Tuesday, August 25, 2009

RoSyChEeKs "FALL"miliar Porch!

It's another reason for another season....
OR another reason to change my porch around!
AHHHH FALL.....Not too hot....NOT too cold! JUST right.....for now....I mean....I am in Utah, where mother nature changes her mind as much as....I change my porch!
I was a little bummed to take down my watermelon stuff....But my kids told me it was time.....Hey aren't watermelons KINDA of a Fall harvest? I mean they come OUT IN the fall right? HA!! I could have kept them up for another week!! You dang KIDS!

Notice my cute house numbers on my door? I LOVE IT! my cutie daughter-in-law cut those out for me with her vinyl cutter! I think it adds a lot.
I also like the galvanized container with the STILL green AND silk
(apologetic grimace!)
plants mixed in with some fall leaves AND flowers. For add texture I placed in a BIG (blingy..but can't tell) Mache pumpkin along with some 1 dimensional tin pumpkin set...(One of my Favorite Fall buys)
And of course can't forget my rusty watering can......as a reminder......I don't need to water this
fake ol' vignette
! HUH HA!!
I included some other pictures of inside my door. I have no fancy...la-de-da, Foyer or Foya`

Just a tiny little spot...
BUT for my own selfish decorating bones,
I needed it to say:
"HEY LOOK at me!!..... I am decked out in FESTIVENESS!!"
Also as guest leave my home.... I want them they say to themselves
"hey that Rosie is pretty cool!"....
"I will never be bored with fall/summer/winter/spring AGAIN...... AND I feel happy knowing that ROSIE is on the SEASONAL bandwagon with such vim AND vigor!"......(do people still say that anymore?.... even to themselves?!)

I know I am needy that way!
I keep up both the birdhouse shelf AND the black cabinet, all the time just changing out decor as I feel the need....or as I get somethin' new I think will look swell in/on/around them.
I have a trivertin bowl w/ a light which I just LOVE! I got it from Ohio Wholesale several years ago. I fill it with different things depending on the holiday. It has metal mini pumpkins & acorns in it now. It also stays in place most of the year also.
OK notice those CUTE picture block? On my next blog I will show what else..."the sisterhood of the traveling paints" made....... OR you can go on my baby Shilos website here "toadly crafty"
to see NOW what went down at the CRAFT day with the crafty "sisterhood".
BUT for now let me just say...I used ALL fall pictures with all my family members.
I was really inspired to make these blocks because I LOVE... LOVE... LOVE these pictures:
NOTICE my Arbor baby..(my grandson...by the stars & sunflowers) as a newborn (he's now almost 2!)..laying in the leaves......soooooo cute!
Also I think the picture of my grandsons Gunner And Gavin(F- letter) (Gavy's lost in the falling leaves by Gunner) Is so cute! And so reminisce of the brothers!
Taya Shay,(A-letter).... my sweet potato is in her Halloween outfit, sitting in the leaves...she looks so tiny! Her tiny little piggy tails were a chore to get in, because she had just started @ age TWO to get enough hair to do that with...ahhh good times!
And I HAD to use those pictures of My Bella boo and YOUTWO(the Twins)(top of 2nd L-letter) Kailea & Paislee
just cuse I LOVE the old world look Lindsey(their mommy) used as she took this picture AND BE sides THEY are Stinking cute. I also had to throw in the picture of Papa (my honey) & I(A-letter) holding ALL our precious grand babies in the fall.
ALL in all.... I really dig my porch AND love hangin out out there.
Ya'all come back now.......hear?!


The Johnsons said...

Your porch looks awesome! I loved how the fall blocks turned out and can't wait to do halloween ones next month.

Mimi Sue said...

Love your porch! It's almost Sept. can you believe it? The blocks turned out cute. Janis makes them over at her blog http://www.grams.blogspot.com. I love the ones she made me. Mimi