Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rosie's "FaLL"bulous Porch...thank you very much!

This little guy is My sweetie boy Arbor!
He came ALL the way from So. Utah to help Nana redo her porch!!!
OR.... maybe just to make me super happy all week-end long!
We had a blast, hanging out with the funny kid! He is so pretty too!
He has BIG blue eyes:) & thick strawberry blond hair & he always has a smile on his face! He is so easy going & sweet! He gets none of those traits from his Nana Rosie!
Anyway, here is my fall/thanksgiving porch all decked out, BEGGING to be shared!

The screen door is from Kevys Grandpa & grandmas barn. It was the original from the old house. I can't bring myself to redo it & use it any other way! It has so much personality already. I was going to have my son, Levi make it the front of a TV cabinet, BUT I just can't!

Like my wash stand table top! Just a fun idea! I had wanted to cover the tall bar stool with a big piece of burlap...but got to excited to finish up, that I just settled on this tea/food stained beige quilt! The washtub fit over it perfectly. I had to push a bit hard to get it on straight, but I like the looks of it!

This in the table on my living room. I still kept the white & black & polka dot pumpkins from Halloween. I think it looks OK.

This is by my front door, in my little itty bitty foyer. I am bordering on too much, but I had so much FUN thanksgiving things..... I had to "make it work"
(Thank you Tim Gunn)

Hey but see the super CUTE framed Pilgrim couple in the hanging white shelf?
ONE of my favorite Thrift store finds ever!!
It is a needle point picture! I love it's THREADED GUTS!

So thanks for stopping by...Ya- all come back now....HEAR!


Les and Margaret said...

Thanks for sharing you Thanksgiving decor. Also congrats to Levi & Lyndsy

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

Love your porch decor. Love the wash tub upside down as a table. Great idea. Love the pilgrims. Love the screen door with the barn star. I wish I could get my porch to look so good.