Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ThRiFt StOrE Treasure hunt


I woke up this morning with something nagging at me even in my sleep..
....I could not figure it out for the life of me on what it might be.
So I hurried into work, because I just felt like I was forgetting something AND I must remember it! UGH!! don't you just hate that!!!?

I hurried though all the main things that I needed to do...water plants....sort though dates on flowers...toss out old, fluff the new bouquets(P.S. I'm a floral manager in a Food store)...recheck incoming orders...put out fresh arrived blooms...ect. I still had this thing just telling me .....WHAT?!!! ALL morning long...NOTHING came to me...I was still feeling like I forgot something REALLY important!....So then later in the morning as I was headed out to my car to go run an errand for work...I was going to the thrift store to find fun & unusual vases & containers to arrange in. I thought "gosh I'm glad I remembered to take my groceries out of my trunk".... THEN BAM!......I remembered.....

I'll tell you at the end what it was I forgot....but first you have to read about my COOL thrift store finds......WICKED mean I know! Sorry, but I have to brag!

The 1st one:(sorry about side view of some...I can't figure out how to rotate the pic!)

This is a pretty glass dome I got for $4.00. The pretty ball top has come of, but my honey mentioned why not put one of those small glass draw nobs on instead! GENIUS! now I just gotta buy one!
The side pic is of the pretty Hydrangea silk plant in a pretty metal planter, it stands about 20" high. It looks so cute on the floor next to my couch. I paid $3.00 for the arrangement.

These awesome books, ran me .75 cents for the soft cover of "A season of Joy". It has some really cute paper craft ideas, that I am actually excited to do......It's NOT SCRAPE BOOKING.!..everyone knows scrape booking & I don't care for one another...it's a mutual disrespect we have long had for one another! The Martha Stewart Homemade Christmas put me back a buck! It was published in 1998 (look how young she looks)

She still has some styling ideas! I love the embossed candles she showed how to make.

These cute things are for my Scooter pie...

(AKA Teisha #3 in fam)

She is mad about Sunflowers, The really neat one is a framed dried/pressed sunflower shadow box picture, it is 12'x8 1/2. SOOO CUTE. It will look so cute in her kitchen. The other sunflower item is a serving bowl in bright cobalt blue & the ubber bright yellow sunflower. I think she will love that as well. Each piece was .75 cents each.(sorry again about the side view!)

The next picture is of the neatest frame. It is a black 13 1/2' x 11 1/2' metal frame I just love ! It has built in vintage charm you just can't fake! It has perfect scratches AND nick, that only some serious loving can add. I am not sure what I will put into it, but I really think it craves somethin halloweeny. Any ideas? I really want it to be something amazingly cool, this frame deserves it!

Oh yeah I paid a buck for this frame...maybe I just love the price and not the frame?....NAAA I LOVE this frame so much I would have paid $5.00 for it!!

This is just a larger view of stuff I got, but notice the cute Orange & white polka dot platter and the orange and black ribbon? I am sure my follow "sisters of the traveling paints" and I could use this in some up coming project..I'll share....heck for the .50 cents I paid for each of those rolls, I wont even charge ya-all nothin` ! I know I'm a saint!These silk plants are always something I am looking for. I got the silk and plastic paperwhites(all the rage in silk arrangements! according to floral review mag.)
in a cute embossed tin planter...
ran me $1.00! Killer deal. It looks perfect!

The silk Hydrangea & rose bouquet is STUNNING!
this picture can not do it justice! They are in the antique, warm colors that I love. It has no pot and that is why I got it for just a mere.75 cents!

The pictures are my find of the day!(notice the wider veiw of these picture on the top of the page) I simply love LOVE these and they are exactly what I wanted to finish up my Shabby chic living room!
The 2 pictures are 22"x 18" on a canvas. They have been crackled & the pretty little floral prints are modge podge on the canvas. The colors are muted and soft. SO lovely huh? I paid $5.00 a piece for them. A super great deal!
So I guess that is it..... I hope you got the same warm & tingly feeling as I did when I.....
WHAT? Huh?
OH YEAH ...WHAT I forgot?!!
AS soon as I thought "trunk" I remembered...
MY MILK that I put in my trunk along with the cereal and bread I bought ...SATURDAY!!!
Can I just tell you about the FuNKy SMELL that came out of my trunk when I opened it ?
Can you say PEEEE YEEEW!
So the moral of this story?
WHEN you leave your milk in the trunk of your car in 99 degree weather OVER the WEEK-end ...DON'T be surprised when your family wont believe you when you say you needed BUTTERMILK and accidentally bought MILK!


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good finds!!! can't wait to see you what you with the flower cavas paintings!!!


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Sorry, tried to link it for you, but it was already closed, I waited to long. SORRY!