Thursday, November 5, 2009

BEST "craig's list" find EVER!!! You gotta check it out!!

OK it wasn't actually "Craig's list" that I found was a local news site, that has online classified section. BUT it was kinda "Craig's listish"
As some of you may have known, my couch in my family room, was in such sad shape!!
It had only ONE spot on the blasted couch that was even remotely comfortable!
And even that was debatable! SOOO periodically I would check AND craigs list AND even went to garage sales all summer long on the look out for a NICE used couch & love seat set. Trust me when I say it was HOPELESS! First of all my budget was at the MOST $200.00! I know.....I know....why would I think that I could find even a decent couch for that price...what was I thinking?!!

One morning while on my comp. I felt really strongly to check the classified on KSL.... (I have to say, I know where this feeling was coming from!) brushing it off as wishful thinking...I ignored it!
Until again I got the thought to check it!
So I shrugged my shoulders I clicked on the classifieds & said out load..."all right where to now?" To the couches....I heard & on the 2nd page this listing came up:
"Couch & overstuffed chair, FREE to the first person to come & pick them up!"
NOW I have learned from experience to NOT get my hopes up high!
Because in most cases IF you get a couch for also get the rats nests & dog hair & broken springs for FREE w/ that couch!!
BUT I clicked on the picture anyway! AND these couch & chair pictures pop up!
WHAT THE HECK!!! there must be a catch RIGHT!? I mean, I have seen ads with A PICTURE of a couch out of a catalog with the note that the couch for sale LOOKS like this couch!.....MAYBE when you bought it 10 years ago! I also noticed that the ad was posted 2 days before I saw it. BUT out of curiosity, I called the number & asked if the couch & chair was still available....
Kevy & I went & saw them that very day, just because I still had the thought in the back of my's too good to be true!
Well they were in almost perfect shape! The guy said, he doesn't really sit on them....AND he had new, more masculine, not so country furniture coming in a week AND if we wanted to come back then.....we could have them!! AND so we did! AND he was sooo nice he even throw in the awesome rug!!
WHOOO...Heavenly Father is SOOOO good too me!!
I got to keep my $200 & got this set FOR FREE!!!
YOU can't a better bargain then that!
SO don't give up peeps, there is always hope!
These pictures are in my family room. The set just "COZIES" up the space so much & they are so comfy to sit in! It had like a million plaid pillows to match, I just put most of them somewhere else & I add more pops of red (you know I LOVE red!) with pillows & the red coffee table & I am one "happy finder of bargains". What do you think? AWESOME HUH?!


The Johnsons said...

I love your new couches and so does my butt! I can't believe you found such an awesome deal now if you could just find us a cricket machine for free!!

Les and Margaret said...

I am so excited for you. I continue to be inspired by all you do. Happy Day!!