I was just in charge of adding a few fun my vinyl lettering!
I had my friend at theletterplace make the vinyl letters.
It says: Welcome..may the "Forest" be with you......
HA-HA-HA, freaking funny!! I don't care who you are, that is FUNNY!

I made curtains & a levi quilt & pillows & a few chosen nicky knacks, to make it a little more homey!
All I need to do is find a 18' flat screen TV to hang in there & get Kevy to fix the Y-FI hook-ups and I'm good.....
cause I loves my TV!

So enjoy the tour of the
Tippetts rolling LOVE SHACK!
Don't forget(or pretend you don't see us) to wave at us as we drive by you!

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The Johnsons said...

Now all you need is a bumper sticker that says "if this trailers a rockin'...don't come a knockin'!"