Saturday, November 14, 2009

BrrrRRRRrrrr! This is what it looks like outside here in the "NOrTh Pole" aka: UTAH, SO I'm sneaking...

A bit of Christmas on my porch!
More about that ...BUT 1st......check out this weather!!

This is looking out to my back yard!! Is that gazebo shivering?....or am I just seeing things?

This is looking out the window from my 3rd level, craft room SUITE......

OK.....Levi's old room, now forced to be a craft room!

The other one is looking out my front door......
me.....pausing to see if I'm crazy enough or hungry enough to go out in this whether for groceries!
OH NO! I am out of carrots & lettuce & skim milk, I really should go to the store.....
.....stick my big toe out........ NO WAY!
It's a good things Ho-Hos & Twinkies will last for a gazillion years...cuz' I ain't goin out there unless I run out of PEPSI!!

Anyway I love, LOVE, LOOOOVEEEE my red door. I had to bling it out!!
I found 3 "still in the packages" red berry garland at my local thrift store FOR 1.50...dollhairs!!
I had to put them up! I mean it still looks Fallish, RIGHT?
I also borrowed this idea from ONE awesome crafty sister, she so sweetly shared with us not so-crafty sisters!

I loved her idea for this Ubber CUTE monogram wreath ! I just could not bring myself to put the Christmas ribbon on yet!

BUT..... I substituted the hanging ribbon with the burlap bag I got from my produce section! AFTER they sold all the Utah's own Pine nuts!!!(where's Gunlock?)
Still fall & SOOO cute huh...huh!?

They only thing different......I made my own set of rules! I did not use her directions......

AND since my last name is a T...the easiest letter in the world to twist to your desired shape....

AND since I did not have the garland handy(its buried down stairs & "I STILL ain't go in down there!"....... I just had Kevy(DH) clip this super cute wreath, TWICE!

PULL & YANK into a T (ha-ha, Kevy did it!....He likes to show off his manly man muscles for little ol' me!) AND voila....a monogram wreath befitting THE Tippetts household!

Thanks Thrifty decor chick! Your awesome!


Mimi Sue said...

We're freezing up here in Kaysville too. I guess winter's really here. You got such a great deal on your couch and stuff. It was meant to go home with you. Your grandkids are adorable and you have a wonderful family. Have a great weekend. Mimi

The Johnsons said...

Lovin your wreath!! We could so easily make that into a J and then you could give it to me!

2sisters said...

That's a fun wreath. Plus we are in Utah (although down here in St. George it rarely looks like winter, just feels like it this morning). Gunlock is down here by St. George, a little west of us. Tiny little blink-and-you-miss-it town. Thanks for following our blog, hope you enjoy!!!

Levi said...

your wreath turned out cute. if it ends up may be on my door!