Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rosie & the adventures of the "Taste Of Home" show

My job does have its perks! One is that our store:
"Maceys food store" is a major sponsor of the famous "Taste of home" cooking shows.
NOW I was told..... if I work my butt off & help think of a theme or booth idea AND then HELP set it up AND help run it....I can get FREE tickets into the show!

NOW mind you, I usually have AT LEAST a month to come up with some ideas for this show.....BUT MY friend & co-worker Lisa
(she's the brawn AND the BRAIN) behind it all!....told me MONDAY night, that we had a show the VERY next DAY!!!!
So we went into warp over drive & was PLANNING what we would do until 10:30 PM that same evening!
Nothing was set in stone EXCEPT it would be a old fashioned bakery AND that we would be at work at 7:00 AM the next morning!

A few phone calls on Lisa's part, to our AWESOME bakery manager JILL...about what we would need THE NEXT day by 2:00 in the afternoon! After some gasping & under the breath name calling from those around us, we parted & we finally hit the sack!
The next morning after stripping my kitchen & other rooms for anything I could use in the show for display & such it was off to work for me!
Lisa & I fiddled around with a few ideas on set up AND and away we went!

This is Mark the muscle loading Lisa's trailer.

This is Lisa & I, 2 minutes before they opened the door!!

The handsome guy, mugging it up w/Lisa is our Store director, Josh. HE approves of our display!

We, Josh, Stephanie, Star & Lisa & I, all handed out samples of Hot rolls w/ honey butter & Donuts AND CAKE! Our POOR bakers, they were awesome!!

This Lovey cake, was done for us, by our own decorator's, ON A moments notice!
WE did not expect such a fancy cake! It was well received, AS was everything!

The rest are just some random pictures.
My daughters & I usally try to hit the "taste of Home" show, when they come into town.
My lovely daughters (only 2 out of my 4 daughters could go on such short notice:(
Shilo & Starlee & I thought the show was just ok! I don't know what was missing...but we were almost BORED! MOST of the recipes looked REALLY bad, or uninteresting!
WE have always enjoyed going....but this year I don't know...... it was JUST OK for us dog!

The crew........after a job well done, representing......MACEYS food store.

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