Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ThRiFtsTorE Treasure Hunt #3

OK so yesterday, I went to DI (our local thrift store) for JUST myself! I needed some good mystery books, I could get lost in, so I went there for that reason.

AND came home with more treasures!

This cute child size table & chair set was marked @8.99 for the set! All the pieces work ( fold-up AND fold-down, just great, it is in pretty good shape, only 1 small rip in green chair! It is perfect for my little grand babies, My Arbor bear age 2 & the "twinies" age 1 will fit it perfect! The other "big" kids, Gunner age 10 & Gavin age (almost)8 & Taya, age 6 And (AKA) Bella age 3 sit on the bar stools for supper at Nana & Papa's house.

NOW these green metal Salad set were marked @ $2.00, very fair! They are a kind of green apple color. I think they look VERY Retro. ( Toady said they look like flying saucers! YES!!!)
I also think they would look great with my metal tumblers......that I use when I drink my tang....just before I go into space.... in my white space suit.....and my test monkey!
ANYWAY I dig them!
I also SCORED with this metal Vintage Apple canister set. Marked @ $4.00 dollars for the 4 peice set!!!!

LOVE the red lids!! SOOO cute!
My Toady @ collects vintage apple kitchen ware. AND she deemed these cool! She said they are keepers!
These are the books I found, I love AND have read ALL the Mary Higgins Clark books, so I thought I would try the Carol Higgins Clark book(anyone else read her books?) All the paperback are $1.00 each, these should keep me happy for a while. I also got that nail art book(.75 cents) for my Star, who is our family nail specialist!
BUT HEY.....Check out my Halloween books!!!
SCORE!!! The purple one is kinda hard back( paid $3.00 the priciest!
( is that a word?) It's kinda lame...but the other one is a magazine from 2007 (Better Homes & Garden) & I paid $1.00 for it. IT IS AWESOME!!

Check out that MUMMY(sorry hard to see) it has instructions on how to make them AND the crypt!! I sooooo wanna do those!!

It also had many other cool ideas, PLUS A Halloween wedding ideas. (I want to set this table for my 1st annual "Witch you were here" formal dinner, with the "Sisterhood of the traveling paints" club. SOOOO COOL!

This cool Candelabra is made out of foam (can I hear a WHaT?) WITH instuctions!!
I love this magazine!!
ALL in all I spent around $24.00
for all this
A day & a dollar well spent.
Happy Hunting, my fellow treasure seekers...may you find that one big thing...that's gonna make you SING!

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Carrie Mae said...

Oh wow! These are great finds; lucky, lucky. :)

Also, to answer the question you posted on my blog -- no veil, just a hair piece that I made:

Do you like it? I just can't picture me in a veil! :)