Thursday, August 27, 2009

To Rosie ....from RoSiE

I stumbled across
a really cute blog called Retro Rosie, And I felt a little ting of retro envy!
As most of you know I am a "Wanna be Retro" gal! But have not had the
"Paper Salad" to do I mean it!
SO I have just garage saled/thrift stored/had it donated/Pity gifted it for years!

And for some reason....I am content to just pretty much keep it in the kitchen!
I dig the bright reds,oranges, yellows, and turquoise blues of these yester-years.
AND for me, I need all the push I can get, to high tail it into my Kitchen to cook! This is my solution.... if my Kitchen is bright AND cheerful, I will CHEERFULLY go in it!

SO this quick tour is for my new friend Retro Rosie....But the rest of you can come along!
Rosie, notice anything familiar in my Gazebo? I noticed your so super cute yellow metal chandler...
And I thought HEY...ME too!
I found mine at a thrift store for $5:00. AND was soooo excited by it, I could not wait to show Kevy(my honey) He looked at it and said(this is where you talk in a deep voice in your head as you read Kevys part!)..."I have the perfect place for it"...BEFORE I could say "over the Kitchen table"? He said in the GAZEBO! My crest fallen face spoke before I did & then Kevy said..(deep voice)...I really think it would look weird over the table" I being the biggest wuss, did not even speak up for my super cute chandelier!! I am sooooo mad about that..... STILL!
BUT Kevy did have a good point...the colors were a little off AND I HAD insisted it stayed the same....I have seen many off these spray painted all white or same color, while still cute, I was just in love with the bold colors and did NOT want to change a thing! SO in a way...Kevy was right.....It does sooo do much for our gazebo. OUR HAPPY little gazebo!

The rest are just some random picture of my kitchen. My camera is not the best (just Star's cell phone) AND I did try to take pictures AROUND my clutter!

This cute cabinet (Kevy made for me!) is STUFFED FULL of SOME of my Anchor Hocking collection! I firmly believe that if you truly LOVE it, USE IT! I use these dishes all the time! (sorry its kinda dark, it is in a mini pass throw from the kitchen into the family room.)I LOVE Picnic baskets and will use any excuse to buy most famous one is:
"BUT I NEED it!...its a "Different color of RED"!
ps: These are NOT all of my baskets! ppss: They make great display tables & Kitchen christmas tree stand/holders AND even work GREAT to take ON a PICNIC!
Can I just tell you of my DEEP, PURE, Abiding LOVE, for this vintage Metal Pepsi 3 in one Cupcake/Cake/Cookie carrier? I mean if it were legal....I would INSIST Kevy & I marry it!!!

Found it on e-bay one day....had it in my hot little hands 7 days later!!!
It was BY far the most I have paid for a piece of metal....$89.00, but worth every penny!(Tippetts Kids don't get any ideas...this thing is getting buried W/me!)

I know it is Ironic...I live, eat, AND breath Pepsi....
YET, I have Coke chairs....HUH? WHY?
Some have asked..."Rosie, aren't you afraid the Pepsi police will find out....aren't you kinda cheating on your beloved Pepsi somehow?".....Well to them I say......
THEY WERE FREE!!!! & the RIGHT COLOR!( My friend Jackson knew I LOVED the concept and look of these retro chairs & GAVE them to me...kiss-kiss - Thanks, Jackson!)
.....besides, I SIT on the coke, but DRINK the Pepsi!!!

SO My sister"from another mOtHer":)
Retro Rosie....... Here's lookin in the mirror at ya!
I hope you come back often, cause I know I be keepin' track of you!
(that sounded kinda "stockish" Sorry)

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Rosemary said...

haha, wow, a post just for me! LOL! Your kitchen is darling! We do like the same things :) Well i love my chandlier, but not really because it needs to be rewired. I'd like it to hang lower too, but we have a huge vaulted ceiling, and getting hubby to rehang it probably won't work! LOL! I will warn you, i am horrible at keeping up with my blog. I'm planning my daughters wedding, so it gets neglected.