Tuesday, August 4, 2009

SpiCin" up mY KiTcHen, My "SPICY" magnetic spice board!

YE ol' Spicy Clever Rose strikes again!

So I had some metal sheeting from a past project hanging around, a bit more red spray paint, and a 1/2 page of magnet sheeting, just hanging out... takin up time in my craft ridden brain...
I JUST had to make somethin!..the Craft gods were getting angry & I was starting to get the SHAKES....
AND I was worried the left over magnet sheet would ROT & go bad(really) and go to waste!

I noticed tha "All a $1.00" store had those cute little tins
And it was like the Angels
from Crafter Heaven sent me a message!!!!
"Rosie", I heard angels sing to me..."you Must......create something clever & crafty, yet practical...It must be cheap, yet look expensive enough to fool even fool the toughest DIY crowd..you must hurry.... it is for the good of all man kind, they MUST be saved from bordemmm (or bordemzzzzzz)......
I seriously saw a brilliant light illuminating from those tins on that Orem "All a $1.00" shelf!!
I knew what my mission was..... I must make a crafty Spice board to hang over my stove!

TA-DA .......
too much build-up?.....
not a cool enough project to impress you?
WELL WHAT- ever , cause I love it!!!
I figure I spent $3.00 for this cute project!
I still need to get a few more spices to fill some tins & add more labels, but I dig it!


The Johnsons said...

Ohh, looks so good. I think you should let me have it!

Twice Remembered said...

This is really neat! You did a great job - so cute!

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Also, when you add your link to the list, add the link to *this* project post, which is: http://hotlittlenana.blogspot.com/2009/08/spicin-up-my-kitchen-my-spicy-magnetic.html

Thanks so much!