Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Tippetts clan! Pre-Christmas card poses

This first one was tooooo cute NOT to add!
That is Kevy.....AKA: honey, baby, Sugar booger, Daddy, Papa, ect.
Gathering up the Grand babies for MORE photo ops!
You can SEE how thrilled the twins are about the whole thing & forget Bella, she takes off as soon as she touched the ground!Handsome Kevy & I.....before HE tries to run off!

The rest of the clan!
Gosh ALL my babies are beautiful!

And of course the best one!! Nana & Papa with ALMOST all our sweeties!
Check out Pai's CHEESIER! SOOO stinking cute!
Shaylee our angel baby in heaven & Levi jr. still cookin' until May, are the only 2 missing....
For now!
We are so blessed!


Lyndsy said...

so cute!

p.s. it's Kailia cheesin it. those tricky little twins!

nana rosie said...

OH snap! Star TOLD me it was Pais!! Liar.... STAR! Ya all know I am terrible AND can't tell the two tinies apart! My bad!! It's a good thing I LOVE them BOTH the same!