Thursday, August 6, 2009

boww "Chipa" wow Salsa recipe is HOT!

Ok.....I may have embellished that a BIT....... I only add 1 Jalapeno!

AND So.......the Tippetts tomato harvest begins!

Our tomatoes from our garden have come on like gang busters!

So I made my first batch of Fresh salsa today & shared it with a few chosen ones at work (any one who would walk by & say HEY ROSIE! qualified as "chosen"!)

I wanted to share the recipe, that has gotten my family through many Barbecues/parties/get togethers or just plain serious case's of the MUNCHIES!

This recipe makes a fairly large batch, about 1- 1/2 quarts of FRESH salsa

"So FRESH, you should be slapped"
Tomato Salsa recipe

*8-10 Tomatoes (I like the combination of both Roma AND Beefsteak Tomatoes)
*1 large sweet onion (sliced in 2 half's)
*2 cloves of fresh garlic
*1 bunch of fresh Cilantro
*1-2 Jalapenos ("do you feel lucky PUNK?...well do you?".... then add 2-3 Jalapenos...I dare ya!)
*juice of 1 small Lime
*1/4 tsp each garlic powder & onion powder
*Salt to taste

I like to have 2 different textures in my salsa...I add my blended salsa, to help give some "body" to my chunky salsa, without watering it down too much.
Slice the tomatoes into 4th then place 1/2 of the tomatoes in a blender.
Then do the same with the onion. Then add 1/2 the onion in the blender with the tomatoes.
Add 1 of the cloves of garlic in blender & 1/2 the cilantro, & 1/2 the Jalapenos, SEEDS AND ALL!! (that is were your heat comes from...girl... you know we gotta spice things up a bit to keep our guys on their toes!)
Squeeze the lime juice in the blender. Place the lid on the blender and PULSE the blender, to get a chunky blend, you DO NOT want to blend smooth!
When at desired consistency, pour the Salsa in larger bowl. Then dice the remaining ingredients into smallish pieces. Add them into the Blended salsa, stir in garlic & onion powder, salt to taste.

Have you tried the "Frito Lay" Lime chips with your Salsa?
If NOT..... DO IT!!!
You can thank me later for it!!
So I hope you enjoy this recipe.....As you eat it You will want to do the "SALSA" dance.... the traditional dance of "Love for all things Tomato".
Just remember...the steps to Farmers Tomato Salsa dance, is WAY different from the sexy Latin Salsa Dance...

The Farmer Salsa dance steps are ......
KICK, Step, KICK again, tap... DIP (NO DOUBLE DIPPING!)Tap, Kick, step, step, kick DIP.......
....don't say it kids...I AM weird!


Mary @ Framed and Tagged said...

OM GOSH!!! You are a hoot!!
The recipe sounds good too!!

The Johnsons said...

Mmmm, you should bring me some

Embellish-Vintage Home Embellishments said...

Great Receipt!! I can't wait to try it. I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog. I am glad you did it allowed me to find yours! I'll stop back often. Take care.