Friday, September 11, 2009

Rosie's 1st 2009 Halloween Recipe.....look out kids, Mad Mama 's in the Kitchen!

Tis' the Season.....for the Madness to come out in me!..
...... I HoWL at the MOON......Dust off my broom......
.....shaped spatula & haul out my cast iron Kettle & arrange
my eye of newt...errr...
....I mean my spices & get ready to feed my "MoNsTerS" something besides "mash".

AND SOOO it begins!

My newest recipe: I Will call my "Licken FINGER good" Halloween meal.

A frightfully gruesome meal featuring:

Oven Fried "Severed CRiSpY critter Claws" with a side dish of
"ALL-Rotten" PoTatO SkUlLs"

A tasty meal for sure!

BUT.... is it the recipe I will serve my "SpOoK"tacular Family on All Hallows eve?
I will have consult my Crystal ball....
You start with new red potatoes( they are bite size) let the potatoes "talk" to you while your still in the that I mean, look for oval shaped ones.

Wash thoroughly & then "Shape" skull face with small paring knife.
Start with the "chin" or the longest part of your oval. Carve out both sides to equal shape & depth. Then use your watermelon baller & scoop out the "eye sockets" ALMOST touching, BUT leave a bit space in between the eyes. The "NOSE" kinda takes a shape of its own, so there is no need to carve it out. Carve out mouth shape, AND your done with potatoes for now!

Preheat oven to 375.
On a cookie sheet lined with tinfoil, drizzle about 6-8 Tablespoons of Olive oil on foil, add 1/2 Tsp Fresh Rosemary leaves & 2 cloves of finely minced garlic. Toss to coat the potato "Skulls" in the oil & spice mix evenly. Sprinkle with salt & pepper to taste. Bake in oven for 25-30 minutes to bake until soft BUT not mushy!

When baked, remove cooked potatoes from oven.....quickly lay on a slice of Provolone or Swiss cheese slice(I used a thin slice of Swiss cheese, it is all I had in fridge) ALTHOUGH I think some crumbled BLU CHEESE would not only add to the "rotten" effect, BUT it would TASTE Divine!
I think it would look & cover better if the cheese was a bit thicker!
Let it have a chance to sit for a minute, so that it can melt over potatoes. Pop it back in the oven, so that the cheese can completely coat the whole potato, to look like a skull.
When ready to serve, just pop in the eyeballs...AKA the Peppercorns. I think RED pepper corns would look AWESOME! but Alis I had none!!

WHaT the HECK are these?!!

Glad you asked!!! It's your Dinner!!!

You start with Boneless, skinless chicken breasts. (mine were put into the microwave & thawed too long..hence the white parts, it had started to cook!)
It is better AND easier to "Carve" the Claw with a slightly frozen chicken breast. Lay your hand over the breast...again "talking" with it, to see the "HAND"shape! Notice the thumb or pinky finger is smaller, so start craving LOWER on the breast. Work/Cut your way over the breast, adding more finger shapes, cutting to a point. BE SURE & not cut to far down, you need to leave a upper hand/palm, I used the thicker part of the breast for this part.
NOTE: I wish I had made my cuts a bit thicker., AND I think I put in too MANY "digits" on the claw, but WHAT ever or how many gets carved is fine! You can add in "Nasty" nails on the claws for added effect. I used Smoked almonds. I sliced a part of meat on the tips of the finger & "inserted) the nail in a bit of the breast meat. It stayed in pretty well.

Next using your method of choice...Deep fried, pan fried, oven fried.
I used oven baked (I wanna save my calories for DONUTS!) Dip the carved "claw" in egg & water mixture, toss in seasoned crumbs ( I used a box seasoned coating, by Lipton...SOOO YUMMY!) BUT I double coated, because I like extra crunchy!)

After baked, I placed the claw on a plate (I don't have my Halloween ones out yet, DANG it!)
"blooded" it up Barbecue sauce & served it with the finished "Skull -heads" & put it on the table in front of Kevy for his "MEAL"!

GOODNESS his FACE was priceless!

He looked down at the plate, looked up to me AND said:
Oh crap, It is September huh?!
(I always start "practicing" my "creepy" dishes in SEPTEMBER!)

Kevy surged his shoulders, lifted up his fork & dug in!
After he cleaned his plate, he pronounced it"WEIRD" but GoOD!

So here's to you MY Pretties!
May you & yours "choke" my recipes down with pure Halloween delight!!
Keep in mind my "recipes" are for the MOST daring of palettes!
BUT I can guarantee, that my dishes WILL taste great regardless of HOW gruesome & gross they look!
The only thing I ask, if you try & SHARE these recipes, PLEASE give me the credit! BECAUSE......
My goal soon, is to get these AND many of the other Halloween recipes, I create in a recipe book form!
....... AND I would HATE getting after someone for using MY recipes and claiming it for their own!!
SO please humor me & let others know this same request.


Lyndsy said...

you are truly disturbed. oh that looks disgusting! i don't think i could choke that down, knowing it would taste delightful. sorry. i am a soft stomach.

Happy Nester said...

My husband & kids would go nuts. I should make this, and not let them know what I am doing ahead of time.
The look on their faces would be priceless. Thanks for sharing.

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

I make a spooky dinner every year for the the claw!!!

That's going into my maybe's a toss up between chili under cornbread decorated to look like a jack'o lantern, a mummy meatloaf or your claws.

Thought you might be interested in this post of mine w/ spooky food in it.

Katie said...

You are so right, weird but good! Who knew chicken could look so ghoulish!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

very cool idea..I may have to try this. I came from kims