Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I LOVE THESE Bedspreads....BUT willl they go with the look I so DESPERATELY want in my bedroom

OK I LOVE old Hollywood glamour!

I have ALWAYS wanted a bedroom in that style!!!

Have any of you seen Lucy & Desi in their 1956 movie titled "Forever Darling"?

It was only 2 movies those 2 every stared in together.

The other one was one of my ALL TIME Faves

"The long, LONG Trailer"

ANYWAY, I saw the movie "Forever Darling" a few years back & LOVED IT. Good story line...BUT the part I remember is the part where she meets her "angel" in her Bedroom or "boudoir" & where her & Desi are fighting. They show a lot of that bedroom in the movie.

HOLY COW I LOVED everything in that room & always in the back of my head was going to do EVERY thing in my power to get a bedroom like that!

If you get a chance go on line & check out the Bedroom & see what I am talking about!!

Type in Lucy & Desi's movie "Forever darling" & you should get a site that will give you a trailer of it. CUTE MOVIE!

ANYWAY...I love the mirrors in these rooms & LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the mirror chest of drawers & mirror end tables. BUT check out that BED 3 pics down! I want to take my last breath in this BED! LOVE IT!

I what to put all my delicate undies in these drawers!

YHEW!!! SOOOO pretty! I just want people to THINK I own this bed....I could never live up to this much GLAM!! Also I love the chandlers.
These bedspreads are the ones from overstock dot.com. I know Kevy will not be crazy about the silk.....

But I am leaning towards this brown & turquoise

one & the bottom 2 .

I do like the simplicity of the all white one, thought it could be glamed up with fur pillows & colorful head rolls & such.....

I thought the turfed brown head board

set was kinda Orientalish, which I just don't like, buy the colors were lovely....

LOVED the country blue & fluff what DELICIOUSNESS!...BUT don't think it says Hollywood glam as much as the others.

What do you all think?


The Umbergers said...

I LOVE the last one! But I also love the silky blue and brown one too!! Get them all and switch them out with mood! Ha ha

The Johnsons said...

I have to say the white one...pictured in my head with some fur pillows, or ruffled pillows with a titch of silver in there...loving it. My next fav I would have to say the "oriental" one, but just the blanket, not the rest of it...something about the the color really says old hollywod, shabby chic.

Lyndsy said...

Why are all white bedspreads so soothing and therapeutic???? I dream of having an all white bed spread with white sheets and pillows. I would dive into every night! But with little ones I gave up on that one...for now. Love the last one too.