Monday, November 30, 2009

It's SO CHARMING!? Rosie's Charm swap....gotta see it to believe it!

OK Shilo got me hooked on these Charm swaps on twopeas. @
I LOOOOOVE the charm swaps, you can sign up to swap just about anything...BUT the bracelet Charms are my faves! This one was for the Vintage Christmas charms. Check out some of these cuties! I love them all! My camera can not even do justice to them all. They are all so cute.

These 3 are the ones Shilo & I did for the swap. The gingerbread cookie cutter one is the one I did & the cute Star one is the one Shilo did. Now some of the swappers wear the charms on a bracelet & some of them like to use them as tiny Christmas ornaments on a mini tree. Both are good ideas, BUT I LOVE to wear mine! So look for mine on my wrist STARTING tomorrow!

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Stephanie M. said...

Hey Rosie. Great blog. Love the recipes. I participated in Luanne's charm swap too. Mine was the green glass ornament like charm. It was my first charm swap. I loved it. Loved getting that package in the mail. You did a great job on yours. Loved that cookie cutter.

I'm hosting a victorian charm swap due in January if you are interested. Just search for victorian under swaps and you should find it. Would love to have your talent in my swap. Take care.