Sunday, November 22, 2009

the SiStErHoOd Of THE Traveling "PAINTS" meet again...for a FUN craft day!

The first project one I HAD to show YOU is this ONE!

The girl's & I had talked about wanting to FOR SURE do a christmas count down of some sorts when we got together this month for craft day........

AND my Sweetie, Kevin, KNEW I had been wanting to do the Christmas count down with the "SOTTP"......

BUT I ran into a snag..... I had no MONEY for my Craft day projects.....
( sad story: I had my black Friday/craft day/thanksgiving money ripped wasn't a lot...but going to a lot of different needs!)

Kevy saw how upset I was, when I thought I wouldn't be able to play at craft day....

so he QUICKLY made these up for me!! All Saturday morning he worked hard on these boxes so I could have a project to work on with my "sisters"!

The 25 pine mini box's are all hand cut, sanded, made with love for me!

And then he made the frame to slide the boxes in.

He even made 2, just in case ONE of the girls wanted to make one like mine. I was so touched, I started to cry! IS he the BEST or WHAT! I'm gonna keep him!

I was so excited to get these done!

I first washed the wood in red paint & was pretty happy with it, because the wood still could show through, BUT as Taya, my little grand daughter & I picked out the perfect paper to modge podge on the drawers. I found the red's & even some of the prints were lost in the red to make it stand out more I dry brushed on some black paint in a light coat, dried and sanded it some more, so SOME of the red would show through. I was VERY happy then, cause the black helped the color & print on the paper to pop more!

We added some cute stickers and numbers AND MORE modge podge AND voila! We were done!

I still need to add the draw nobs, but I can't decide what I want to use for these yet. I still have a couple of days to decide right?

Below are a couple of the drawers up close. The pictures do not do it justice!

They are so cute! I love it!

I have to gather some treats & sayings & such to fill my draws up with.

You gotta see my daughters Shilo's countdown @Toadly crafty take on the very same project. SHE did the same wooden set in a very cute way!

SHE did have a lot of help though! She used the crafted pages from her "cookie sheet countdown swap" and hot glued those on to the papered drawers.

They were all unique and all SOOOO cute! I love her count down also!
Keep an eye out for it, when she gets it up, maybe tomorrow?
TOMORROW or maybe Tuesday...I will finish posting more pictures of the FUN filled craft day,
where we also put together AND FINISHED our gifts for our neighbors and co-workers and friends!!
I will post the recipes for those and also a sneak peek at what we STILL have to make BEFORE the cookie exchange party


Valerie said...

That is soooo cute! I love it. So nice you have someone to cut all that wood for you. Sorry about your money though.

The Johnsons said...

Okay, I finally posted a quick blurb, but that is all that is going to happen for now! Love you!