Wednesday, October 28, 2009

THIS "SPUD..nuts" for you! Rosie's halloween homemade SPUD NUT recipe!

OK I HAD to share this recipe!
I mean....I would be MEAN if I didn't..... right?
As some may recall...I used to work in the school lunch room, around here when my Kiddies were KIDDIES! So I did take a couple of recipes from that Kitchen AND NOW I gotta share!

This tasty treat was almost as popular as the peanut butter fingers were!
(see past post for THAT recipe!)
There was always a excitement in the air when the lunch room started making these....the kids just knew Fall AND HALLOWEEN were near! AHHH Good times!

A SPUDNUT is just another name for a old fashioned DOUGHNUT.....made with potatoes!

This recipe makes about 5-6 doughnuts.
(sorry that's about how many friends AND family will eat at a sitting!)

*2 C (warm) potato water
NOTE: just boil 2 medium potatoes in 4 C water until potatoes are very soft. MASH the potatoes in the water measure out 2 cups of the water AND potatoes and discard the rest or refrigerate for later use.)
*2 cups scalded milk
*1/2 cup WARM water
*3 Tlbs active dry yeast
*1/2 C Butter or Margarine
*4 Eggs well beaten
*1 C sugar
*1 tsp Salt
*2 tsp Nutmeg
*8 cups flour
Microwave milk until just ready to boil, pour hot milk into the mixer w/the butter & sugar, allow to melt & dissolve AND cool a bit. In a separate bowl, beat eggs to froth. In another separate bowl, pour warm water & mix in the yeast AND 1 Tlb sugar, allow the yeast to activate & bubble. Turn mixer on a medium setting with your dough paddle and add the eggs & salt, nutmeg AND 4 cups flour. Mix until a dough starts to pull together. Add the yeast/water mixture and the rest of the flour. Mix until a dough ball forms AND keep mixing for about 3 minutes or until dough is smooth. (ADD more flour if too sticky...not too much only 1/2 cup at a time...and no more then 1 1/2 cups!) THE dough can NOT be too dry, sticky is not necessarily bad..... just get it to the manageable stage!
Remove dough to a large greased bowl to rest & rise, on your warm oven for about 1 hour. Roll dough on a heavily floured board, to about 1 inch thickness & cut out doughnut with a round cookie cutter or a doughnut cutter.
Place the cutout on a floured cookie sheet to rise, BUT only for 1/2 hour!! They will deflate at touch if too risen. Fry in hot grease, stirring with wooden Skewer to turn. Cook until golden brown. Frost when cooled AND enjoy!
NOTE: You can use left over potatoes and/or flakes. ALTHOUGH I have not had them as light AND fluffy if I did go this route.

My doughnut cutter came from my Mom's house...when she was moving, I came over to help and she had no interest in keeping this & a few other I snatched it up about 15 years ago! IT was my Grandma's AND I have a vague memory of them using it once or twice. I have not seen any more of these cutters in this heavy, sturdy metal, for sale in a very long time. I always make it a point to check at garage sales AND thrift stores for luck! BUT, I will pass this on to one of the girls...because it does hold such great memories of some AWESOME pumpkin carving nights!

Try this recipe...I stand behind it 100%! It is easy AND yummy!

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