Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My "swap" Projects....A few charms & a few recipe cards..I must say: DANG I'm GOOD!

As some of you may know, I am so in love with the 2peas swaps! I love the charms swaps. I also want to get into the recipe card swaps! They looked so fun! I just had to get in on the fun!

SO these 1st few are what I came up with for those cards.
The first one is for the Pasta recipe card: I chose to do the Stuffed shells. I am not quite done with it, but you get the jest right? The next one is for "Party food recipe cards" I chose the Stuffed Heavenly Mushrooms. This card is cuter in person! I glitter sprayed it a bit for fun.
MY FAVE!!! This is for the "Campbell's soup recipe cards" I ADORE THIS ONE! The recipe is "Mom T's Hamburger meat pie"
The next on is "Grilling recipe card"It still needs the recipe & title on it, I chose to do "Rosie's "SWISH" these are "GOOD BOBS"
The next one is the "Grilling recipe card swap" I did 2 because I wanted Gunner to have a set of his own. I did the Bar-B -Q Chicken pizza recipe ! I just have one more to create & thatis the "Mexican recipe card swap"AND then I get to make 10 of each of these! Once you have created the page, it's a lot faster to recreate the others!

MY junk food charms,Shilo & I are hosting! I did French fries & Hostess cupcakes & TV dinner!

I LOVE, LOVE the vintage Pepsi label. I wanted to go for a "SIGN" look....so I Poured a clear lacquer into a mold & in bedded the label in it! SO Stinking cute! The Pepsi can is just the clay baked & the mini label I made on my computer glued & sealed around the clay. I finished it with the lacquer to seal it good.
This cute little Flower is for the "in the garden" charm swap! I just put these together in a minute or two, BUT it turned out so cute!

MORE pepsi charms & my 4th of july "Freedom cupcake charm"

All in all I am happy with them all & can not wait to get them sent & sit back & start collecting all the other swapped ones.
Thank's Shilo, for taking pictures for me! My camera is DONE!


Lyndsy said...

so cute! you are getting so good at that.

Ren said...

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