Tuesday, September 8, 2009

LOOK what I did with those BULK food/candy TABS!! I can scrapebook!

I needed to freaking SELL some cello bags!!!
My Floral area has Cello bags for sale...you know the kind...you put your gift in these cute printed bags instead of wrapping the gift, or you put your children's birthday gift bags together in these or your homemade cookies in these before you give them to your friends.

So I asked Shilo @http://craftyfuntime.blogspot.com/ who is an INSANE scrapper to help me SUGGEST a way to deck out the "TABS" people use to write the code on when they buy the bulk candy. I wanted an excuse to put my cello bags by the bulk food section!

SO Miss "TOAD" (why toad" Because when she was born...(I was there pushing her out!)...She came out BIG black hair first & then with ENDLESS legs!! .....22 inch long! & her daddy was watching her cry & said hey! she kicks her legs sideways.....LIKE a frog!!) So after that he called her his little toad! ANY WAY....ABOUT the tags.... Shilo & I thought of a few gift ideas, AND made tags for those ideas ...check it out!

They turned out pretty cute! Below....(I loaded the picture in back words) is the finished board I put out by our bulk candy area....I am pleased to say....... the Cellos are moving quick!
BUT the Bulk candy guy was buggin & said his tags are walking out of there!....
People are taking them to scrap with!!!

WWWAAAA! I said your welcome!...because his candy is ALSO selling better!

The cupcake ones says:
Happy birthday "Cupcake"
It has the microwaveable cupcake mixes
& a gift card.

The froggy ones says:
Sorry...I "FROG"ot!
The Skull one says: You go "Ghoul"
These are the "Naked" Tags.
The cocoa one says:
Cocoa makes everything better!
I put in some cocoa packets AND a hot cocoa/coffee mug in also.
The football one (GO BYU!) says: please come to our tailgate party...it will be a ball & I put all different sizes of gumballs in it!
The "orange" ones is cute but is hard to read, it says:
"ORANGE" you sweet! & I put orange slice candy & chocolate orange sticks in the bag also.
Anyway...ENJOY the scrapen idea........
BUT don't get used to it!
I only did it for some stinkin' cello sales!!!


Lyndsy said...

you and shilo are an awesome team!!!! what a great idea rosie...i swear i don't know how/where you come up with these things??? bulk candy tags?????

Sunny said...
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