Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just call us "bLoCkHeAds!

So the "Sisterhood of the Traveling PAINTS" got together this past week-end for some bonding & munching AND oh yeah, SOME crafting!!

I have to first give props to some of my fave crafty BLOG sisters: these "Not so idle hands" for the very awesome Fabric cork board idea! AND also these "Bizzy Bee creations" for the totally, super, cute washer Jewelry ideas!
I am feelin' so, so SO, bad!.....but I can not for the life of me REMEMBER where the idea for the Picture blocks came from! I have seen many ideas for this....But I fell in love with a BLOG SITE that had the idea to add the letters!
I feel bad I did not tab that site, because it was a great site! SOOOO if anyone can tell me where it was, I would be grateful AND I really want them to get the credit for such a FAB Idea!

*that's My sis: Cece & her board she made for her granddaughter Talia*

So by all means, please know this idea did not come me or mine and I am not trying to take the credit for it!

I love the ideas they shared with us & was so excited to try them out with my daughters, Shilo at @ "Toadly crafty" & Lyndsy Jean @ Pickelhead Photography & the absent crafter.... Teisha"wisha were here" & the "baby" Starlee Rose...

Can't forget my sis! Cec....aka "cec-cec batteries"(? you had to be there!) & my sweetie nieces, Alisha...."I glow.... cuz I'm preger!" and Amy Dawn"cha" wish your mommy was hot like me?" And Wendy "blue-eyes"...... AND CUTIE PIE "princess Oaklee!
OR as we call US "THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PAINTS" like to try out on our craft day...

SO HERE is A BIG.....GAINT....PINK...GLITTERY.....CREATIVE.......THANKS to you "sisters" from another glue gun!!

*Alisha: Miss Hostess with the mostest!

*Shilo & Star secretly wishing their mom WAS Martha Stewart!

The cutie pie is "princess" Oaklee "dokely"
she is modeling her "Washer necklace. We hammered the letters on, Wendy(mommy) glued (using metal glue) Oaklee's birthstone gem to add extra bling! Wendy " blue eyes", did her own take on the letter block, using instead of pictures, she used scrapbook paper & glued those painted letter on!
They were sooooo cute and original!

Here is a few close ups of my blocks. I used had my favorite photo store Maceys @ scan some family picture from years gone past and a few more recent ones all made ito the same size and modge podge them on.

Because I am lazy......pop over to My daughters craft site @
"toadly crafty" and she will explain better how to make these.

HERE a miss-Mash of pictures of every ones crafts in various stages of completion Here is my finished project.

After the blocks, dried I displayed them in one of my favorite saves!

This is a chicken feeder I rescued out of Kevy grandpa pa barn! Don't ya Just LOVE it!!!! Look at my latest porch post at my finished FALL blocks AND where they are displayed......stinking cute if I do say so myself!!!

My vote for next time the crafty "Sisterhood" meets?
I LOVE this: candy/potato chip wrapper purse! Check out the super talented Mylinda Agler for some unusual funky craft ideas! She is awesome!...... AND I think we were crafting buddy's in the preexistence's!

So may all you craft days be easy AND level!
Excited for HALLOWEEN crafts...... so check back soon!


The Johnsons said...

Awesome! I did love Wendy's blocks. I think that the use of....and !!! has never been higher.

Emily said...

Wow! You guys all did a great job and your crafts turned out so cute!! I LOVE the fabric you all used for the cork boards. I really LOVE the photo blocks too! Thanks for stopping by ;)