Sunday, November 22, 2009

YUMMY! This is IT.....THE recipe I am making for the COOKIE Exchange!!!

See this Little Green Package?
It was introduced to me by my friend at work!
The Hershey candy REP! She only visits once a month or so, but I LOVE it when she does!
This time, she handed me a sample of the tasty morsels in side this green package

I know I was in for a treat at first SCENT! MINTY CHOCOLATE YUMMINESS!

I taste..........

I almost belted out a love song! I almost HIGH tenor!

I ALMOST rapped a ballad!!!

YUMMY! to the new Kisses filled with MINT truffle!!

(I give it 5 Hot pads UP!, My grand babies give it 5 sticky thumbs up!)

(NO monies were exchanged for this "BLOGVERTISMENT", I just dig them!)

BUT the best thing about the package, was the recipe on back!
It is for: Mint Capped Brownie cookie cups!
I had to try it out, to see if it would be a good, EASY, cookie exchange recipe. AND guess what!!?

It SOOOOO IS the ONE!! I mean if you LOVE MINT AND CHOCOLATE in one delicious BITE..... This is the one!

NOW the thing is......I don't know IF I can write the recipe down here on my blog (legal reasons?...too lazy?...or too mean?) OR should I JUST make you buy the bag to get it!!?
I mean you gotta buy the bag anyway to make the recipe, right?.....HUMMMM.... what to do?

ANY one want the recipe???
Let me know if I should: POST or NOT to post...that is the question!

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