Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Garage sale Treasure Hunt!

My daughter Shilo & I went out to garage sales on Saturday, around 7:00ish A.M.
I was looking for a AWESOME, CLEAN, CUTE couch & love seat set (NO LUCK)..(tear!)
(1st things 1st! Yes.... I had to get a Pepsi don't want to get between me & my Pepsi!)

One of the first things we found is this table top shopping cart.....
OK so funny story....I WORK at this neighborhood grocery store, Utah, SO I HAD to get his cart!! It looks soooo cute on my shelf at work, with a plant in it! I paid $1.00 for it! I love it's little chrome & rubber GUTS!

Another stop we went to was a sale at a retired Avon lady's house.
I thought her prices were too high for a garage sale, but I did find a couple of things there I HAD to have. This pink ring just SCREAMED my name as I walked by! It has a cute pink heart shaped stone inside & surrounded by(1 missing) small white stones. ALL on a pink almost "luciteish" style band, it is kind large, but it has the built in ring sizer inside the band. I paid $5.00 for that and $5.00 for the UBBER cute multi color rhinestone, stretch band bracelet. I felt OK about paying that much, cause I really loved them!
But still felt the lady should not have advertised a "garage sale" if she wasn't going to have "garage sale" prices!!

Next I found these SOOOO CUTE square Cherry plates..I ADORE them, my kitchen is in red & white & black & CHERRY'S & also a touch of "wanna be a 5o's diner" So these fit in great! The back said Sonoma, I think these will go great with the 4 (found at different times in a thrift store) Sonoma bowls I found a while back! 2 different style of bowls with a red strip, but super cute none the less! I would love to have a full set of these plates, but after looking at the prices on line for these plates, at set of 4 new plates for this pattern can run around $39.99! OUCH, I paid a $1.00 for each plate! I got a steal!

These are my cute bowls. Again I would Love to have a complete set of these also, but I will just settle for these 4 for now. I use them for serving, dips, small sides & such!

I found this vintage General Electric clock, unfortunately it doesn't work, but it is the right color(red) and the from the right era(1950's) so I was glad to pay the $1.00 they were asking! And Hopefully..... my handy, dandy Kevy can get it up & running!

This NEW still in the package Mini Tupperware pitcher & tumbler set is for my darling Grandaughter Taya, she is all about any thing MINI! Not sure when I will give it to her, maybe for Christmas, But I KNOW she will LOVE IT! Paid, $5.00 bucks, don't know if that was a good deal but hey.... its for my Sweet potato!

My FIND of the day....MADE me a HERO!!! And I got some GREAT smooches from My honey!
Happy Birthday Kevin!
Kevin (my husband) has been wanting a remote control car/train/plane/boat/"barbecuer"(ok maybe not that one) FOR EVER! Not just a cheapy on ether, BUT a really great one! He wanted to build the plane himself, so a super great motor & charger & battery & blah-blah-blah was really important to him! BUT he did not want to pay toooo much for this toy, so he never bought one for himeself. So Rosie to the rescue! I saw this at a garage sale & had NO clue if this is what he would want, so I sit my foot on it & called him.
HE all but screamed like a giddy little school girl, as I read of all the things this thingy had going for it (I had guys circling me, while I was on the phone W/Kevy, I thought "DANG Girl" you must look "Smokin" hot in that rushed ponytail &no make-up look & the ratty "garage sale" Grungies or "it's too Dang early" outfit you were sportin!.....
come to find out THEY just wanted my big fat foot off that cool toy, so they could buy it themselves!) What-ever, I know I looked good!...ANYWHOOO... I paid $10.00 for that toy...Kevy said the motor & battery & blah-blah-blah were easly worth over $100.00 dollars! .........WHOOOOO!
WHO's SMOKIN" hot now BOYS!???

Any way..... I just had to show you how cute my Cherry plates looked in my open Kitchen cabinet!
Perfect huh!!
Don't you think 6 more would look even better?

My bowls look adorable also!! I love the metal cups, they scream 1950's huh? The Blue bird... you ask?
Oh Kevy carved it to sit on his egg last Easter, I thought it was too cute to toss, so I put it on the bowl I turned upside down, it makes a perfect place for the bird to "nest!
So next time My girls (Lyndsy start practicing your elbow to the gut move,.... to shove the crowd away from all the good stuff!) & I go "Shabby" shoppin, you should come with us!!
Come join the party over at Southern Hospitality . I did! Plus you can check out all the neat finds that other bloggers found over the weekend!


Tippetts Family said...

love the spice rack idea. you are so clever! the cherry plates are my favorite!!!!! you are a good finder!

nana rosie said...

I r a good finder Huh?! I can only HOPE I find more...cuz that is the only way I will get more! I r a cheapy also!!

Mimi Sue said...

Very very cute dishes. I'll be on the lookout for some too. Your spice thing is adorable. Love the red frame. Mimi

Rosemary said...

Thanks for visiting my blog :) YOu found some great stuff!