Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1st 2009 Halloween POST Kevys haunted tree

My Honey is a great Guy!......

This "scary" tree was carved (check out his other carvings on the sites here!) by Kevin, my sweetie.

He craved it for me a couple of years ago. I used it in a display in my floral area.....It was so impressive, I won a awesome award for it from the Retail floral Magazine check it out in this issue:

I won a Borgen Cup for my entry for best theme. (FYI, that's not me accepting the cup....our store was too cheap to send me there to accept it myself, so they sent our corp. lady!! RUDE!)
Its a big deal in floral land! BUT a BIG part of it was thanks to Kevy. ANYWHOO this year he spruced it up when the Nonfoods department asked if they could use it for their Halloween display.
I think it looks great! 2 things though, we had to put a sign on it that says not for sale, cause a lot of people wanted to buy it (Kevy said he would sell it for $200 bucks!) And I'm really gonna miss it at my house this Halloween...but its for my friend Sarita, our nonfoods what the heck, I'll share!
MORE Halloween stuff to come I promise...Look for my recipes soon to start up AND I really want to host the first time "WITCHING" you were here" dinner party for all my "Ghoul" friends! I will be testing out some "chilling" recipes from my OWN
"Recipes from a mad house wife" cook book!
All Halloween recipes were dreamed up and whipped up by little ol' me!
SO stay tuned!

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Les and Margaret said...

Rose -
I love your blog. I am crafty and creative challenged so it's fun to see what people with talent can do. You are amazing. Happy Day. Margaret