Thursday, September 24, 2009

FREAKING CUTE, my work Halloween floral display

UGGGG! I was sweaten' this ONE!!! I could NOT figure out what AND how I wanted my Floral display at work to look like!!
Now friends..I am well aware I border on TACKY!!
I know I wear TOO much blinky jewelery.....I mean if 3 brooches match my outfit...why NOT wear ALL three!? Or if I can not settle for those small post type earrings, when my shiny, sparkly, fish lure size earrings are REALLY what turns me on!..does THAT make me a Tacky QUEEN?...or just not afraid to wear my love of all things blingy on my "SHOULDER"??

WHAT I'm getting at. I'm OK with tacky, should I WANT to wear it....HOWEVER....MY FLOWER department, MUST be classy, yet understated, tasteful, WITHOUT being TOO pricey!

SOOO A Classy, Tasteful, understated HALLOWEEN, WAS almost the death of ME!!
This is what Me & my cutie pie assistant Nicole came up with! Check it out!
That is me...trying to sneak in the back way into work.....hoping no one sees me WITHOUT a HALLOWEEN thought in my head!
NOT really, I was just headed out back to spray paint the "COFFIN" Nicole & I folded out of a flower box. The other Picture is the closest thing we have to a BEFORE picture.

This little climbing monkey is Nicole, HOPEFULLY SOON.. my Rosie Jr. if you will, or my Mini me...or my Peanut Butter to my Jelly...My gal Friday...My Chocolate chips in my bland Straw in my butter on my Popcorn...or Better yet, my new assistant, my boss better let me have if he does not want me to go ALL the way INSANE!

She is just SLIGHTLY less afraid of heights then me, so she got to do the climbing...besides, I used that "fragile old lady" thing on her!...Dang, if that doesn't work all the time! NOW I ask you, does Nicole look, just a little TOOO happy to be up there? Or am I just "BATTY" .......DON'T answer that!

This Black & white Pic, is the SCARY one....This just shows HOW Scary is it to be in my area, when I get a new ideas?
MESSY People proves genius...not bad organizational skills! I have to repeat that one ALOT!!

COOL view from the floor, looking up at our BAT infection...

don't worry, there just CARDBOARD...spray painted black...good ol' Nicole, cut them out a while ago!

Almost there! this is the beginning.. and it only took us, 10 bigillion years, 3 potty breaks, 1, 46 oz Pepsi & 4 chocolate breaks to get to this point...we ARE that fast!

THIS idea was the ONE firm IDEA I had! I wanted limbs to 'hang" over the cooler in a "Haunted" like I could hang scary words, & other nic-naks on it....Again Nicole ...(see why I want to introduce her into "Rosieville"?) to the rescue....she just happened to have these AWESOME branches hanging out in her "back yard"...(she lives on the foot hill!)

Tiny little Nicole, comes dragging them in the store just for the sake of MY INSANE idea!

Bless her tiny little guts!

The tall dude? Is Andrew...Or my human ladder for a bit, that day. Andrew, stepped away from the "Tasty treat" department to help reach the high spots, us "Nome" like people could not reach!
BLESS his Giant size guts!

This is everything AND more for that I wanted for that area in my department. Thanks Andrew & Nicole....WHAT? I supervised!

The rest are just random Picture of the FINISHED display...keep looking....

LOOOK at these labels! I got them LAST year at ALL a DOLLAR store...they are SOOO cool!

I just "bought" some Non-alcoholic, cool looking bottled drinks & had Andrew stick them on!! Rocken huh?

These have been really popular already! (ps the new ones at the ALL a DOLLAR store are NOT near as cool as these from last year!)

This is my area by my desk... My FAVORITE son Levi & his sweetie, Lyndsy are approved vendor for our stores & they sell me ALL kinds of cute stuff, that they make & sell. All the Wood shelves & Wood plax's with saying on them are from them. INCLUDING those ADORABLE 3 piece "Trick or treat" blocks w/the crow on them! I Gotta buy me a set of those! Check their furnture & such out at
THEY are AWESOME & I'm not just saying that because I gave birth to him! I honestly, really like what he does!

ALSO...HEY you GOTTA check this out....

Levi makes some REALLY classy, nice frames AND Easels...ALL hand-made no less! I really wanted to showcase those....soooo I bought a 3-d picture, from our NON FOODS department. They are plasticy & kinda cheap looking & had a printed "Frame" on them. BUT I LOVED the pictures... They are AWESOME! WHEN you move you see the picture "2 different" ways...Look at both pictures and see the difference! Trippy!

So I just cut off the printed "frame"& popped them in the frames of Levi's, that I sell.

I think they look soooo cool!
AND it classes up those cheap looking pictures!
SAME with this one!

SORRY to say I have only sold one frame (SO FAR) And like ALL those picture from NON-FOOD area!
MORE random Pictures: one of the Finished coffin...Nicole lined (WHAT? I did too do something!) it with rhinestone fabric, I was saving for my own coffin lining (remember.. tacky gal?)The plants were alive!! smarty pants!

That lovey purple lady is my new best "GHOUL"friend!!! Notice I did LEND her some of my fave jewelery, for her debut? She Started out as Purple panty hose AND ended up STUNNING!!! I call her Purple PRUDENCE.

The kids LOVE, yet fear her, MEN fall in love with her wicked ride! ( DUH! her broom)

Women envy her fashion sense! For me, she completes display!

SO there you go.....the finished work of ART!!

12 hours of my, blood, sweat AND tears!!

What do you think? PLEASE let me know...I'm the only one who can pat myself on the back for a job well done, or a kick in the *V#@ if is BAD!!!

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The Johnsons said...

This looks so good! I can't way to see it in real life!! I love the non foods pics and the bats, so clever!Poor Nicole, I hope you bought her a pepsi or something. And is Starlee a little jelous, are you trying to replace her with Nicole?