Sunday, December 6, 2009

Neighborhood/co-worker/friends EASY Gift Idea's

MERRY Christmas MY friends!!!

I have BEEN knee deep in Poinsettia's at work AND just now dug myself out!

I have a love/HATE relationship with my job sometimes.....Case in POINT.....When YOU thought & were PRESSURED into making a POINSETTIA order..... IN JULY.....innocently thinking....YOU would need 600 Poinsettias for the Christmas Holiday....NOT taking in to consideration that the ECONOMY would BE in the crapper AND YOU just might have to adjust that order..... I mean REALLY...IN July AS I recall.....Christmas seemed REALLY far away...AND my brain was just focused on when my next Passion fruit snow cone would happen AND do my firecracker earrings clash with my Americana acid washed HEADBAND..... OR should I serve PLAIN hot DOGS or spring for those fancy BRATS at the next BBQ?!.....

SOOOO can I or SHOULD I be blamed AND PUNISHED....... REALLY for the fact that MAYBE, JUST maybe.....I over ordered a bit too heavy on the POINSETTIA'S!?

UGH! IF my grave stone would show my disgust for Poinsettias....

It will read something like this......

Here Lies Rosie:
Who ORDERED too many colorful Posies,
a lot of lilies & Hydrangeas & even some daisy's
But with the Poinsettias she caught a BAD case of the LAZY'S
She forgot to pay attention and water the blooms...
So Rosie; your fate in POINSETTIA Heaven forever LOOMS!!!!

OK I'm DONE.....

ANY WHOOO, I just wanted you to know....My thoughts were with you all... I REALLY REALLY wanted to give you all a heads up on the gift giving thing! I made these Gift ideas for a class I did at my work AND thought I should share them with you!

I have been wanting to get these on my blog for a bit now......I just could not figure OUT how to get them on here(you know......all that scanning & computer silliness!!!!) So Shilo to the rescue!!

Lets Start with the 1st page, BUT 1st, I suggest you invest in some cute Cello bags to pop some of the gifts in, ADD a cute tag & tie or staple AND EASY...

PLEASY..... Gift is ready.

#1-Give a Smore kit...Crackers, marshmallows & chocolate. OR a big box of SMORE Poptarts.

#2- A Christmas CD

#3-Eggnog creamies, Or Egg nog or/and Peppermint Ice cream

#4-a SPRAY can or bottle of Christmas scented room spray

#5-A paper dish kit EX: Festive paper plates, Napkins, Cups, Plastic utensils

#6- A loaf of HOMEMADE bread OR Banana Bread or Corn Bread

#7- A big bag of Payday Candy Bars

#8-A cello bag of different seasoning packets EX: Taco mix, Meatloaf mix, Chili mix, Sloppy Joe mix, ect.

next page

#9-Again a Paper dish kit

#10-A cello bag of Grapefruit or a bag of Grapes or grape soda or grape Jelly OR all them!

#11- Cherry Pop-tarts, Or Pepsi cherry Cola (got my vote!)

#12- A can or CANS of "Pringles"brand Potato chips

#13- A carton of Egg nog

#14-A box of Fireplace (extra long stems) matches (Toady @ would SOOO scrapbook this box!)

Next page:

#15-SORRY repeat of the Pringles (my bad!)

#16- A gallon of Chocolate milk or EGG nog, or a box of MILK duds or anything COW related

#17- A big bunch of Bananas or Banana bread or BOTH!

#18-A cute box of Christmas Tissues

#19-a Christmas printed roll of Paper towels.

I have a few more I need to down load AND I will get you those suggestions for MORE Neighborhood gift ideas later this week!!

I know some of them are a bit CHEESY......But I gotta tell you....after trying to think of 100 ideas for my brain was a bit frizzled! soooooo I hope you can at least use one or two of these for your gift giving needs!

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Room Mom 101 said...

I love all your ideas and the tags to go with them!! You took all the thinking out of neighbor gift giving. I am going to feature you on my blog. Tnanks.