Friday, August 21, 2009

So Sorry.....took a quick trip..

There comes a time in a women's life where she is desperate enough to get away from it all...
Where she, will say...... "Heck ya!" a camping a place so far in the boonies...... no one else in their right mind would ever go AND call it a VACATION!...

I have reached that stage in my life! I went camping in the boonies with Kevy AND liked it! This place is called Rob's Reservoir, a location where if I were to tell you about...I would have to kill you or at least send some knife willing Ninjas to your house to keep you quite! But I can say it was in beautiful southern Utah.....
My family have been going to this place ( NOT THAT great! REALLY) for over 40 years!
We used to go with my parents & meet my sister & her family there for some serious bonding time...our men would go off and get lost at the lake for hours...and come in long enough to let us women make sure they didn't fall in, then spin around and go back out fishing!
Kevy & I snuck off with MOST of our kids & their family to ROB"S for a bit of R&R.......EXCEPT...Star "our baby"...she thought it sounded like too much fun & crapped out!! AND also our sweet daughter-in-law Lyndsay & the "Twinies" Kia & Pai (AGE ONE!)....but Lyndsay had a way better excuse! It was called....... Kia & Pasilee!!!
If anyone know HOW much FUN (NOT) camping is with BABIES...... it's me!!!
We took Shilo for the first time when she was 6 months old & Teisha when she was 2 WEEKS OLD!!!!! SOOOOO DOUMB!!!
We missed them all....but maybe next year!
This is me in our 1997 love shack:
(our 5th wheel trailer)
YOU GOTTA SEE IT! (I will take & post more pictures of this AWESOME place!) We got it for a steal! We paid $3000 cash! It was in pretty good shape (NO GREAT SHAPE!) & everything worked & it was super clean....
We needed that trailer because I was SICK of sleeping in a tent!
I am too MUCH of a delicate princess to keep doing that much longer! (or maybe just TOO old!)
I told Kevy, if he ever wanted to smell the fresh scent of a campground fire in my hair OR taste these Delicious "Smore eatin" lips or eat another FABULOUS Rosie's famous "everything but the kitchen sink" Tin foil meal again....he better me make my stay more comfortable!
HE knows he could not LIVE without my "toasties toes" to keep him warm in that mega sleeping bag all by himself... SO he started looking for a trailer to whisk me away to Paradise..... or ROBS!
So I will post a picture so you can see how easy AND BETTER camping is now! In fact I have to BEG KEVY to go!

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